Kilty's battleborn fanart

I’ve been meaning to post all the fanart I made to the forums for like ever. (Montana is my favorite haha!) I’m not sure if there’s a limit to the amount of images I can put in a post? So I’ll just start with a couple.

I have a whole tag on tumblr with my draws in it as well!!


YEA YEAAAAAH HOMIE! Love your stuff <3333


Aw thanks Neyna!!! :two_hearts::sparkling_heart:


And here’s a few more~

I think Ernest is probably one of my faves. He’s just so cute!! I had to put him in that hat from Regular show.

I loved the heck out of that cavalier taunt whiskey got way back when. ;u;

I think I replayed the intro to that Attikus DLC like 3 times I thought OM was so funny. I’m kinda sad we never got Oscar in a tutu the skin.

Neyzilla and I did an art trade! She drew Ernest for me and I drew Shayne for her! c:

My roommate’s GF loved Orendi so I drew some Orendi for her!!

I’ll be back with some more later. :smiley:


Amazing! your style is so unique and wild, it fits perfect for Battleborn-fanart :heart:

@Gulfwulf look at that gorgeous bookclub-fanart, it´s awesome!!!


Aw thank you so much!! :two_hearts: Happy to hear you dig it!


Love, love, love!!!

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thank ya thank ya! :sparkling_heart:

Got some more pieces to share with you guys! c:

I believe I did this one the week Beatrix was released?

I suddenly had an urge to doodle on our dry erase board back in May. I think we had been chuckling about the stuff Orendi says?

I think Daddikus’ belly rub taunt is really adorable. Haha I love when he talks about pizza! Had to give the good boy a good pizza.

A friend made a Battleborn themed chip-tunes album. She commissioned a couple artists to draw their faves playing music. I of course picked Montana. My roommate and I decided it would be hilarious if he played something goofy like a triangle.

This was mostly just so I could have a Montana w/ Kitty ears avatar when the summer update hit. H A T S.


And now for some goofy stuff!

I thought it would be funny to draw Whiskey dressed as Skeletor!

I sure hope everyone has seen dumpster eagle. It was too fitting not to draw good ol Benny in the dumpster.


Kilty, you have such a unique and vibrant style, full of color, energy, and angular swirls. The cartoony style fits Battleborn like a glove. I would expect to see some of these floating past a contemplative Oscar Mike in the Battle School Intro, or in the comics that Montana might sneak into the Book Club. I’m a huge fan of yours, even before we played together for the first time, and I hope you create and post even more art. It’s so awesome and fun.


Aw thanks so much for the kind words Joe!! I really appreciate it. I’m so happy to hear you dig my work.

Love your art style! I have the Ernest sticker from redbubble on my laptop

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Aw that’s so rad!! I’m so honored. :sparkling_heart:

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