Kings/Queens Call Nerf...Only thing I hate

Do I think the Queen/Kings Call deserved a nerf.

In Fl4k’s hands… Yes
Everyone else… :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

But that’s not what I really want to talk about.

They decided to nerf the fire rate…OF A JAKOB’S GUN… the manufacturer known for having guns that fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.


Edit: For those who dont understand the concept of sarcasm. I’m not complaining about the gun being nerfed. I’m just commenting of Gearbox neefing a gun in a way that completely goes against the manufacturer’s lore. So they care more about “balance” than continuity.

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At least my mouse will survive longer now I guess.

TBH it was to be expected. It was absolutely insane when killing certain easy to crit bosses.

Agreed… I would have lowered the damage. But think this gun was a victim of Fade Away and GITM.

I think the low mag size rewarded skillful play
…unless you’re Fl4k.

This gun was actually useless for me on Fl4k. It would always reload in fade away when critting making it annoying.

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Srsly tho, while I agree that nerfing a gun that’s predominantly used successfully by one character kinda sucks, I think it’s better than nerfing FL4K too heavily just because of how successful he is with it. This was actually a pretty good move by GBX :+1:


this really destroyed my care to farm tyreen… ever I mean I get it… it was super busted in flaks hands. but it was rewarding in maras build… now I feel like I wasted all this time farming the dang thing lol… gbx is too worried about the wrong things though to be honest… people are really enjoying the game but we just wished they would fix the actual issues and not some of the things peeps are really having fun with… nerfing the damage would have been better option at least then it would be a decent gun for my build.


And next week they will nerf any hex or mirv nade to reduce the healing and damage on Moze.
I can already smell it, they build a big nerf hammer for Moze and try to make her useless bot better.


Well that’s different…to reduce the Hex Spam.they would have to go after Means of Destruction and Vampyr also.

Otherwise…I got a Rain Firestorm in my back pocket.

Maybe I just got a bad variant, but the recoil on mine is so high that you miss the crit spot if you fire fast, so I really don’t see it as much of a nerf personally.

I know a lot of easy fixed for it but they all would totally kill this build so I won’t say anything in this forum because gearbox seems to not play their own content on Mayham 3 and wants us to play the game like they think it has to be played.


I’m willing to bet money on this. Next nerf will target the Hex Mirv grenade which outside of the Pipe Bomb is the most powerful grenade in the game. Say goodbye to it it’s gone, also up for a nerf will be the Ice Grenade that shoots up cryo from the ground. You can kiss that grenade goodbye as well.
I made a thread saying that BL3 deserves to be game of the year…that was based pre nerfs, I am revising my initial thoughts on the game now, it deserves to be called “Game that has the most un needed ridiculous nerfs”
Completely disappointed in BL3. …it’s become a clone of BL2 wit it’s stupid drop rates, ridiculous scaling and useless weapons in end game
Borderlands 3 is now unfortunately a massive disaster


I dont think the Mirv Hex is powerful…its just the best at proccing Vampyr and Means of Destruction.

We are just going to find the next best option…Stormfront or Firestorm.

I doubt they will need specific grenades if they are only over-performing due to interactions with Means of Destruction and Vampyr.

They will mostly likely adjust the skills that are making them broken(which it does appear to be slightly broken).

Hopefully won’t be needed too bad but just brought into line a bit. Moze is my class main and I don’t even use Iron Bear primarily.

As an Amara - King Call is STILL my weapon of choice for Graveward.

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Honestly, what’s the point? Like seriously, if it was a pvp game, I could understand. But it’s not, it’s pve. If people find guns too op, they have every option not to use them and be just fine. But this pattern of just nerfing anything that creeps over a certain line, eventually you’re not going to be left with much of anything special at all. Just keep nerfing things and suddenly everything is bad. try buffing things that are underperforming.


All if the nerfs suck, some weren’t even exploits, but now because of idiot youtubers always hyping “exploits” “this build is OP” and the usual horse crap to get views, then devs nerf crap just for that. Its not a dang mmo and I shouldnt have to f*ing kill a boss 50 times for a single legendary, and die 80 times doing it because they nerfed my build all to heck, game sucks now. My Gearbox fanboyisn is dead, and im going to burn my claptrap figures on new years when I can get sone fireworks

Patch made the game run like crap anyway

“Hey, lets take the fun out of the game before we even fix the bugs, thats the right the to do”


Only for sniper rifles. Well at least that I can recall.

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Did Torque guns fire rate in general get reduced or just on those two specific guns?

Oh yeah but the unforgiven was basically a sniper only in hand canon form. Lol

I’m not sure about the AR but I’ll take your word for it. ARs in bl2 were horrible and having to constantly pull the trigger on them just want worth the effort.

Don’t give them ideas!

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