Killavolt - zane

Hey um I’m trying to deploy my sheild while farming killavolt but every time the base of the sheild hits the ground it disappears this is happening without the floor even being electrified, I believe this is a substantial bug. Do you know about it?

I’ve heard to drop it on top of one of the ammo crates … after I asked this same question. I still have not tried it. Might take a few tries to get it to work.

I just tried that and it works, but still it should work no matter what unless thrown off map.

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I agree, it should deploy … even if only for a bit … long enough to pick up.

What platform are you on?..because this isn’t the right section.

PC borderlands 3 I tried to put that in as the topic but wouldnt show up I just wanted to get the word out toward the devs to atleast let them know it’s happening, I’m a bit drunk right now.

Okay, executing phaseshift…

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Borderlands has a few issues like this through it. In order for a floor to do something, they have to make it not a floor. So, in essence, you’re trying to drop the shield on something that’s “not a floor”. There’s an area in the Highlands in BL2 by Outlook where weapons don’t register splash if you shoot the ground.

After you Kill Troy and the vault opens. There are some areas with low gravity