Killing Crawmerax with Brick is impossible

Is this even possible solo?

I’ve run about 20 times and best i did was 50% health.

Running a Titan class mod, Alacritous Panacea health regen shield with a Skullmasher, Hellfire, Crux (Corrosive), and Orion so element for all the worms.

I even resorted to the glitch but he seems to see me every single time

It’s not impossible. Farm for better gear, look at how your points are set up. Try a different gear load out. Try a different CoM. Memorize all of Craws patterns/ attacks. Practice makes perfect.

I have soloed Craw with 4 different CoM’s with Lilith, working on soloing him with just Dove’s. Any gear set up can work, just have to find the one that works for you.

Leave the purple worms alive and kill the green and blue ones on sight. They are a higher priority target than Crawmerax itself. Stay on the move at all times. Jump all the time. Circle the pillars. Keep Crawmerax circling on the other side of the pillars from you at all times.

It is rare I die to him. If I recall correctly, I might die 1 time for every 10 kills. It is more than just doable, with good tactics it is the norm rather than the exception.

My gear is all level 67 or above and all my favourite weapons for each element, I’ve also maxed out the Blaster tree and almost maxed out the Tank tree, all the best skills for doing damage. my COM also compliments those, I either use the Titan COM to boost my health and survivability or the Master Blaster com to boost the damage

I’ll give it a go, so keep alive the worms that are weak to shock because they are good for quick second winds?

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Managed to kill him after a fair few attempts


The normal advice is to kill those guys immediately because they zip around and are annoying af, and tend to bounce you around at the worst times. The armored worms are much slower and easier to corral and keep track of.

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That what I am taking about. Once you get a routine down it’s super easy. I love soloing Craw with different gear. Been farming for a solid DVL Volcano, prefer it to a firehawk. Only takes 1 to to crits paired with a Specialist CoM to kill a Craw worm.

Congratulations on killing him!

As another said, kill the shock ones on sight. The green ones too. The purple worms are slow, easy to second wind off of, utterly harmless if you are circling the pillars right and jumping a lot, and leave you to focus on Crawmerax.