Kitru's Totally Objective Guide to Ghalt

Considering Ghalt’s lore has him as the leader of the Battleborn and an ex-combat engineer, it seems strange to me that Ghalt isn’t much of a support character and is actually more of a DPS powerhouse. Before the nerfs to his scraptrap (it used to stun, now it slows), he was a decent controller but now he’s basically all DPS (he still has the “controller” tag on his command page, but you haven’t been able to trust those for a long while), which isn’t a bad thing. He can really wreck face.

In PvP, Ghalt works very well as a target selector for a group: throw down some traps in the middle of your team and then hook an unwitting enemy into said trap so that your team can curbstomp them. It’s remarkably demoralizing.

In PvE, Ghalt is just straight deeps. Enemies tend to die quickly and deal more damage in melee than at range so you don’t really need to hook enemies into advantageous position and, often, hooking the wrong enemy can end up killing you by getting them right in your face for a shield slam/head butt. The damage/slow on his traps isn’t even particularly impressive, so, while it would behoove you to place them in places you know that enemies are going to spawn, it’s doubtful that you’ll really notice if you don’t.

For his abilities, things people probably don’t realize or should know from the start.

[details=UPR M8-R Revolver Shotgun]
Ghalt’s basic attack. It’s high damage with reasonably small spread, for a video game shotgun. You won’t really be able to do much with it long range, but it’s deadly at short and medium ranges. There’s negligible recoil and the reload is pretty fast (he reloads all rounds at once since it’s a revolver). The most interesting thing about this attack is that, for mechanical purposes, each pellet is considered a separate attack that originates from a single attack. This means that each pellet starts off with all of the same buffs and is capable of generating effects separately as if they were different attacks. This doesn’t mean too much to the average individual, but when you get into optimization with gear (and I will) this becomes extremely valuable.

Ghalt’s alt-fire is simply aiming down the sights of his shotgun. It’s not really useful since, you know, shotgun, but it decreases spread a little bit, making it viable at slightly longer ranges.[/details]

[details=Tactical Shells]
Ghalt’s passive. Ghalt’s final 4 rounds before he has to reload deal 25% additional damage. It’s a massive damage boost, but it isn’t enough to justify running around with only half of his ammo unless you’re sure you can kill someone in 4 shots.[/details]

[details=The Hook]
Skill 1. A mid-range attack that pulls a single target hit by it right over to Ghalt. The projectile defaults to middling size and is quite slow. If a target is moving, you’re liable to miss them unless you’re leading the target significantly. The range is middling as well, though the hook ignores gravity (it doesn’t fall) so the end is somewhat abrupt. This is definitely Ghalt’s most annoying ability since the pull can be extremely disorienting and places someone right where they would probably rather not be (surrounded by your friends, for example). When being pulled, the game does check for collision, so if you try to pull a target through a space that they couldn’t pass through, they’re not going to pass through it. Keep this in mind when using it. There are also some excellent helix options that you can use to make this even more annoying/dangerous.[/details]

Skill 2. It used to be awesome (since it stunned) but now it languishes (since it slows). Even worse, the traps take a few seconds to get ready and there’s a slight delay after they are tripped before they do their thing. In addition, Scraptraps have hp and can be destroyed; they’re not that durable and most AoEs are going to just wipe them out no matter what. One advantage of this is that, in PvE, you can place one near enemies and have them waste a few seconds attacking it instead of you. The only way to really use them as intended (i.e. as a trap, not a micro-taunt) is to throw them under someone’s feet while they’re preoccupied or hook someone into them. Even so, you’re not really going to be getting a lot of mileage out of them. Some helix choices make them significantly stronger, but none of them really make the Scraptraps anywhere near as amazing as they used to be.[/details]

[details=Dual Wield]
Ultimate. This isn’t so much about “doubling damage output” as it is about “not having to reload”. It’s also somewhat disingenuous since the shotguns don’t count as Ghalt’s basic attack shotguns: they aren’t improved by attack damage gear (they are improved by skill damage), don’t benefit from Tactical Shells (since you don’t track ammo while the ult is active), and don’t benefit from anything else that your basic attacks do (except increased attack speed). Still, it’s an excellent ultimate because you’re still unleashing a torrent of damage upon your opponents (you don’t have to reload so just keep on firing). Just keep in mind that it’s skill damage, not attack damage. Furthermore, you can’t sprint nor can you rez (or interact with objects like build nodes) while the ult is active. Either wait for it to end itself or press the activation button again to end it prematurely. Also, if you are stunned or silenced, it ends immediately, which can suck. As such, if you’re in PvP, keep an eye out for characters like Rath, Galilea, or other characters with the ability to slap you with those effects when you’re using it.[/details]


