Kinetic damage for elemental weapons

Do weapons which deal elemental damage do zero kinetic damage? Elemental weapons have a % chance stat shown, is that the chance they will do elemental damage, or is it the chance damage over time will happen?

From what ive seen this would be true; bullets themself are dealing elemental damage

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I believe the percentage is the chance the bullets have to deal dot damage. the bullets themselves deal that element damage without dot, for example corrosive bullets do more damage to armor than non elemental bullets would. make sense? not sure how to word my answer. hopefully that helps.


So an elemental weapon can never deal kinetic damage, correct?

Rebel yell would be the exception; but i believe so (until theres a +50% kinetic anointment)

Unless I’m mistaken, the demolition woman cap stone (short fuse) for Moze should give kinetic damage to elemental only guns without an anointment…?

Believe your correct; i cant stand the visual polution though (am i wrong to assume it should be the center of target - not the shot?)

Correct, the explosion from Short Fuse is non-elemental even when using elemental guns.

There’s also the Tsunami which counts as elemental as far as skills that affect elemental weapons but spits out corrosive, shock, and kinetic projectiles.

this confused me too, and just to make sure you are 100% clear, elemental weapons do 100% that elemental damage, and then ALSO have a chance to do an elemental DoT.