Kinda fuzzy on this improved drop rate event

Got about 11% luck from GR, rolling on M2 with a Loaded Dice that also has 12% luck on it, and Graveward tends to drop ONE legendary per kill, if at all?

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reports are loaded dice makes drops worse in the event. second event even lowers drop rate of legendaries, increases anointed drop rate. rare show 100% of the time. raid is 1 player instead of 4. also dropping 3 times less loot than normal.

still takes multiple days to get what you want. someone worked out this.

61 perks would amount to: 61! / (3! * (61 - 3)!) = 35990 different combinations of 3. So, if i wanted to get Blast Master with 3 specific bonuses from Arbelest of Discipline(assuming 1/10 drop rate and 5 minutes per run), it would take 35990 * 10 * 5=1799500 minutes(~1250 days).

sums up this game in a nut shell. it’s why people are leaving the game.


As of today, i have farmed the unstaoppable 23 times…no drops, the mother of dragons one 23 times…no drops, sloth…23 times…no rops, hotfix is showing as applied but i dont know whats wrong today, none of the rare spawns are dropping anything, the unstoppable literally just droped dead, didnt leave any loot of any kind 23 times in a row. Restarted ps4, shut down borderlands 3 restarted, nope none of these people are dropping anything today.

This event is a joke and further exemplifies how off thr mark Gearbox is in their understanding of drop rates.

Farming is tedious and they are stingy. Its ruining game.


I’m having a better performance of dedicated falls on the M3. I killed killavolt on the M4 for two hours, looking for a specific transformer. I put it on the M3 and it fell off the first one. It may just be luck, but I got a lot of specific equipment on the M3. Here’s a tip.

I’m beginning to think that anointed Redistributors don’t exist and I’m just being trolled by everyone.

Only seen one unanointed drop in at least 50 runs or else I might not believe in it at all

What’s crazy is trying to farm a roll you want on a guaranteed drop.

I have over 4000 minutes spent farming Private Beans for either a cryo/rad or corrosive/rad westergun. So that’s one variable, then I need it to have a large mag (44) otherwise the gun is basically useless, the pellet has to be 1x instead of 2x or else it’s useless, and I need it to have a gunner 160 splash damage on iron bear exit. I’ve gotten one with a 24 mag size (useless). Takes a minute to do each farm, 4000 minutes = 4000 farms.

This is for a mediocre gun because the kyb’s is impossible to get what you want unless you’re extremely lucky. Clearly I’m not lucky enough to bother.

Private Beans drops it everytime, and I haven’t gotten one yet. Imagine doing this for a gun that drops 1/50 farms. Right now the anointed drops are boosted, I’ve farmed beans close to 1000 times just during this event and almost every drop is anointed and I still haven’t gotten it.

The problem is the variances in guns make non ideal ones completely useless. I don’t need a fire and shock one. I don’t need a corrosive and cryo one. I don’t need one with 2x pellets or a small mag.

It’s driving me insane just trying to get a gun that should’ve been easier to get. There’s clearly a weight involved with certain anointments and certain elements. I’ve gotten tons of the right gun with the wrong elements.


So, basically, I shouldn’t have been farming with a Loaded Dice on this whole time? Bloody hell.

I don’t think you’re going to actually notice a difference with or without it on. I don’t use it and never get anything either.

Got 12 nighthawkins in probably les than 20 demoskaggen kills and 10 were anointed. I was using a splitscreener though. The skeksil isn’t going as well but got 5 to drop in 10 kills but only 1 anointed so far. Also finished the hammerlock challenge yesterday with 6 different characters and only one bekah wasn’t anointed.

Sadly, the downfall of this game and the franchise was obvious from BL2, but they ignored the warning signs.
Modded gear was rappant there, everywhere. Talk to 5000 people and they all would have the exact same copy of a specific god roll weapon. Make it almost impossible to get the gear your grinding for and people will ask the one soul lucky enough to get it to make a copy, and from there it is bedlam. If they truly wanted to keep those game ruining things from BL3 they should have learned from their mistakes and not made it impossible to get gear. I would prefer to do some grinding and get my own gear. But i am not going to waste ,u free time grinding for no rewards. Which is what drive people from the game or causes modding and copy’s

I was lucky in those farms too. now someone tried to get a red suit with atomic?
in three hours two fell, none anointed.

The odds that I’d get this after posting about it. Guess I’m allowed to tell everyone the drop rates in this game are fine and it only takes >4000 farms on a guaranteed drop to get the gun you want.


I have a feeling you were hunting for the binary version; atleast ive been haha

They do, sadly you may not find the 1 you want anyway. I had 1 drop lastnight; was only thanks to the lost loot machine i could get it as a valkerie dropped it off a cliff; but it was still not for the vh i was using

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I was actually just looking for a single pellet one, the binary would be great for damage, but I have a bunch of them without the 160 splash and they rake way too much ammo investment to prevent reloads.

I’d definitely still take a binary with the anointment though haha, but I don’t find the damage boost worth it for the build I’ve been trying to make.

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A post of mine from yesterday, i’m having the same problem.

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I know I won’t, and I’m running the Takedown to dial in my siren build and loadout so while I technically am farming it, anything I find is a freebie.

Oh wait, that’s right, I’m not actually finding anything!

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bem, pelo menos não fui só eu que tive azar. Vou tentar novamente e informar como foi.

I have avoided adding to the luck stat or using gear that “Buffs” it.

The way it seems to describe itself is to increase the RARE drop rate, so essentially you are biasing the drops away from the legendaries you are after.

Grave tends to drop 3 to 5 legendaries and usually one in the vault chests and on a couple of occasions a chest had 2 or 4 in it.

I run M4 Normal.

Re the westergun discussion:

I’ve compromised with my Moze westergun build a bit. Ended up with a 24 round x2 Ice/Corrosive westergun with 160/splash anointment. It’s amazing for mobbing with a Some for the Road build, but you sacrifice some dps not being able to get some of the other talents in SoR.


I think it’s possible that M4 drop rates increased world drops higher than it increased the dedicated drops, or at least, the math of the dedicated drops is such that the world drops are often overwhelming the dedicated ones, leading to almost never getting a dedicated drop. This would explain why lowering the mayhem level seems to increase the dedicated rate.

Unfortunately, forum posts are – by their nature – self-selecting the data, so it’s possible that none of this is true, and all of these experiences are just anecdotes that go against the actual data (meaning, we’re all just the exceptions to the actual data showing our heads because, as exceptions, we’re naturally more vocal!)

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