Kinetic Armor is a super awesome skill

I’m certain that I’m preaching to the choir here. But I’ve discovered one more reason why KA is a must-have skill for every Wilhelm.

Not only is it higher tier than Fragtrap’s Pain Simulator is Painful, yet offering less health bonus

Not only is it not overloadable by any classmod, thus not locking you into any foolish preconceived notion of what you’d like your build to use just because you want to leverage this Super Awesome skill

Not only does its explosive feedback proc all of the time for massive damage, wounding Tork Hordlings for up to 25% of their health (even more with grenade or elemental damage bonuses - yes, you can get this up to 33% of a Tork Hordling - feel the powah)


When explosive feedback procs on an enemy melee strike that puts Wilhelm into Termination Protocol, it will inflict its damage on the attacker before Wilhelm falls. Should that massive damage somehow kill the attacker, the attacker will not be available for a second wind. The attacker is dead, but WIlhelm is still down.

(I don’t know if this is Termination Protocol being special, or Kinetic Armor, or both.)



It’s too overpowered like Cloud Kill.


I like it simply because I value personal space and hate close talkers. Back dafuq up!

Thank you for showing me why I was right to not replace Cold War for this skill. lol

how many points did you spec into it?

I actually prefer using an excalibastard to freeze one of the mob and then melee with power fist to shatter the poor thing. this freezes the surrounding mob, switch to tourgemada and boom goes the dynamite.

We should buff One Last Thing instead

It’s too underpowered like Money Shot