Killavolt is extremely unbalanced

Yassssss I love it!


A couple of things I noticed for myself:
1- I accepted this mission at level 13 and dinged level 17 yesterday and KV stays even with the player so should be level 17 now- the thing is the mobs in the area (and the loot) is still in the level 12-14 range. Speaking of which…

2- Aside from the gear at Crazy Earl’s and the side quest I just did in that area all of my weapons are at least 3 or more levels lower than myself, which means not only trouble dealing with KV but once I leave Lectra City I can expect the mobs to be even tougher.

3- I was going for a Bottomless Mags build when I decided to do a respec as I notice Moze has a skill in another tree that gives her shock resistance- I hope that this makes a difference when I try him later today…

How exactly would someone be able to execute this simple strategy on their first playthrough (which most complaints are centered on, it seems)? Most folks are lucky to come across a shield with some shock protection at this point, never mind a specific legendary one…

Is it really that difficult to believe that some people were able to beat this boss with relative ease on their first attempt, just because you could not?


TVHM KV is super easy, the only people who have trouble with it, are the ones who sold their transformer shield and now have no way to clear him easily.

Transformer shield, you get from a quest, gives 100% shock resistance, and shock damage is converted into shielding instead. Makes KV trivial.

The first time is harder than that, since you don’t have that quest reward yet.

Let me be absolutely clear:


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First off, I said nothing about me and this boss. Kinda fell off your horse there.

Secondly, yeah, it would be fairly lucky for someone with no knowledge of the encounter to “beat it with relative ease on their first attempt”, as you put it. If the person just happened to have the proper loadout with no prior knowledge, kudos to them. Doesn’t mean the boss is on level 13 side quest level.

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All I looked at was this thread were in now. Why? Because I generally browse the topics here at night as I have for years. Besides, this thread is far from a primer on how to fight this boss.

I wasn’t bragging or saying get good. You exaggerate and are trying to put words in my mouth. I simply said the fight wasn’t as difficult as this thread made it seem. And it’s not.

Check yourself bud. We’re a community of friends here.

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Also, no, I had no special equipment to help.

I did mention that I was specced into Mozes shield skill that also offers some shock resistance. But fortunately I was going down the Shield of Retribution tree anyways.

As someone who beat him 1st try, I am willing to concede that it could have been ‘luck’. That being said, I’ve watched enough footage of the fight to compare against my own fight and my honest opinion is that the fight is indeed tough relatively speaking, but nothing I would consider broken or unbalanced.

Finish Eden-6. Do the mission to get the pipe bomb grenade. Go kill Graveward over and over with the grenade until he drops the shield.

Work smarter… not harder :slight_smile:

I had no previous knowledge of that quest when I flagged and completed it with ease. Maybe it’s because I’m more observant than others and can quickly analyze things when it comes to encounter mechanics due to a long history of playing MMO’s and being one of those people hitting and clearing that new content on patch day. Or it might just be a long history of playing video games since before the NES days

I’ve long felt like the quality of the average gamer has been steadily decreasing and as a result things that would have been cakewalk 20 years ago are now too hard or unbalanced. Couple that with that it feels like most franchised games have just been steadily getting easier.


with brawl amara it is easy. Killavolt doesn’t even have time to light up the area, he died so fast.


For a slightly different perspective (you might as well be correct for TVHM scenario): during first playthrough in this area you don’t know that Eden 6 exists, never heard of pipe bomb grenade, who Graveward is or the fact that he drops Transformer.

If smart playing these days means looking up stuff on Internet even before first playthrough - we just have different definitions of what ‘smart’ means :slight_smile: At least trying to find shield with some shock resistance makes some sense in this scenario and would count as ‘smart’ in my book.

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Took out KV on my first try today. Maxxed out Vladof Ingenuity in the Shield of Retribution tree which gave a +30% max shield and +47% shock resistance which combined with the 20% resistance provided by her shield helped keep Moze alive. It also helped that I got got a stronger grenade from a vending machine to help take down KV 's shield and used the Anointed Premium Rad Keenfire to do most of the damage as aside from a couple of SR it was the only weapon I had that was close to being on level. A difficult fight if you fail to analyze the situation (or go in with under leveled gear) but certainly doable when prepared…

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Ahh yes, suppose I didn’t look at it that way.

TBH I didn’t even know killavolt existed until i completed the playthrough on TVHM and started looking at mini bosses to fight and until I actually went to Lectra City to clear the map. Running around and killing the annointeds and badass enemies there was 10 times harder than killavolt himself.

Is Iron Bear any good at jumping? :thinking: I wonder if it contributes to Moze’s problem with KV - being literally on the floor all the time would definitely hurt here.

I got my Hellwalker (Quickloading, and annointed!) from a random Badass on promethia! it was a random suprise. TBH i have done ZERO farming and had some pretty sweet world drops including ‘the butcher’ , conference call, transformer shield, 3 legendary class mods, and the instant charge shield (used that one for 10 levels, but finally the capacity let it down/ found a transformer). Good loot in this game. BL2 i did 2 playthroughs and only saw 1 legendary which really sucked. Hope they dont nerf the drops a second time.

I manged to beat him on my…3rd or 4th try iifc. Most of it was due to Moze’s resistance to shock damage(which helped a ton). That unavoidable attack though either needs to be reduced in it’s time or there needs to be some mechanic where you can create a safe zone.

I’ve never played Zane yet, but I feel for you guys. :frowning:

EDIT: If anyone needs help against him, feel free to message me(Wako_Swami)and I’m willing to help out :slight_smile:

Kind of hard when you’re an adult with adult responsibilities. Answers like this aren’t helpful, especially with the little insult at the end.

Besides, the people having trouble with Killavolt will likely have trouble with Billy the Anointed on Eden-6 so it’s a moot point really to recommend to “finish Eden-6” to get a shield that would help kill a side quest boss way back in an older area of the game.

This is also a fantastic point as it perfectly described my situation. I just had to keep trying new ■■■■ and keep pumping him with my now-nerfed E-Tech shotgun and lettin’ the elemental bleed him dry. I didn’t even know Eden-6 existed yet as I had not progressed the story to that point. I was doing the slow slog and going for the highest completion in each area including finishing all side quests before moving on so the Eden-6 shield thing wouldn’t of even been a twinkle in my Borderlands eye at that point.