Kill Skills only half effective

Hello. At first it didn’t seem like Kill Skills were working at all, but they are. Just only HALF as well as they should.

For example, Girl Power, which recharges shields per second after killing an enemy. My shield is like 1500, so I should be getting like about 105 per second. But the recharge rate ends up being slower then the actual default rate. I’m not getting anywhere near the 7% rate for a +5 Girl Power.

What could be wrong? Anyone?

What could be wrong?! Oh, I don’t know. How about aliens?

You probably got 5 points in Diva? You should distract those first. In BL2, we had similar issues.

Best way to test this would be to get a crappy pangolin mat1 shield that has either body3 or body3b_power and leftside1 (example: which has a recharge delay of 11.2 seconds) and make sure to have your shields go down from damage, then kill last enemy, and see how much shield strength is returned, should be ~7%*7=~49% of your maximum capacity, and afaik, Girl Power takes into account increased capacity from Diva in determining it’s rate.

yeah, i got 5 points in Diva. but that has never been a problem before. and i have no idea how to go about getting gear with specific parts, sounds way too complicated.

all i know is that i am for sure not getting the 7% recharge rate. this wasn’t a problem sometime ago. another thing i am noticing is that other Kill Skills like Intuition are only working half effectively as well. i used to be able to zoom while that was active. and now i can hardly notice the difference in move speed.

the skills ARE working, just not as well as they should be. the only thing different is that i am now playing in playthrough 2. i only thought about that sometime after making this topic. but i tested it from PT1 and PT2… the Kill Skills work just fine in PT1.

maybe all Kill Skills are reduced by half for some kind of balancing?

there is like totally SOMETHING wrong with this game.

Kill Skills…

Girl Power : +4>+5
Intuition : +4>+5
Phoenix : no testing done.
Enforcer : no testing done.
Blackout : working completely normal and fine.

for some strange reason both Girl Power and Intuition are more effective at +4 then they are at +5. i should also note they aren’t being modded by a Class Mod. this is crazy… again, i am on Playthrough 2. and this issue is non-existent in Playthrough 1. i am also playing on the PlayStation 3.

is this normal? or should i report this to Gearbox?

^ Honestly you probably don’t need those parts, as long as the recharge delay is bit above 7 seconds, you should be able to carefully test Girl Power. A crappy white rarity Pangolin shield with either OC or XC in it’s alpha-numeric designation will almost certainly have a long enough recharge delay and shouldn’t be too hard to come by.

Then to test it, go find a lone enemy, let em take down your shield, then kill them hopefully without much delay since last time you took damage (i.e. score the killing blow while said enemy is attacking you), then watch your shield recharge from Girl Power, and see what value it stops at (if you timed things right, it will stop from Girl Power’s effect ending before the recharge delay is up and shield begins its regular recharge). Compare the stop value against your maximum shield strength.

I have similar problems with the phoenix-skill: if i kill an enemy with anything within Phasewalk, Phoenix triggers its damage delayed by around 5 seconds! The other kill skills work more or less as intended.