Killavolt...this can't be in a AAA game in 2019

This boss…what went into the minds of Gearbox devs when they decided they’ll make a boss with UNAVOIDABLE AOE attacks? I have like half a thousand hours in B2 alone…I learned to solo raid bosses with Zer0…and I can’t beat this m^&!@^&!@r with lvl 16 Zane???
I looked for videos, forum posts, articles, reddit…nobody mentions this attack…and if somebody does… it’s FRUSTRATION. Yes, SOMETIMES there are places I can stay without getting DMG…but then I’m a sitting DUCK and the boss shoots at my face…and the problem is that those spots show up like 2-3 seconds AFTER the attack starts…and when those spots appear…I’m already under 100 HP and no shield.
WHAT…THE…F&% GEARBOX?????????????? Don't you have TESTERS to tell you "man this boss for solo...with UNAVOIDABLE ATTACKS is not a good idea". Also "keep a mob alive for a second win" man...the moment he starts the AOE...the mobs D I E ................... Fuk thah the game is super buggy and unoptimized....I'll manage....but BOSSES LIKE THIS...with UNAVOIDABLE ATTACKS...................... And the quest is for level 13.....................I'm halfway to 17.......... I tried different weapons, shields...............nothing frickin helps....... I have no problem with games like Dark Souls, Borderlands, Nioh and even Mega Man...but they are made so when you learn the can beat the boss without getting touched. T H I S mother*!@#s is a good game design…not a frickin bullet sponge with unavoidable attacks.
And no…I don’t have friends who play the game. Not because I don’t have friends, but because I don’t have friends who a Borderlands fans. And the ones who are KINDA interested…they have the game on PS4 / Xbox One OR they are waiting for the STEAM release…so I’m kinda FUKED, yes.
Can’t believe this sh
t. I don’t want to beat this quest when I am lvl 20…I wanna beat it now…when I am at the appropriate level. I don’t want to “cheat it”…I want a FAIR CHALLENGE…but this is



Seems like a pretty thorough guide here. Hope it helps:

I guess you never played pyro Pete without grenade jumping to safety in the room above.


I think the review on PCGamer mentions this boss fight

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What a timely thread…I just died twice to this guy. Jumping around seemed my only hope…but I’m level 14 and it’s still slow going. Tough as a clone dome Zane since the shield goes down immediately when placed.

Aim for the tesla looking things behind his head.

Circle strafe in one direction to get around him and keep him from hitting you.

Getting caffeine then going back in…anybody have a pair of rubber boots? :slight_smile:


I’m sorry but that doesn’t count.
Barely started so i don’t know for real but.
There’s one thing I know for sure. There’s not one swear word strong enough to express my opinion about “very large AoE” attack. It’s the cheapest, dumbest most insulting boss design . And Pyro Pete was a raid Boss. Not just a story encounter. And still …
If i get stuck there. I might just quit to never come back.
I don’t have time for this.


I got a pretty tanky shock resistant shield which helped, make sure you complete bonus objectives on Athenas .

  • Keep opening the ammo boxes, health drops from them too.
  • Just before he covers the entire arena, a few tiles are yellow or blue or whatever when the others aren’t. These will become harmless sooner. Otherwise spam jump
  • transfusion grenades come in health AND shield varieties now.
  • His melee attack has him drop his riot shield. He doesn’t always do it when you get close though.

Tried a few mores times and gave up…need to respec slightly and get some different gear I think.

Same problem here as Zane. But i respecced to more shield perks and gun damage, leveled to 17 with side quests and crew challenges, and im spending 2 golden keys for some hopefully worthy weaponry. So weeeee shall seeeeee lol

lol he’s not that hard, and you just gotta memorize the pattern and be standing on the right plates when he does his AoE attack.


laughs in voracidous


Hmm I just killed him on my first attempt (lvl 14 Brawl Amara)… didn’t find anything completely unavoidable except for the very end when he’s dying and the whole arena lights up… I kept jumping–which worked well enough–but then figured I could try jumping on an ammo crate, but I was too late, it stopped already. Anyway, not the hardest fight I’ve had so far.

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I can see how this boss would be hard. I had FL4K with a spiderant, so the spiderant did most of the tanking and gave constant health regen. While I never had shields for this fight, the shock damage actually did very little health damage. Just spammed rakks, grenades, and had a very powerful shock weapon.

I guess my gear at the time was very bad and no, jumping on ammo crates does not negate dmg.
I am 100% sure that even if you see where the right spots on the ground are going to be…they are not usable at least half of the time the AOE on the ground is on.
I leveled up to 20 and killed him 1st try. My weapons still suck, my weapon choice is super bad I guess.
Anyway…I killed the BALL boss 1st try…go figure…

P.S. Zane players, the sounds he’s making while suffering elemental dmg, especially fire, aren’t they…a little bit too much?


You mean the corrosive and fire AoE attack? It’s possible to avoid the status effect using 2 corresponding resistance shields…you can switch 2 shields during 2 novas.

As for OP, I just defeated this boss using lvl 14Clone+SNTNL Zane. Yes that specific whole arena AoE attack is almost impossible to dodge. I just tank it using a health pack shield which has chance dropping health when taking shield damage. It’s very useful for this boss and I suggest you finding one. And a bit of luck that the mob didn’t get killed by the AoE when you enter second wind.

I don’t normally gripe about boss fights or their mechanics, but I have to agree here, the AOE attack that fills the entire arena with no way to avoid it seems like the most half-assed attempt by the devs to add “difficulty” to the fight without actually coming up with interesting mechanics. All it does is create a boss that you outlevel and then come back and wipe the floor with. This was just the devs being lazy. I was super hyped for BL3, but so far, it seems like the devs have just banked on people being hyped instead of actually putting a lot of effort into developing a great game. If you need an example of what i’m talking about, just look at any of the dialogue in the game. It sounds like they pulled every joke from r/teenagers.


i rage quit after dying to this guy three times with a level 16 zane using the drone. the first thing i noticed is that he’s immune to shock - wtaf? no one’s mentioned this - is it bugged?

so i tried radiation, which worked faster, but jeez he’s a bullet sponge. after dying the second time i found a video (w/ a lvl 21 moze) where i realized you’re actually supposed to shoot him in the dick as per moxxi’s suggestion, so i tried that but you get very few opportunities and because i was concentrating on that so much i died very quickly.

i’ve died a few times with some of the other bosses but they had much more interesting attacks, which were more fun to work out how to avoid (like that captain dude in the monastery with the ice and fireballs) - but yeah they gotta nerf killavolt.

also, what’s with all the psycho bosses with rocket launchers?


that awful whimpering - and the player’s voice is too loud

if you were SMART you’d save all the health vials in the chests and that fall from the psychos for when he does the whole floor attack that way you’re guaranteed to survive. that’s what i did and you need to use a shock weapon and then a fire gun for when the shield drops or an RPG for a quick and easy finish. the longer you draw out the fight with low dps weapons which don’t match for damage type the more floor shocks you’ll experience. that’s where you’re going wrong.

heck you could even deliberately not kill a psycho to try and save him for a second wind during the whole floor lightup. use ya brain!

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Run to the entrance where you dropped down from for a safe spot during his aoe attack. There now, the fight is made even easier.