[details=Level 1: The Big Draw v. Stealth Scrap]

Recommendation: Any

Both of these exist to make their parent skill more useful. Big Draw makes it easier to hit targets by dramatically increasing the projectile size of the hook while Stealth Scrap makes it basically impossible to see your Scrap Traps until your opponents are within melee range of them. For Stealth Scrap, keep in mind that the traps don’t go super stealthy until they are fully activated, so your opponents still have a few seconds after you throw them down where they’re easily visible.[/details]

[details=Level 2: Shocktrap v. A Little Somethin’ Extra v. The Scrappening]

Recommendation: Shocktrap

Shocktrap gives your traps a bit of an AoE DoT, which can add up to decent damage if it doesn’t die immediately. The other 2 helices just don’t amount to much: you can only have out 2 Scraptraps normally (at level 7, there’s a helix that allows you to have 4), so you’re not going to see much of a damage increase (Shocktrap roughly doubles the damage), and the 3 additional bombs provided by Scrappening tend to miss, for some reason.[/details]

[details=Level 3: Barrier v. Pellet Party]

Recommendation: Any

Both of these are excellent options and force you to choose between greater survivability (Barrier) and greater damage (Pellet Party). Barrier is an incredibly powerful survivability helix and turns Ghalt into a remarkably durable target (since he’ll have 540 shield and 165 shield regen, pre-gear); if you want to build a tank Ghalt (which is possible), this is the option for you. Pellet Party, on the other hand, increases the spread of his shotgun without decreasing the density of pellets. You’ll do more damage if all pellets hit (all pellets still deal the same damage), but the main advantage is that it’s harder to miss completely at longer ranges. Due to the unique nature of Ghalt’s multi-pellet attacks, If you stack the right loadout, Pellet Party can give you a pretty obscene DPS increase. The one caveat here is that Pellet Party doesn’t affect Dual Wield at all. When you activate Dual Wield, you’ll return to standard reticle size and pellet count.[/details]

[details=Level 4: Hookshot v. The Hook(s) v. Efficient Extraction]

Recommendation: Hookshot or Efficient Extraction

Hookshot gives you a bit of damage to go with your Hook. If you’re not having any problems hitting targets with The Hook, you don’t really need to turn your nose up at some damage to go with it. Efficient Extraction makes it easier to hit targets since it travels faster and goes further. If you’re having problems hitting targets, go with EE.

Now, a lack of recommendation for The Hook(s) shouldn’t be taken as a reason not to try it out (I recommend trying out everything, if only to verify why I recommend against it). The additional hooks mean that you can hit multiple targets, but I’ve never had much success with them. The spread on the hooks is too wide that the additional hooks are really just rolling the dice on hitting something randomly and they leave plenty of empty space between them. Even with The Big Draw, it’s doubtful that you’ll actually snag more than one target. Thankfully, collision between allies is no longer an issue so you can actually pull enemies onto the same spot (they’ll separate shortly after arriving, but at least they’ll get there).[/details]

[details=Level 5: Hobbling Shot v. Boomstickier]

Recommendation: (PvP) Any; (PvE) Boomstickier

Both of these buff your Tactical Shells (final 4 rounds). Boomstickier is great because more damage is always nice, especially when it’s attached to your primary source of damage. Hobbling Shot is good for PvP because slows are awesome for PvP but not so much for PvE since you don’t really need to make enemies stop running around like manic fleas, as players tend to do.[/details]

[details=Level 6: Drain Chain v. Duct Tape and Bailing Wire]

Recommendation: Drain Chain

Even though Drain Chain says that it “drains” shield and health, it is not restored to Ghalt in any way so, in reality, it’s just straight up 360 damage over 3 seconds. As much of a let down as not having a self-heal on The Hook is, it’s still good because it’s a decent bit of damage. DT&BW means that your Scraptraps aren’t going to die as easily, but 100% of “very squishy” is still pretty squishy, especially when the traps are destroyed when they explode. If you use your Scraptraps as “taunt-traps”, could be useful since they’ll survive a bit longer, but they’re still not going to survive long enough to actually explode if they’re being attacked by anything significant.[/details]

