Killed Killavolt, and only died once

First off, I am the absolutely gamer in existence (probably not, but close to it) My Moze got killed alot, so I didn’t finish Killavolt. HOWEVER, my FL4K killed Killavolt relatively quickly, having only killed once… I was hopping around like a Jackalope on coffee and speed to avoid the electric floor when it turned on. My “pets” allowed me to shoot him in the {dangly bits}… WINNING!!!

Yes, it is not a spectacular achievement, but it is great for me. In the fullness of time, after a few thousand hours of gameplay, I WILL MASTER THIS GAME.

I have played about 6,000 hours on BL2 (yes, I am the master of replayability) and I will do much the same for BL3.

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Good job you! I myself have only used FL4K so far and think I died the first time on Killavolt too this was pre-nerf. He is certainly a tough fight considering his shield is also immune to shock damage.

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First time i was lucky enough to have a transformer shield, it was a tough fight for my wife tho.

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fl4k with fade pretty much trashes any boss, auto crits make it so much easier on fl4k.

Nice job. Always nice when you finally axe that one pita boss!

If you get a Transformer shield, he becomes the biggest joke in the game as most of his attacks heal you. Lol. He can definitely be a huge pain otherwise.

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I imagine that when all (or most) of the patches, upgrades, whatever, I will create another four characters and do it all again.

My first character was Amara in Mystical Assault. It was a massive fail on Killavolt. The whole build was about strengthening Action Skill, and Lifesteal was the only way of sustenance. And Killavolt is immune to shock damage. I couldn’t deal nor heal properly. It was nuts. When I took Moze in the second play, she literally evaporated him haha

He is a serious fight, but honestly, i never dies on him when I play Him in story, & I played all 4 characters ( 2 was done pre patched) . Granted, a few time I am close to losing. I just make sure I look out for shocked ground.

With Amara, I even melee him to death. Fun!

I always did it in the expected level (14-16) .

The boss I had the most problem with is Troy.

Playing melee fighting pain and terror is pain in the back. Took long time to take him down using grace gun. so is graveward.

His calls hit like a truck. Literally one shot my pet. But once I understood how to play & not try to facetank, he is reasonable.