Killing 2 Anointed Militants and several adds simultaneously as Zane TVHM M3. How does this VH prove himself to you? [Discussion]

Hello Vault Hunters, I’m Gimmick.

I usually stay in #Borderlands-3:Zane, but I am very active there trying to spread the gospel of Zane and change perceptions of the character.

I’ve heard it all and seen it all between here and Reddit and the general opinion that he is broken/unplayable/the weakest/weak in general/etc.

I am not saying he is perfect or the game is perfect, although they are both my favorite. I just wanted to demonstrate to you how easy it is to do damage with Zane, using one of the mechanics I’ve discovered on him and some synergistic gear.

What I want to know is what does it take for you to believe Zane isn’t weak? I have tried everything and I do not understand what the mental block is on considering this character good.

Your favorite vault hunter doesn’t have to be the strongest. There can’t be 4 strongests and that’s fine. The discussion around Zane isn’t around him being “not the strongest,” but “weak” or “unplayable” which is clearly not true.

When posting accomplishments on this character, the counter arguments are literally world record paced runs with positive modifiers (regardless if you used any) and some random nonsequitur anecdote about how although they haven’t, they could do it better/faster on their favorite.

Why? Who started this and why is it being perpetuated? I feel like it’s from a lot of people who haven’t put more than 5 hours into the character and then decide he doesn’t work because they don’t like his playstyle.

Please enlighten me, because I don’t see it.

Build Explanation

This build is not completely optimized in items or skills and originally only served to be a proof of concept. Ideally I wouldn’t want infiltrator, but that’s the way the COM dropped.

Zane might be “gear dependent” but literally every character is. Unlike them, his ceiling with those pieces of gear are astronomical in the way he can enhance and stack item gimmicks with the unique item interactions of his cap stones and action skills.

This video uses cutpurse + facepuncher with Double Barrel to restore rocket ammo quickly. As long as the clone is summoned with the facepuncher, you’ll recover your rocket ammo. The barrier amps the rockets on the way through. With all-rounder, you can amp EVERY mortar shot for a multiplicative 25% damage boost.

Splash damage on ASE makes every mortar burst basically a one-shot. Having dopplebanger digi-clone augment allows you to blow your clone up for extra damage at the start of the fight and maintain it until everything else is dead besides you.

The only way I end up dying usually is if I kill myself, unlike Jeffrey Epstein.

This particular weapon scales off so many different damage types and as a heavy weapon isn’t targeted directly by - weapon type damage modifiers. I ran it here because people claim Slaughtershaft is the most difficult, but this is possible in any map.

There are many, many, many viable and even powerful builds with Zane using an extremely large variety of items. I hate hearing he only has “3 good builds” when none of them are even the good ones.

I hope this video at least makes you curious about Zane or willing to change your perception about him.


I don’t play Zane but I’m well aware of his power via other people I know that spend a lot of time crafting and testing on him. Nice to see more people spreading awareness on the misconceptions of this great VH.

Hello, Gimmick.

  1. No positives modifiers, it’s true. But no negative modifiers too. For example +45% to health shield and armor.
  2. How you will kill the-anointed-one?
  3. +45% damage to grenades dont affect heavy weapons?
    P.S. I can beat slaughteshaft M3 with my Zane with no positive modifiers, but in worst case scenario its imposible.

You literally just shoot at the ground in front of them and kill them in one hit. You can one shot an anointed tink/zealot/badass and the militants don’t block splash damage. You might not even realize they were there until their death animation, which has happened to me.

I have clips of the same run but with -20% gun damage. It doesn’t matter. Very negative modifiers will, but that affects all VHers in the same way, Zane is no exception.

+45% damage to grenades does not affect heavy damage.

There are many builds that can do TVHM M3 SS with little issue, some regardless of modifiers. This is just one of them.


Oh, Really? +45% to health, shields and armor will twice reduce you effective DPS. And yes, they affected all VHers, but Zane has poorest damage scaling from talents.

One shot? Sorry, but i don’t believe in it. All my bl3 experience has told me that this is unreal.