[details=Level 7: Speedloader v. Scrapstack v. Both Barrels Blazing]

Recommendation: Speedloader or Both Barrels Blazing

The Scraptrap is pretty crappy and it’s not really useful as a trap, as such, being able to throw out 2 more of them can’t really compete with the significant improvements to your basic attack that the other 2 helices provide. Speedloader makes reloads extremely fast (with some reload gear, it’s almost instant) while BBB slows down your rate of fire a bit but doubles the number of pellets that each trigger pull unleashes. You’ll only get half as many shots per reload as you were before, but they’ll hit like a truck. As with Pellet Party, BBB can do some utterly disgusting things with the right gear loadout (since it increases the number of pellets per attack), though, once again, it doesn’t affect Dual Wield at all. Even with BBB, Dual Wield will fire a single set of pellets per trigger pull.

In general, my recommendation is to use Speedloader for situations when you’ve got a lot of enemies and BBB for situations when you’ve got a few big ones (e.g. Speedloader is for killing trash and BBB is for killing bosses).[/details]

[details=Level 8: Short Fuse v. Quick and Dirty v. Big Trap]

Recommendation: Any

All 3 of these make Scraptrap much more useful. If your traps keep dying before going off, Short Fuse. If you always seem to find your Scraptraps on cooldown when you’d like to use one (such as if you want to sync up the CD of The Hook and Scraptrap), Quick and Dirty. If you want to hit more enemies with Scraptrap, Big Trap.[/details]

[details=Level 9: Here Comes the Hook v. Easy Target]

Recommendation: Easy Target

This largely comes down to the primarily utility of The Hook, in my mind: setting up a specific enemy for rapid, imminent death. If a target escapes, you kind of wasted it. Easy Target makes it very unlikely that the target is going to escape since you’re increasing their damage taken (this still applies to targets that aren’t pulled, such as bosses in PvE, turning Hook into a DR debuff). Furthermore, if you reduce the cooldown time on Hook, you’re just pulling the Hook out of sync with the CD on Scraptrap by more (which is bad because of the obviously intended Hook-into-a-Scraptrap combo).[/details]

[details=Level 10: Gun 'n Run v. Can’t Touch This v. Incendiary Shells]

Recommendation: (PvP) Gun 'n Run or Can’t Touch This; (PvE) Incendiary Shells

In PvE, crowd control isn’t that common and you don’t often need to haul :heart::heart::heart: while still unleashing hell on your opponents since NPCs don’t run (if you need to haul :heart::heart::heart: in PvE, it tends to be while facing away from your opponents, since you’re running away). As such, the mediocre bit of additional damage that Incendiary Shells provides is the best you can hope for (also, it looks really cool, since you’re shooting flaming projectiles from your shotgun).

In PvP, on the other hand, you often have to chase down fleeing opponents as they run in fear of your dual wielding goodness and CC effects (like stuns, slows, and blinds) are common and can really ruin your rampage (a stun will actually end it immediately, which sucks). As such, those get the recommendation.[/details]

Gear Stats:

Ghalt is a remarkably versatile character. He can be surprisingly tanky (with gear and Barrier) or a dastardly DPS fiend (with the right gear). I’ll go over all stats here, based on how I personally categorize them, and provide a priority list for each category.

(Attack Damage>Reload=Attack Speed>Critical Damage>Skill Damage=Cooldown>Shield Pen>Recoil)

Attack Damage is the best way to beef up Ghalt’s damage because he reloads (so attack speed doesn’t provide full benefits) and his damage is almost entirely from his basic attacks.

Reload and Attack Speed both make him unleash his basic attacks faster. Reload is better for his basic attacks (even moreso if you took BBB since you’re reloading twice as often), but Attack Speed also makes his ultimate more effective.

Critical Damage is low mainly because Ghalt isn’t really a precision shooter. The wide spread of his attacks means that you might get a crit with a couple pellets, but a majority are going to be normal hits. As such, Attack Damage is better. Furthermore, if you’re targeting an isolated crit location (like a Varelsi Channeler’s head), you’re going to get a lot more misses than hits/crits, so you’re better off aiming for center mass. Only go for crits if all of the other pellets are going to be hits.

Skill Damage is low priority because Ghalt just doesn’t do a lot of skill damage. You can stack up skill damage heavily if you want to make Ghalt a raging rampage of ridiculousness during the 10 seconds he’s got his ult, since that benefits from Skill Damage but not Attack Damage, though, if you want to do that, I’d recommend going with Attack Speed instead because that, at least, augments both his basic attacks and ult.

