King Of The Content

So lets talk about content. I think it is fair now that dlc4 has come and gone.

Let’s talk about replay-ability; longevity; Side-quests.
Funny missions, repeatable missions.
Time Trials, Bar Room Brawls. Secrets and Hidden vault symbols.
Raid Bosses. Normal Bosses. spawnable bosses.
End Game longevity.
Features (co-op / split-screen etc) - Which worked fine in previous iterations.

We all know that content is King.

So going by the first FOUR dlc packs for BL1, BL2, & BL3.

Which would you say has the most content overall.

  • Borderlands 1
  • Borderlands 2
  • Borderlands 3
  • Borderlands TPS

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I put TPS their for the OCD amongst us, but given it only has ONE dlc (damn fine dlc); Yet TWO new characters, it deserves to be there.

Anyway, go nuts.!


I love the BL3 DLC campaigns much more than BL2, but BL2 has so much replayability (I don’t even touch raid bosses/UVHM) in so many ways from story, fun side missions, easter eggs, that it feels like the bigger game.


It’s just such a shame.

The gameplay, gunplay, music (when you can hear it) are all top notch.

However, for me, an old fart, Graphics barely factor, I still play atari games, c64, etc via emulators on my phone, and lots of Half Life 1 mods that look like crap.

What is important to me is cohesion. A fluid experience. And not introducing issues into a game months after release. /rant off…


Borderlands 3 no doubt has the most content, quality of it is debatable and different for everyone, but still the most.
For me TPS is the best BL game and has the best DLC in the series. I hope BL3 will be the best some day.


Definitely bl2 for me love nearly all the dlcs, kinda meh on hammerlocks big game hunt. Loved the story, each character felt interesting in there own way, handsome Jack was truly an amazing villain, dialogue was funny and side quests fun. Even enjoyed my uvhm run and getting a character to level 80 and even gaining my first op level. Also I never get tired of fully completing tiny Tina’s dlc still my favourite content.

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If there was another overhaul to BL2 for the some of the quality life improvements like mantling, and refilling all ammo with a button press me thinks the old king would be immovable from the throne for awhile.


While I like BL3 better overall, it seems to me with all the DLC included that BL2 has more content.

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Comparing two years of content for BL2 to one year of content for all three other games is definitely skewed towards that game. It’s also pretty premature as far as BL3 is concerned.

Heck BL2 got a bonus DlC seven years after release.

This is like asking if the Rock is taller than Kevin Hart.


By the time DLC 4 came out for BL2, it’s still had more content.

And touching that note someone pointed out above, what is up with the music being so hard to hear? Even adjusted it’s so quiet and stepped on by any other noise.


BL2’s first four DLCs came out in the first nine months after release.

BL3’s first four DLCs came out in the first 12 months, but at nine months they had released three campaign DLCs, 2 Takedown events, and Two seasonal events.

So are people equating content with maps & achievements/ in game in a literal one to one comparison?

We did this in another thread bit I forget which.

The biggest difference between the two, and in my opinion one of the few there is outside of how things are named, is Raid Bosses.

In contrast BL3 has trials, which BL2 didn’t. Since this is a measure of quantity, not quality, the amount of crap to do in BL3, mundane as some of it is, is pretty robust.

You’ve got six different scavenger hunts;

The Eridian’s

If you do all those plus side missions on your first play through like I did, it will take you far longer than BL1, 2, or TPS took me to finish the first playthrough.


When did the two extra VHs release? Two more characters to do the content with is almost like adding half again the content.

As of right now, BL2 is the most content. Content, as in how much there is to do, until you’ve done everything. With all OP levels and all playthroughs, farming gear takes longer and killing all raid bosses, it took a long time. I’m kinda already counting the last DLC and OPX in, though.

BL3 > BL2 in terms of amount of areas/planets and therefore places to go (in general).

But Bl2 > BL3 for virtually anything else, e.g. end game content, replayability, raid bosses, etc.

Regarding end game the four story DLCs of BL3 could as well don’t exist at all, since they provide absolutely nothing. Whereas each DLC in BL2 gave at least one new raid boss.

