Kitbash idea for adding rather than editing

Hey guys, was reading a thread and had a thought on Kitbashing.

I fully understanding the issues and arguments against kitbashing aka, editing original models; hence this idea I believe avoids those issues while allowing a large degree of freedom in both custom and original models.
Hence, what would the possibilities or opinions be on the following idea to allow Kitbashing?..

Every ingame ship etc. could have the ability to list additional models to load after main model loaded.
For example:


Furthermore, more advanced possibility would be:


In this case, the model may be nothing but a new hardpoint location; this however could be used by WeaponConfig for sticking more weapons on current ships.

General idea:

  1. User create custom model (aka, radio dish).
  2. User places their model as if 0,0,0 referred to center of original ship - messy and would involve guess work but only option without opening original ships - unless the LOD could be loaded…or out of game HOD viewing tool…:P?..with export coordinates to marker (.DAE) option.
  3. User exports their custom model as normal.
  4. User adds line to ship file. - OR, adds line during export to automate copying of original ship.
  5. Game loads ship model + custom model in addition.

I don’t know enough about the game engine but there is no reason I can think of why the game can’t load in more than one 3D model (such as with subsystems). Understandably the hardpoint part might be more complicated; but again, if the game is given the informaton in the right order; I can’t see any downsides.

Wouldn’t that basically be a custom subsystem? Mind you I think it’s a great idea! But I think the functionality is already present using the subsystem model. I believe you can specify what subsystems a ship comes with when it’s built.

I can’t really go into any details what what I have been thinking until I’ve run tests and written code. It’s quite a bit different than what you’ve suggested because I want it to not require editing any files - only adding new files to a path (so Mods can stack, etc).

I will hopefully have some info soon - but until then, keep talking about what you’d want and why, it couldn’t hurt!


Yeh that was what I was going for - only files to edit would be .ship files (no model files etc.) to call the new stuff.

If you can add extra models etc. without even editing the ship file then fair enough :smiley:
Look forward to the future :wink:

What would be very nice!

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