Kill Skills in Co-Op

I find it annoying when I dump a clip into an enemy, have to reload while the enemy has only a sliver of health, and a teammate finishes the kill and gets the kill skill proc while I’m left with nothing. I’m reluctant to equip kill skills if my character is not for solo play.

The devs have thwarted loot-ninjas with the new loot instancing feature. How about awarding kill skill procs to the player who dealt the most damage, to combat kill-ninjas?

Maybe award partial kill skill procs for assists?

Either way, the Fight for Your Life mechanic should remain the same to allow teammates to weaken an enemy to help you get the kill and get back on your feet.


More importantly: Zane’s Clone, Zane’s Drone, and Fl4k’s pets need to proc their kill Skills

But also, I feel like any enemy you’ve dealt damage to dying should proc Second Wind and Kill Skills.

EXCEPT, that getting a second wind should wipe your board clean.

IMO they should just remove Kill Skills for this exact reason, and because they are almost worthless in most boss fights.

Varies a little on this. Most bosses do get minion spawns which can be killed to activate kill skills and get second winds.

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