We’re talking about the season pass dlcs not more.

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bl3 has by far the most content but because of abundance of red text orange gear and lack of purples, the replay value is low because you have nothing to look forward to finding on the ground. as to raids lol i wonder where this overhype comes from i was hardcore end game player and even i never met anyone excited to fight the raids, people hated vorac and gee for good reasons craw had few crap chests and dropped nothing you are left with pete dragons and hyperius with terra als odropping nothing and out of these 3 people hated doing dragons and no dex is not a raid fuk dexi. all of those fights also boil down to using a bee and one of the following weapons : lyuda hail ladyfist sandhawk if you are sal you can throw in a few more guns.almost no one who did not gib had avanger setup for raids for axton it was just a time trial thing. people act like raids was the content but most of the time peeps just played in someones game some part of story. and over time it will be the same with bl3 too.

bl3 has by far the best boss and raid fights by far the best mobbing content outside of COV faction fights by far the best base game gear (which needs scaling adjustment to be viable) by far the best character abbiities (even tho most of them is just previous game ones on steroids) outside of couple of super pressing issues like mahem scaling anointed gear and gear scaling (base game +vanilla leggos+dlc 1 leggos+ most dlc2 leggos now also pwoer creeped) game is far better than previous titles. and all the problems it has are fixable but weather gbx has balls for it is debatable.


Whilst I do enjoy the DLC in Bl3 and think that at least DLC 2 is up there with the best in the franchise, Bl2 just has it beat.
On average it’s got more side quests, more environments, more easter eggs and just a lot more interesting stuff.
Oh, and of course, proper Raid Bosses.

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:nerd_face:nerdy guys: well technically TPS has 2 dlc packs. 1 was a circle of slaughter and the other was the claptastic voyage. But I wouldn’t blame you for forgetting that It ever existed

Ok who the hell, unironically, voted pre-sequel? I know, its good, but even BL1 has more content xd

Replay-ability and endgame go to BL2. (even if I hate OP levels, I like them a LOT more than Mayhem scaling)

BL1: A lot doesn’t scale late-game except DLCs. However, I find it 2nd most fun end-game.

TPS: Actually enjoy end-game. Being cut short, places it in a solid 3rd.

BL3: Most content that ultimately got out dated by Mayhem scaling, lack of scaling for skills used in end-game, anoint based and ruined lack of diversity gear/skill end-game. It wasn’t even always like this in BL3 which is the sad part. I got a taste of how great end-game COULD have been in this game. Like ALL of my friends who loved it once, we can’t even bring ourselves to group play for how trashy and messy this game became.

What did I expect from end-game:

  1. M2.0 removed.
  2. Revert back to no kind of OP or Mayhem Scaling.
  3. Go back to the old M4 and add M5.
  4. Make ALL legendaries, legendary.
  5. Remove stupid anoints (will decrease farming)
  6. If you HAVE to lock gear behind a wall, make it M3-M5.
  7. Higher Mayhem INCREASES dedicated drop rate, not world that dilutes it.
  8. More slaughters and trials based on DLC themes.
  9. Takedowns focus on 1-4 player, with a bonus in dedicated drops by running it on true or having more players. Also FFS don’t make it mario brothers.
  10. Loot rooms as rewards that are actually rewarding, not stupid.
  11. Some form of raid boss for base game and each DLC.

This will fix a lot of problems with weapons, skills, end-game to story mode balance. It will cut matchmaking choices in HALF. It will make Epics, Epic again. We can use COMs that never scaled, shields that never scaled, skills that never scaled.

Literal MONTHS have been wasted trying to fix the game AFTER they fixed it and still less and less people are playing. GIVE UP! and go back to what worked,…

rant over


I basically agree with you on every point even though M1.0 was faaar from perfect, I would gladly welcome a return to it.

Also I don’t know how a Mayhemless version would work at this point but making the, as you put it not scaling gear viable again, would make so many items fun to use again.

Just one question: What exactly do you mean with focus on 1-4 player Takedown? So it can’t be solo’ed anymore or do you simply mean scaled to the number of players? Which would be awesome.

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