Cooldown is low priority since, like with Skill Damage, Ghalt isn’t really a skill damage dealer. Furthermore, Dual Wield’s CD doesn’t count until the effect is over so you can’t stack a bunch of CD and go perma-Dual Wield.

Shield Pen gets the standard disclaimer: it’s only useful in PvP because most enemies in PvE don’t have shields (and no bosses have them; Rendain’s shield doesn’t care about shield pen).

Recoil is at the bottom because, while he does have recoil, Ghalt just doesn’t have enough to bother mitigating it through gear.[/details]

(Max Health=Max Shield>Damage Reduction=Shield Recharge=Health Regen>Shield Regen=Healing Received>CC Duration)

As with most characters, Max Health is the best defensive stat though, if you take Barrier, due to the incredibly high shield regen he gets, Max Shield ties. Without Barrier, Max Shield falls to the wayside and drops down significantly.

Ghalt doesn’t have the hp+shield to really make Damage Reduction incredible (he falls short of the 3333 mark by a fair amount), but he’s got enough to make it worthwhile if he takes Barrier (not just because of the higher shield but because of the regen too). The massive increase to Ghalt’s Shield Regen with Barrier also makes Shield Recharge extremely attractive.

Since Ghalt has no native self-healing or hp regen, Health Regen is a high priority.

Barrier kind of renders Shield Regen redundant since that one helix provides 105, which is more than you could get with an entire loadout devoted to it.

Healing Received is lowish priority since Ghalt is pretty shield heavy with Barrier.

CC Duration receives the standard disclaimer: CC duration is functionally worthless. CCs don’t last that long so the minute values of CC duration on gear basically mean nothing.[/details]

If you want to make Ghalt a better controller, the only option is to grab Cooldown. He’s not that great at it and Cooldown doesn’t do a stellar job of improving that element of his play, but it’s all that you can do.[/details]

(Move speed>Sprint speed>CC duration)

Move speed is useful in combat and out of combat and is increased by sprint speed. Sprint speed is only really useful outside of combat. CC duration reduces the duration of slows and stuns but is still absolutely terrible.[/details]


Getting shards helps you buy gear as well as construct buildables. Buildable reduction makes them way cheaper, however. Something to consider is that I only find these stats remotely useful in PvP. PvE gives you shards like candy; unless you’ve got someone who bogarts all of the shards, every mission should provide a surplus of shards even if you have a triple legendary loadout (like I do for pretty much everyone). In PvP, however, these are absolutely amazing and can actually be the foundation of an effective strategy.[/details]

Legendaries of Note:

These are some specific legendaries to keep in mind for Ghalt.

[details=Gloves (attack damage)]
Pacifier (algorithm), Symbiotic Gauntlet (sentinel)

Attack damage beefs up the shotgun, which is good. Both of them also contribute to your survivability with his best defensive stats. SG is better offensively but you probably need to have some source of healing since Ghalt can’t really keep himself topped off on his own; Pacifier gives a nice little attack damage debuff whenever he damages an enemy, which he should be doing all the time.

Vow of Vengeance should probably be mentioned because it’s one of the most popular legendaries out there. Do not use it on Ghalt. The stacks only apply with his quick melee and the stacks fall off very quickly (a matter of seconds). VoV is for melee, which Ghalt is not.[/details]

[details=Watches (cooldown)]
UPR Synchrograph (lore)

Ghalt’s lore legendary buffs his skill damage and CD time, neither of which is particularly useful for him. In addition, it increases the rather anemic damage his traps deal when you hook a target. It’s definitely encouraging an intended tactic, but it doesn’t do it in a particularly useful way (especially since the tactic is more about making it easy to unload basic attacks in a target that can’t defend itself effectively than killing someone with the trap).[/details]

[details=Goggles (critical damage)]
Vigilant Power Scouter (sentinel)

This is the first part of a truly devastating loadout combo for Ghalt. It increases critical damage but, more importantly, increases the damage of your next attack every time you score a crit. Because of how his attack works, each pellet crits independently, triggering the proc separately. The procs stack with each other, which means that each pellet that crits increases the damage of his next attack (which includes all of the pellets made as part of that attack). If you get a crit with all 8 of Ghalt’s default pellets, you can double the damage of your next attack (and it’s even more incredible with Pellet Party or BBB since those increase the number of pellets per shot even more).[/details]

