Killing With Kindness - Toby PVP Build Guide

I made a build for Toby I call “Killing With Kindness”. Here’s the guide for it!


Complete all of Toby’s Lore Challenges (Toby’s Legendary Gear)
Character Rank 7 (Overcompensating helix)
Character Rank 9 (Self-Destruct helix for Lore Challenge)

Helix Selections:

1 - (RIGHT) Me ‘N My Magnets
2 - (RIGHT) Best Offense
3 - (RIGHT) Still Alive! Sorry!
4 - (LEFT) Sorry I Broke Your Legs
5 - (LEFT) Boosted Boosters
6 - (MIDDLE) Overcompensating
7 - (LEFT) Riding The Rail
8 - (RIGHT) Room For Mistakes
9 - (LEFT) What’s Mine Is Yours
10 - (RIGHT) Endangering Species

Incursion/Meltdown Gear:

◄Artificial Vitae►
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second

◄The Double Hug►
-6.00% Cooldown Time
+3.60% Movement Speed
Toby Only: Can set 2 Arc Mines at one time, but each mine deals -40% damage.

◄Symbiotic Gauntlet►
+8.84% Attack Damage
+204 Maximum Health
Gain up to +8.84% Attack Damage based on current percentage of max health.

Capture Gear:

◄Artificial Vitae►
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second

◄Duelist Glove►
+9.10% Attack Damage

◄Erratic Internal Capacitor►
+140 Maximum Shield Strength
-21.00% Reload Speed

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Finally someone who loves his ult, I suck at using it but everyone I face uses it with amazing results (personally I think it is just hard to get used to, when do you think it is best used)

Edit; great guide by the way

I usually use it on people that have about half hp or when my teammates are about to rush in. Either situation I charge it up behind cover and walk out with it. If they’re on the lower side hp wise it’ll usually finish them off, or if your teammates are running in to take their focus then you’re free to death beam the crap out of them without return fire.

Thanks, I also feel it’s a tank killer, do you feel at level 10 with the slow you can then get full health characters (the agile ones)

PS I always felt that people don’t realize its team fight potential, I have a friend who everytime a big fight happens, goes mid range and uses it panicking and killing the other team with that beam of death

The level 10 morph is fantastic on Orendi and Thorn. Mellka too to a lesser extent but she can still launch out while slowed fairly effectively. They rely on their mobility to keep them in fights and the ult is a big NOPE on that. As for whether it’ll kill them at full hp it might be possible if you managed the whole beam on them but I can tell you that if you tried that on me playing those characters I would probably just turn and kill you or duck behind a wall if possible. If they’re already a little low though it’s easy to finish them off.

Cool build and video. Just started playing Toby and he is more fun than I expected. Just an FYI your prerequisite isn’t entirely accurate if it means getting both overcompensating and the double hug gear as you need the self destruct mutation at character level 9 in order get all of his lore for the gear

Ahh, good point on the prerequisite. Just added another line. Thanks!

Hmm ok, I think it could work, thought to be honest with myself just regular shots could kill them, using the ult would not be worth it (also his ult crits)

@cadecampbell “I also feel like its a tank killer”

Do NOT make that mistake against a competent Montana user, as you WILL be stunned out of core discharge, and then killed with hailstorm as you try to boost away.

Overall though, yeah, i think core discharge is pretty decent against battleborn, if you’re good at tracking them crits; it has also ALWAYS been a useful, if infrequent, lane clear ability.

Well say montana, kelvin, or any tank with their stun on cooldown is, you just have to wait,

Well, Kelvin can cancel it, but he really can’t do much to Toby, damage wise; at least in my experience. I find the same to be true with Boldur, S&A, Attikus, etc., as they are melee tanks, and Toby can kite them easily. Montana, though? Nuh uh, not at full health, which is what i assumed you meant by “tank killer”; if they’re at half health or less, they’re not really in a “tank” position. Still, i AM amazed at how much of a difference that 15% buff made :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s so scary now, but people still refuse to use it😔

Screw 'em; more death laser for US.

Toby: “FEAR ME!! …please? When you’ve got a sec.”

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I love the shades he puts on when his ult is active

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I know, but WHY CAN’T I SEE THEM!?! I have also literally NEVER seen an enemy Toby use core discharge, so i’ve never seen the sunglasses outside of pictures and videos. Why is there no taunt that incorporates Toby’s glasses, Gearbox?!

They used to always be on him but for unknown reasons were taken out

Just got my double hug. Can’t wait to try it out with this build. The slow helix is pretty under appreciated I feel. Been getting solid work with it off of just one mine. Any advice on how to get crits with him? I am having a difficult time lining that fat rail shot for crits. I am also wondering how to keep my levels healtgy since I feel it’s kind of common for me to fall a little behind

Critting with him is a little odd, you almost have to aim above your target because of how big the projectile is so the bottom half will smash the crit spot. As for keeping your levels up just make sure you get an arc mine on every wave and try to get the kill shots with your rail gun. Should be fairly easy to stay up in levels unless some freaking ernest is destoying the waves from across the map.

Just try not to abuse the double stun, because it IS cheap, and the community generally frowns on it. It is so very effectively though…

-stares lustfully into the distance for a bit, then shakes head to clear it- no, NO; I’m better than that… So are YOU. To use a qoute from a source i can’t remember:

“Those unprepared to handle power will, before long, be ruled by it.”

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Lol I feel that. I frown on using boots of the brute and mini singularity launcher. I don’t know how much I plan on utilizing the stun any how. Those are 2 pretty large slow fields and the stun isn’t as good for the lame clear. If I have somebody else around the stun is probably better but I like the slow so far(though I am only like under 10 games in with Toby)