Kinda interested to buy

I play Borderlands 2 A LOT, and I heard about this game but wasn’t that interested at the time. However, after watching people play Overwatch, I became a little interested. I have no idea if its free to play, or if its pay to play. (I prefer the latter) Can prople that have played this tell me if its really any fun, and just generally talk about their experience. Thanks :smile:

BB is going to be a full $60 game with a full co-op/solo story mode (sort of like boderlands in a sence) and PVP mulitplayer. as far as gameplay, I can only tell you that I hope they do an optimisation pass before the Beta, becase as it stands my toaster couldn’t run it previosly, and I’ve been putting of building a new comp

Edit: for the recrord, I’m in no way saying it’s porely optimised, I’m currently rocking a fabulosly underwhelming nvidia 630m, well below the recomended minimums for the ctt

Thanks :smiley: I thought it was a pvp game only. Is it only on pc, or can I buy it on the xbox 1?

All current gen platforms

…except nentendo…because…nentendo

Ha ha I kinda knew it wouldn’t be made on nintendo XD I’m glad I can get it on xbox. My pc isn’t very good at handling games.

If you’re expecting BL 2, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re not, I think you’ll enjoy it. I enjoyed the story mission we had for the CTT even though it was just a slice of one. I also really, really enjoyed playing Montana, I just hope they boost his speed because he’s a bit slow…

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There isn’t anything for a speed boost, but I have been told that his base health will be increased, actually, all tanks are having a health increase.

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Ah, good. I can deal with the slow speed, but since he can’t dodge or run away, he does need a health boost.

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I know its not like Borderlands 2. I really like gearbox, so I know this game will keep me occupied for a long time.

Thank you so much :smile: I am definitly gonna get this game now.

The BL 2 humor is definitely there, so you won’t be disappointed in that regard. I’m liking the way it’s shaping up, but I’ll wait until it’s released to determine if I pick it up or not. The main consideration is going to be money because I’ll have to buy two copies: one for me and one for my wife.

I played at least 20 hours, but I only did the story mission because I’m not interested in PVP. I still enjoyed it, but I have some reservations about having to respec for every mission during the story. I’ll see how it shakes out after it’s released.

I’ve only played during the CTT but I’ll be buying the game.

I have regular co-op partners and we got together during the CTT. I must admit we were all varying levels of sceptical about the game. We were amazed at how much fun it was. We played the single campaign segment quite a few times and never got bored. Testing out characters and varying the team mix kept it interesting and fresh each time.

I’m sure my friends and I will be playing the game on release. However, I’m really interested in single player, though Gearbox and 2K don’t push it in their marketing as much as PvP or even co-op. I think playing these campaign maps solo will feel like a traditional FPS like Serious Sam or Painkiller. But, unlike PK or SS, you’re not stuck with one character. You can try the campaign with lots of different characters.

I can’t see how I can fail to “get my money’s worth” even if I never play PvP. I’m looking forward to it.

I believe there’s 2-player split-screen co-op, but that probably wouldn’t help if you two live apart.

If this comes about their aim would be to move or improve helix choices to make each choice feel valid and balanced instead of one-build-to-rule-them-all.

We don’t, but we both play on the PC, so no split-screen for us.

Not at all! That was just my view, not prompted by your post in the least :slight_smile: As someone who gave up TF2 after “hats” , I know exactly what you mean. Like you, I do quite fancy a bit of BB PvP with the right people but that would be a bonus for me. I’ll be happy with solo & co-op.

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Since you happen to have difficulties to decide between one of them, I shall give you all my knowledge that I was able to acquire on both matters. I as a fellow gamer want you to be able to make a well-informed decision.

Both Overwatch and Battleborn will have an upfront price of about 60$ (no guarantee on exact price; platform/region/currency will play into this). From there you can play it and expect support, as long as the servers are running.

What you get initially:

  • Access to all initial characters (some might or might not have to be unlocked via playing first though)
  • 25 characters in Battleborn, probably 10+ unlocked from the start, rest unlocked via story and/or by purchase with ingame earned currency
  • 22 (or more?) character in Overwatch, probably all unlocked from the start
  • Access to all initial MP modes and maps
  • 3 MP modes, each on a predetermined map (Battleborn)
  • 2 MP modes, playable on 5/3 maps depending on the mode (Overwatch)
  • A small set of selected exclusive skins:
  • 5 golden skins for 5 predetermined heroes in case of preorder (Battleborn)
  • (also one randomly selected figurine out of 5, when preordering in the USA or Canada)
  • 1 skin for a single predetermined hero in case of preorder (Overwatch)
  • Special editions and goodies:
  • none (yet) (Battleborn)
  • Original edition: 5 skins for predetermined heroes; also goodies for several Blizzard games including Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, WoW, HotS (Overwatch)
  • Collector’s Edition: Original edition + picturebook + soundtrack + statue of one of the heroes (Overwatch)
  • Story:
  • 9(or more) story missions of around 30-45 minutes length; playable solo or in coop (+couch-coop on console!) (Battleborn)
  • (none) (and not likely to come afaik) (Overwatch)
  • Worldbuilding:
  • Enormous amounts of changing talk and character’s comments in missions and PVP; good verbal character interactions in PVP -> a lot of semi-adaptive entertainment, based on who you play how and where against who (personal character depth ranking 2/4: sufficient interactions existent) (Battleborn)
  • Has a background story, but the character depth stays at level 1/4 (afaik): Standard voiceover (Overwatch)
  • Grinding/Progress:
  • You can play characters for new bits of background-story, taunts, skins; or simply to get enough ingame cash to unlock the next character (Battleborn)
  • (none) (yet afaik, the website mentions they will work on it) (Overwatch)

What will come after that:

  • Battleborn

  • Additional characters, of which the first one will be free for PS4 players (no statements about $ and/or grind yet, but probably $)

  • Maybe additional skins (I guess for $; no statements yet)

  • Story dlc, if the demand is there ($ only, and that would be 100% expected of every company. If not, GBX has my eternal praise)

  • Overwatch

  • Maybe additional characters (so far, the statements indicate a strict $-only plan)

  • Additional skins ($-only; see above)

So yeah. Decide for yourself what your priorities are. Look up the prices for yourself. There are too many factors, as that I would bother to list all variants.


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I think that the Director-ish of Blizzard announced already that the future characters and maps are going to be for free, so that’s a point for Overwatch.

Yeah they said this in a Q&A Video. Blizzard has a big community that also buys a lot micro-dlc in their games, so i think they can afford it.

I talked to a 2K PR Manager a little while ago and they were still looking into this manner and they want fans to keep playing and keep having fun.

The gaming landscape is changing. What are the do & don’t for DLC. While the concept of Battleborn was new you see that a lot of other developers also hooked into the Hero Shooter genre. You see more software that are turning into a service. You have different price models, with Borderlands you had your vault hunters, story missions & skins. Every extension of the game had a price point. But with online multiplayer you don’t want to create multiple user groups as one would have new multiplayer maps and the other doesn’t. So you can give the maps for free, but where does the money come from developing those maps ? skins packs, gear packs, in-game currency, in-game advertising, etc etc ? It all kinda depends on the community. When BL2 pre-orders when through the roof, you noticed that the Mechromancer dlc was added as extra bonus for pre-orders. So if sales go well than everyone is happy ?

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