Kinda Standardized top builds?

Been playing Moze and Amara as I’ve been playing. Moze I’ve ended up leaning down the heavy shield 1 HP gun damage build, Wondering if this is actually her more leaned on stronger build? Personally as I’ve gone down this tree and build Im finding myself almost reluctant to use my action skill cause my on foot damage feels to do a butt load more than as if I did a more Iron Bear build.

And for Amara is a heavy melee build her top aswell? I know as during the first playthrough you don’t quite have proper gear for it, but I gotta say playing in a group, her Melee build feels like suicide most of the time, her Action skill doesn’t like maybe 1/4 HP to ppl and melee hit like poop in group mode.

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There is no iron bear build. Iron bear is useless besides an escape mechanism.

Melee amara is very popular, yes.

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I feel like Moze only has two builds. And really it’s just a variation of the same thing.

Build 1: 1 HP + High fire rate guns that never run out of ammo ( butcher / shredifier / ogre / etc )
Build 2: 1 HP + Splash Damage build ( Flakker / grenades)

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IMO the reason for no Iron Bear Build being posted isn’t that it’s useless. Its that you sacrifice too much from Moze herself to make IB really work in TVHM M3. And then there is that glitch that can cause IB to instantly despawn when her action skill is used without refunding any of the cooldown which is longer than other VH’s

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amara is very versatile character, different trees to go down and you can mix and match action skill, augment and element (unlike the other vault hunters).

you can go 3 ways with her, melee (usually a brawl-fist of the element investment), avatar (mystical tree-fist of the element) or phasegraph ties that bind (Fist of the element-brawl builds).

i like all but my favorite is brawl amara.

i also having difficult to decide my moze build since most of the builds all boils down to hex-transformer-bloodletter-deathless builds. and i want something different.

Moze’s weapon versatility is pretty limitless. Like Fl4k she can make anything good and hide the weakness of certain weapons like The Lyuda.

The reason why Moze is played the same way is becuase she has very limited options in terms of leeching shields or life. Vampyr pretty much is a must have for Mayhem levels as relying on shield delay/recharge is not comfortable.

As for Iron Bear…I wouldnt call him useless…just redundant. Moze is just better at killing things so using Iron Bear is just a waste of time.

Iron Bear can be used to debuff a boss … but that’s about it. I wish it was more than 15% too.