Interesting, if any does some test about it? I was trying to do some test some time ago but it’s hard to have worthy and relevant results, cause of random test conditions

Is this fact? If so this is a change from BL2 where “Grenade damage” was the same as splash damage. And splash damage was a big % of the damage on many rocketlaunchers.

As far as ive seen this is true, they seem to take negatives based on specific elements/kinetic rather than grenades; also non elemental grenades seem to be further bosted by “+ % nornal bullet damage”

No, launcher and grenade splash where 2 different things.


I’m not sure that bl3 has same mechanics that bl2 had. And there is no dedicate modifier to heavy weapons damage in mayhem mode. But “+50% of shield, grenade and mele damage” affect both slam (splash) and slide(melee).

Haven’t dont Slaughter Shaft yet. But spreading Zane love.

Took me a week to figure him out and fix my build. After that week, and then communities help, my Zane went MM3 on TVHM playthrough with ease. 100% mayhem 3, never re-rolled.

Zane Liiiifffeeeee.


I’ve only played Zane, I haven’t had difficulty with him since the beginning of my Mayhem 3 playthrough.

I do not understand the cult-like hatred against this character. There doesn’t seem to be anything that you can do to convince Gearbox Forums or Reddit that the character does damage, even if you show him clearly doing damage.

If you do neutral modifiers, they will complain that the modifiers aren’t negative.

If you do negative modifiers, they will complain that the damage is bad/average/not as good as their VH.

If you do positive modifiers, they will say the damage is not applicable to normal situations/you’re fishing for modifiers.

I barely had to move the entire first wave, yet somehow this is totally average. I’m sure all these forum posters do this regularly.

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This is the reason I have held back sharing my most recent Fl4k build. Since I specifically designed it to turn all weapon/damage modifiers into positive ones for the build. I know people are just going to jump on my damage being due to the modifiers, but, it’s like, exactly the point of the build.

I always run negative or neutral modifiers, even when I’m playing alone.

I ran positive modifiers as Zane with a Breath of the Dying and a build I crafted and hit 4MIL damage.

Of course no one was impressed by this. Watched a video of a “1-shot Amara build” doing 55k damage using her action skill and people were terribly impressed.

5-6 digit numbers are my regular Zane damage, but somehow I’m still severely undertuned.

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Yeah I don’t reset the modifiers ever. That’s why I was motivated to come up with a build that could ignore them. Thanks to the synergy between Fl4k and my large collection of Jakobs weapons, it was possible. I regularly can 1 shot triple bar badasses and Anointed in SS. Very fun. Or if I get +elemental then no one-shots, but still massive damages.

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I’m sorry if i’m miss understood you, but you want him to showcase a build with negative modifiers: why? Why is this a thing? Negative modifiers shouldn’t be a requirement when showing a build. Infact, positive ones should, or neutral at the very least. I don’t know about the rest of you but when i get negative modifiers i switch to something that isn’t affect, or possible getting boosted. That’s the whole point of mayhem, wether or not current system is good. I don’t see how anyone would want to play severely nerfed in a normal scenario because of stupid reasons.

This is just me though, and i may even miss understood you completely.


The idea of Zane doing damage is unpalatable to some people.

It disrupts their world view like trying to rehabilitate someone in a cult.


Yeah, it so strange to me. I just don’t get it. Anyway, i’ll check your run later - i’ve not watched it myself yet. I’m always open fore ideas on other characters (zane is my least played) and i’m running out of ideas on moze. Might switch to zane or fl4k to break the cycle

oooh so usually in these builds the facepuncher restores shotty ammo, but since your clome has it it restores whatever ammo type you yourself is using? very intersting. might go back to zane and make a baller tediore build. good vid too dude


While I do get that Zane isn’t weak and can definitely get work done, one thing that irks me is that every Zane build I’ve seen so far requires the Barrier. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’d still like to see a build that avoids the Barrier entirely; although I do enjoy the ability, I like switching things up once in a while, and having an action skill that is or seems to be a required part of playing Zane without getting your rear end handed to you diminishes my enjoyment of the character by just a bit.


Funnily enough I sorta challenged a new friend this very same thing. Here are the results (mh3 SS run no barrier) Clone Zane CoS challenge run