Killed Tyreen 315 times

So I have farmed Tyreen 315 times. A total of 9 hours. Do you know how many Kingscall or Queenscall I had drop. ZERO!!! That is correct, zero of them. I spend all of my time in this game farming for items that never drop and I have to eventually buy them online. I have had a few people nice enough to trade or duplicate items, but who the hell wants to sit for 9 hours to farm for an item and get NOTHING out of it. I spend so much time farming that I have NO time to actually be creative and try out new builds with the interesting gear I have had drop. This is unacceptable on any level. You cannot make an argument to me that would legitimately justify the low drop rate. I love this game, I have had some really good builds that have allowed me to solo the Maliwan take down but if the drop rates do not change on Mayhem 4, I am not going to play anymore. It is not worth my time.

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