[Kind of a Build] Zero Tediore Novelty

Tediore Weapons On Zero

Just wanted to put out there that tediore reloads thrown in zero’s deception get the deception damage bonuses without ending deception. I find it a very fun way to play and because of weapons like the Blockhead and the Omen complete tediore builds on zero are viable.


The best ones in my opinion are definitely shotguns as they work amazingly with the Legendary Killer com and well on zero altogether.

-Shotgun Supreme
The homing reload on the Deliverance also shoots while it flies through the air and those shots also get the deception bonus without ending it.

SMGs will work on zero just like all the other characters. They do not have the greatest synergy with deception or One Shot One Kill, and he is not as good as maya, but SMGs are still viable.
-Baby Maker
-Plasma Caster

The only viable tediore pistol is the Gunerang, and it is kinda meh.


If you are using the Omen, like I do in this build, then you do not want any points in velocity as it screws with the Omen’s firing pattern.

Without Velocity, I use this build.
With Velocity, I use this build.

##Other Gear##
Class Mod - Legendary Killer
Grenade Mod - This can be anything. Quasar, Longbow Slag Transfusion, Storm Front, Magic Missile, Chain Lighting, etc.
Relic - Bone of the Ancients is the best, Tediore Allegiance would work as well, and with the extra mag size your throws would be stronger.

I considered Tediore for an allegiance build for my Assassin at one time. I don’t think I’ll switch, but I may let him borrow some Tediore equipment. Tossing a Deliverance and letting it get Decepti0n damage as it flies around sounds pretty entertaining. Does the damage from the gun increase as the Decepti0n timer runs down?

I think I’ll start with the Avenger… that final explosion on the sixth reload bounce (assuming you’re not strapped for ammo) with a Decepti0n bonus might make for some insane damage. Add in Ambush (I think?), Death Mark, maybe some Rising Sh0t (from the bullets spinning out of the weapon before detonation), and some slag… bam!

The damage does increase based on the deception timer. The less time the more damage. I actually bore killed the bunker with a deliverance reload. It was very satisfying.