Kill. Them. All. - A Deande montage

I’ve done it!

After many, many (very many) hours of grinding in game for footage, learning how to do basic editing, and looking for a song I’ve done it. My first montage is complete.

Basically what I’ve done is gotten a burst dash kill on all 29 of the current Battleborn that we have in game (took me forever to find an El Dragon). Some of the clips I think are really spectacular, and some of them are kinda okay. But it is in fact every single one of them put to death at the end of my blade.

I do hope you enjoy.

Also of note, I used blender to do my editing.

Took me a while to get the hang of it but if anyone want to try a free video editing software this is the best (and only) one I was able to find.

Also also of note, I dont have a capture card, so I used my ps4’s internal capture. thus the quality is only 720p, but what can you do.

Also also also, I’m not a youtuber, but i had fun doing this, so maybe I’ll put some more together once I get a library of badass clips.


Nice! Sounds like that took some work! Good job.

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That Benedict kill at 1:44 tho. Dayum. Nice work.


Killed Boldur. Hax
For real, a lot of those kills were ridiculously ballsy (what’s the non-sexist term? Please help), and crazily skillful. Benedict, Mellka, and Thorn especially. Your Ernest kill shows your mastery of the character, and your Pendles and El Dragõn kills show how great the character is. Good editing skills as well, bravo!

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How is ballsy sexist

This isn’t even that start my friend. I have so many more awesome moments saved on my PS4 that I don’t even know what to do with them all. However before I even get to any of that, me and shadows were playing with a truly terrifyingly beautiful idea for Deande that has already produced some jaw dropping results (at least for me).

I’ll just leave this here for a bit of an idea of what I’m talking about.

This makes me really wanna learn how to deande…


Deande sure looks fun with a green bar connection. :disappointed:


I…don’t really know what to say. I actually feel depressed knowing that not everyone can experience this. hopefully one day your fortunes will shift my friend.


Thank you for your sympathies. :cry:

Burst Dash is one of a handful of abilities (along with Injection, Claw Lunge, and True Strike) that often literally doesn’t work in red bar - you can Burst Dash point blank on a target that’s standing still and hitting you and nothing will happen. I’m not sure why it is, but I guess it has something to do with them being movement skills - in a red bar game, the client and server always disagree slightly on where people are, so the server just throws up its virtual hands and decides that every lunge/dash/injection is a miss.

The really sad thing? One of our regular Australian players, who never gets green bar, is a massive Deande fan. :frowning: And another loves Phoebe, and I love Mellka… why didn’t we all just fall in love with Ernest?


how often are you stuck in red bar? that sounds like hell. I would have put the game down months ago if I had to live through that.

Woah… How much damage does that skill do? And HOW can you aim it like that?

Damn, seems like I need to start playing Deande! :smiley: She looks awesome.
-Death stare from Toby-
… I’m a little stuck with playing another character though. o-o

ALSO! That Mellka kill was sick.

If I solo queue, 100% of games. To ever see yellow, I have to queue with five Australians and play when the Japanese gamers are online - that sometimes lands us on Asia East (not always). I haven’t seen green for a while.

Uhh… I can make it do a lot. I used to think the cap was 800-ish on body for a general build. today i found out i was wrong, and this time I’m okay with being wrong. Working on numbers RN.

600 + games with her. I literally dont play anyone else unless someone else wants to play her it one of those few and far between off days for me.[quote=“deemsss123, post:12, topic:1550924”]
ALSO! That Mellka kill was sick.


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damn. +1 respect.

I have a friend who has some kind of tricky legendary build that uses a shield break effect to give Burst Dash ridiculous damage… but I have no idea what’s involved. I suspect you might be onto the same thing, though. :wink:

My reasoning is that my red bar games are just a realistic simulation of how Mellka fights when she’s drunk.

And she’s very often drunk.


yea shield stacking builds are quite common of high damage output. Legendaries can be tricky though as I like to use my shards to level up as power comes from skills and not gear. Currently I work with a flexible two gear system that gives me free shield at the start of the match and some more shield and skill damage latter on. I could improve statistically for more damage, but I’ve found a happy balance between shards spent levelling and on gear.

Also I do run a legendary in the third slot, but I treat it as optional.

and just out of curiosity would you happen to know his gear? (I’m going to guess maybe a voxis, shield web, fan of retreat, or a comback king)

I will tag my partner in red bar crime, and he’ll hopefully see this when he’s done winning his weekend Smash tournament: @Ginger_greninja

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Would very much be interested in these crazy damage burst dash tricks people are so fond of. Deande is one of the few characters I have yet to pvp with and am quite interested to see more practical info on her

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