Killavolt is extremely unbalanced

Especially on TVHM… After dying 10 times in a row to his ■■■■■■■■ unnavoidable attacks, I had to quit, because my hands are hurting from me trying to move around constantly and try to survive this guy with Zane.

I don’t know who was the genius at Gearbox who thought giving an unnavoidable attack that cover the entire flipping screen and lasts for 10 seconds, pretty much making it impossible to survive, even if you’re jumping around like crazy to avoid the shocked tiles in the floor…

After dying for the 3rd time, for whatever reason, extra enemies also started to spawn in the boss room, and made the fight even more annoying than it already is. Oh, I could just use them for second winds, right??? WRONG! Because when Killavolt makes the ground eletrocuted, it will kill any enemy in less than a sec, so unless you manage to shot and kill the enemy in that split sec when they’re getting electrocted, you’re screwed!

Not only the boss has a huge shield that makes him immune to shock damage, he also has an actual shield that blocks 90% of your attacks, which wouldn’t be so bad, if the boss didn’t had an unnavoidable attack that comes at random…

Oh, and the best thing of all is that Zane’s Barrier won’t work in that boss room, for whatever flipping reason! As soon as you throw the barrier, it will disappear completely… At first I thought it was because of the electrocuted floor, but it’s not. The barrier simply won’t work!

Seriously, this is the only boss in the game that I simply cannot beat, no matter what I do… Not only my hands are hurting, I also got a headache, thanks to this stressful experience…

Love this game… it’s definitely the most fun Borderlands game I ever played, but I’m not trying this boss again, unless the devs do a balance pass on this horrible and awfully designed boss fight.


I just gave up and left the quest unfinished. I am also playing as Zane and had the same barrier problems. If I can be bothered I might go back and one shot the jerk when I am overleveled compared to him. Not for the quest reward, just because I hate him so much. Cost me a lot of money in respawns for no gain at all…


The transformer shield literally makes you invincible to this boss. It turns 100% of shock damage into shields. I know it’s not the perfect solution but if you can go back to normal mode and mayhem it up for a while it seems to drop pretty frequently tbh, i’ve gotten several at this point. Also it’s an absolute gem of a shield, been my go to since the first time I got it.


Any particular enemy/loot source that this shield drops from? or is it a world drop?

Random drop, but it is also the reward from a late game easy side quest

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All zane players in here, you can throw your shield on the ammo crates and the shield will be able to function like normal.


Yeah there’s a couple issues i have with this boss.

A) There’s no minor enemies so you can’t get second wind. You have to do this entire match in one breath. Occasionally a bandit will drop in, but you can’t tactically kite them to use for second wind because Killavault’s AoE kills them.

B) The nature of his random low damage wide spread shock attacks makes it difficult if not impossible to recover your shields. The fact that he doesn’t do a lot of damage quickly doesn’t mean anything when there is no cover, it’s a battle of attrition; and he has an impenetrable shield.

C) He basically takes no damage with his shield up and and he very rarely taunts and by the time you are able to hit him enough to stumble him, you’re stuck spending all of that time reloading.

D) Once you get his shields down he has an AoE attack that covers the entire arena and cannot be dodged, there is no raised ground, you cannot jump on the loot boxes and it is enough to kill you in one hit if you don’t bunny hop.

The only footage i have seen of players defeating this boss are when they’re either 10 levels higher, the boss glitches or players are playing co-op and tag team him so that when they die his shields don’t reset.

This is not a fun boss. I don’t mind a challenge, but there needs to be a proper pattern to defeating a boss, but he has all the advantages, attacks you cannot dodge and no gaps in his defense except random taunts. I’m trying to fight him with epic and legendary weapons and by the time i get his shields down, i have no ammo because it all got fired into his shield to stumble him (AND I’M SPECCED BOTTOMLESS MAGS).


I noticed that tediore guns with legs also don’t function normally in this boss fight. Even when the floor isn’t electrocuted.

I managed to kill him through sheer unadulterated LUCK with Moze at level 16 (killing him leveled me up to 17, that’s how I remember) . And I say luck because it took a few tries and even then I only managed to kill him when I was dying, right next to him, and shooting his feet. And I wasn’t specced for bottomless mags.

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I was just about to do this quest, thank you for the info.

I killed him on normal with Amara – shooting no bullets at all! Just jumped around to safe spots until phaseslam was up, slammed him, threw grenades, ran around some more. Wasn’t expecting the entire floor to light up at the end but luck & my slam was with me! PITA fight, for sure. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that Transformer shield mentioned above!

My answer is get good… or go level your character. Plenty of abs to kill not a bad fight. Actually I found it quite balanced.

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I beat him first try on my own (I was 3 levels above the quest). My buddy and I beat him first try in co-op (we were 1 level above the quest). He’s not that difficult. Just keep moving and stay off the flowing hexes.

Lmao I knew some troll would drop the “git gud” argument in here sooner or later.

Guess what? I beat the game on TVHM and killed all the other bosses without dying once, but I still can’t beat him due to the issues listed above. Zane’s shield will disappear when I throw it in the arena… “git gud” amirite?? I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a FL4K player, since that character is OP as hell right now. Just because a few people managed to beat him, it doesn’t means this boss is ok in his current state, as lots of people are having issues with him.

Go troll somewhere else.


Environmental Awareness.

It was a little more challenging than most side quest fights. However its not as horribly hard as people make it out to be. You can actually read most of the floor attacks by paying attention to the floor itself in the same manner as the floor will tip you off to avoiding Mouthpiece’s sound blast attacks from the speakers in the room.

IMO he felt like a spongier enforcer enemy that just had an environment gimmick. And his sponginess felt like it was primarily his shield pool because his red bar cratered in seconds after the blue one was depleted. Though I did also shoot him in the dick like Moxxi requested. It had a message pop up like Dump Truck. In Killavolts case it said “Dicked”. I’m wondering if that was an optional objective that just didn’t get implemented.

All the bosses in this game feel easy to me tbh. I am nothing better than average at shooters and even at gaming in general. Just beat the Graveward boss 2nd try. 1st tried Volt, the ball, Rampager. Only Billy the anointed gave me trouble so far for some reason. Took me like 20 tries lol.

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I play Amara, actually, but thanks for coming out.

If Zane’s shield is bugging out, respec into a different build, beat the boss, and then spec back.


or do what the other person said and put it on an ammo box. As for moze, just try and live while iron bear gets off cooldown, then use iron bear when you are about to die

if an enemy counters a specific ability then you should use another one/change your playstyle
so yeah git gud

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Killavolt is extremely unbalanced

^ This. Had to level up a little more with Zane to 17 to beat him and I even had some decent gear. You know what I finally won with? This shotgun at the end of the post (below, which even at level 25 I’m still using and now it does 301 dmg/s.) But without this shotgun I would of had to further experiment a ton more with skills and gear…time I would of rather of spent playing. I just don’t see that as rewarding. I just got in to the vault on Eden-6 and no other boss was like this. So Killavolt has to be unbalanced. And I’ve beaten about every other boss at or below their level without much or any trouble.

I just realized this is almost a copy of the shotgun I used, it is incendiary and corrosive. I’ll try and find it and post it.

Here it is.

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