Killin Time with Betas

So while we anxiously wait for Battleborn beta or launch, anyone going to enjoy the other myriad of betas coming our way?

For example, today through the weekend is Garden Warfare. Last week of January is The Division. The first or second weekend of February is Paragon. And the list goes on.

Anyway interested in grouping up to play through these?

Maybe use the kik group

I’m going to keep myself pure for the next beta. Plus I don’t have the time to do another game’s beta with college starting back up.

Just linked my PSN Account for Paragon’s Online Tests :smiley: cant wait for that even if it is only for online tests XD
but thats the only one i have lined up, ive also thrown my account into the mix for Overwatch but you know getting selected for that is pretty slim atm :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to group up for Paragon :slight_smile: but im on PS4 which i know isnt the favorable platform for MOBA’s.

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Noble, im in my last semester so my load is light. Good luxk in your studies :slight_smile: .

You too. :slight_smile: