Kinetic dmg DoTs?

Noticed a few times a status effect that looks like a non-elemental DoT. Is that even a thing in BL3? Managed to capture a video yesterday. Can be seen briefly ticking on the varkid pod. Anyone know what that might be?

Was using Blast Master and Incendiary Antimatter Rifle with 500% crit Nova anoint

Are you sure it’s not a fire DoT proccing? Or maybe bonus damage from one of Moze’s skill tree perks?

There is a fire dot going on at the same time but this looks like a second dot just with higher dmg and white numbers. I noticed crit novas seemed to proc Short Fuse so I think it could be related to that somehow

You might be able to figure it out if you can decipher the skill icons by your XP bar. Unfortunately, they were a bit fuzzy on my video feed and I’m not familiar enough with all of them to know which you had active at the time.

They look like cryo dots to me

Was under the impression that Kinetic and Cryo were the only 2 damage types that can’t generate dots.

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Not sure what the rules are but I think cryo can dot. Maybe it can only dot enemies that can’t be frozen

According to the BL wiki, cryo does not do DoT in BL3 (unlike TPS). But I thought frozen enemies were supposed to take additional damage from other sources? If so, that might be it.

Edit to add: FWIW I just had the same thing clearing critters in the GLT DLC. Unfortunately, it was a pretty dense fight so I wasn’t able to stop and get a good look. Plus, cryo-infused and armoured enemies meant I had to keep switching guns.

Also, I do seem to recall this topic having come up previously. IIRC it may simply be a graphical glitch?

Not entirely sure, however it looks like the pod was standing in water and might have been hit with an element.

Cryo itself doesn’t doT but if you hit water with cryo it will still inflict damaging ticks.

That aside, there technically are non-elemental dots. The Infernal Wish for instance looks like it sets you on fire, but the damage effect doesn’t act like fire (doesn’t interact with elemental Projector, doesn’t deal more damage to base health).

Iirc something simular might be going on with the shock dot from the ionic disruptor, but I might be wrong.