Killing Minions - Do it!

kill as many minions as you can! man, i was not doing this as much and now i find my incursion battles are wayyyy better! this has changed my battleborning so much for the better.

ps: i also realized the scope is far superior to the red dot sight for whiskey foxtrot


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Sarcasm aside…

nah, I got nothin’.

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I’m always focusing on wave clear, probably more than what I should be because I miss out on potential kills/assists sometimes. However, I’ve always been more of an objective player. Even if I’m playing a character rubbish at wave clear, I’ll still attempt to clear minions. I guess it’s because I don’t trust other people on my team to do the job because they underestimate just how game changing the minions can actually be.


i was talking about killing as many minions as you can for the experience. helps alot with taking out other battleborn. i used to ignore the minions a bit more than i should and go right after other battleborn. not as good a tactic at all

i was talking about focusing on killing minions for the exp to take out battleborn. im not that incompetent :stuck_out_tongue:

Hit that late game before anybody else and you’re good to go.

I always find that the person on any team with the most minion kills will be the highest, or if not one of the highest level characters at the current time.

As basic as this sounds, I don’t mind mind a thread like this. Sometimes players, especially new ones, get caught up in getting player kills and totally ignore the waves. Then wonder why they lost a Sentry before lvl 3. PTO.

ALWAYS, mark the Shepherd. I find this helps players focus back on the wave if your team is getting kinda complacent.


Congratulations on finding your core message! Eer, tip.

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same with OM, it allows for far better accuracy and the recoil is very minuscule

Yeah, I hear that helps :wink:

(And people wonder why I’m three levels higher than them even though I have less kills)

We should bring back the minion kills stat in Incursion. Not in the tiebreaker calculation necessarily but in the end stats screen at least

What is even better is when your whole team is in lane with you focusing that wave, 5 people focusing a wave demolishes them in the blink of an eye. Then you can focus Battleborn. When both teams do this well, that’s when the game gets really fun.

I’m struggind between “All is going in the right directionl” and “we’re all doomed!”.

Mhh, well, since Nova tells me to kill enemy minions every match start, I think its a rather obvious thing.

The topic-title seems a bit like a try to fish clicks - It´s a base objective in Incursion and obvious objective in Meltdown and Nova tells it to everyone everytime.

~Title edited.