Killing claptrap is killing my xbox one x

i see lots of good folk are having the same problem as me,i nearly didnt post but figured maybe more complaints may get the team out of counting money duties and maybe fix the game.jk

since the new dlc was installed ive had complete system fail,box just turns off,its a different bug to lastime i had around launch as my xbx isnt getting hot atall.the last bug was frying the xbox one x inside out.

its only been happening when i fight claptrap and minions in the new dlc.not one problem to this point in ages.

i know its the jollydays and im sure folk will be away from the daily grind but surely theres a few code freaks gearbox keeps in a locked room and feeds raw sausages can fix the mess.

i hope its not gona be like b2,only when folk stopped buying the game,dlc etc bugs got fixed…

ive been smashing wastelander scum since day 1 b1,please fix this asap

the north never forgets.