King's/Queen's Call is oof

I know Hollow Point helps a lot, but this thing with a St4ckbot is absolutely insane. I’m so happy they buffed it <3

A CH 1% Queen’s Call + Jakobs Company Man and Re-Volter probably would’ve been better in terms of damage output but I can’t play anything else but urad on Fl4k, I just love it too much :grin:

Anyone else tried to build around new buffed weapons ?


Haven’t come around to trying out the buffed “Call” weapons, but it looks very promising, especially considering that you aren’t even using the ideal elemental combination yet. God, a strong Corrosive Queen’s Call coupled with an incendiary King’s Call should absolutely wreck almost everything. I think I’m going to try them out on Wotan tomorrow.

Yeah my setup isn’t fully optimized but I have an autism for urad xD
Queen’s Call 200% ASA + Revolter ASS + St4ckbot and Jakobs Company Man would do better in this scenario.

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Not yet, but I’ve been Stackbotting with the 'Calls ever since; I’m sure it’s only gotten better.

I haven’t played Fl4k in months, but the buff to the Call weapons is tempting me back in. Thinking a Jakobs Company Man + Storm Front (Urad)/Infernal Wish + Peregrine + Mitosis Hunter Seeker. Not sure how the Peregrine and Hunter Seeker interact though…