Kill skills proc on assists please

Please make kill skills proc on assists. If you’re playing with friends and your build relies heavily on kill skills, you’re essentially penalized for playing co-op. This is because you’ll have to compete for kills JUST to play your build properly. This might also be a reason a lot of people feel that some of Zane’s skills don’t work properly. He probably has the highest amount of kill skills in the game and unless you’re solo, you can’t really take full advantage of them.


I second.

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This has always been an issue and making it work on assist would be great.

As for Zane, he has a capstone skill that just turns on his kill skills. If anything that might make him stronger for co-op, but it’s pointless for mobbing in general because you already have kill skills activated.

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This is absolutely needed and I hope it’s one of the things they’re changing about him in the huge upcoming patch they keep talking about.

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