[details=Pauldrons (damage reduction)]
Blissbeast Skull Plate (void’s edge), “Alamo-7” Armor (algorithm), Porta-bUnkr Phalanx Rig (upr)

Blissbeast is one of the best pure survivability tools in the game. It gives a lot of DR and a lot of health regen, both very useful stats for a tanky Ghalt. Alamo-7 Armor 2 nice stats and, although the cooldown time on the legendary effect is extremely long, it is extremely powerful (2 seconds of total immunity). Porta-bUnkr is similar: if you’re on a pure UPR team, you can group up and become almost unkillable.[/details]

[details=Injectors (health regen)]
Oath of the Sustained (renegade)

An excellent utility legendary that also helps out your team. You get health regen, increased damage, and a portion of all damage dealt (which should be a lot) is given to your allies as life. Considering Ghalt’s impressive DPS, this can be quite a boon.[/details]

[details=Armor (max hp)]
Vigilance Link (sentinel), Vampiric Vestment (jennerit)

Vigilance Link gives you 2 excellent survivability stats and makes your team more durable as well. Excellent for team players and more support minded people. Vampiric vestments will give you hp, more hp when you kill things, and more attack damage so that it’s easier to kill things. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend VV for PvP, but Ghalt is pretty durable and a damned good killer so it can be quite effective.[/details]

[details=Batteries (max shield)]
One-4-All Shield Array (experiment), Modernista (saboteur)

Modernista is a good anti-ranged shield with a decent secondary stat. A good way to discourage snipers in PvP since you can avoid the first crit and hurt them in the process. One-4-All Shield Array gives you more shield, your allies more shield, and can stack up some shield penetration if you want to push a shield pen build.[/details]

[details=Stocks (recoil)]
Stable Executioner (renegade)

Normally, Ghalt doesn’t really care about recoil reduction and CC Duration is pretty pathetic too. However, neither of those matters when you consider the legendary effect of this weapon. As with VPS, each pellet checks the legendary effect of this weapon indepedently thought the proc only applies to the damage dealt by the pellet, not by the entire attack. More interestingly, it has an interesting interaction with VPS: Stable Executioner procs are considered crits, and count as an “additional” crit if the attack is already a crit. As such, VPS + SE have a lot of synergy that can give you a lot of additional damage.[/details]

[details=Magazines (reload)]
Hidden Charger (llc), Vyn’s Quiver (sentinel)

Both of these are about increasing survival while keeping you shooting. The only question is whether you prefer to top off your shield or top off your hp. If you take Barrier, go with Hidden Charger; if you don’t, take Vyn’s Quiver.[/details]

[details=Pins (skill damage)]

Bola’s Target Finder (experiment)

The only skill damage item I would actually recommend, not because skill damage is useful, but because it has a useful secondary stat and an absolutely amazing legendary effect. If you want to build around making Dual Wield a death sentence, this will be the centerpiece of your build.[/details]


[details=Kitru’s Abusive Loadout]
Vigilant Power Scouter, The Stable Executioner, Symbiotic Gauntlet

The wonders of abusing mechanics. A max roll VPS gives you 11.9% additional damage on a crit and 9.1% additional damage on your next attack for every crit you score with Ghalt’s numerous pellets per attack. SE gives each pellet a 7% chance to do 50% additional damage and trigger another VPS stack, even if it was already a crit and created a stack. You’ll see massive variance in damage dealt, with really really high variance when you crit with some procs aligning. It’ll get even more ridiculous with Pellet Party and BBB. With both of those, I’ve seen basic attacks dealing in excess of 2.3k damage (which is what you’d expect out of Thorn with a cursed crit volley). You also get pretty good survivability from the additional hp coming with VPS and SG. It’s massive damage and surprisingly good survivability, too. This is both the highest damage and general utility loadout.[/details]

[details=Pure Survivability]
Blissbeast Skull Plate, Hidden Charger, Vampiric Vestment

If you’re going with this loadout, I’m assuming you’re also taking Barrier. This gives you a full suite of survivability stats: plenty of +hp, a lot of shield recharge delay to make Barrier even better, and DR; the additional damage on VV and reload on HC are just cake on top of an exist pie of “you can’t kill me”. If you’ve got a group of UPR allies, Porta-bUnkr is probably the way to go instead, but you need to have a bunch of friends of a specific faction and that’s not gonna happen too often, at least in my experience.[/details]

[details=Dual Wield]
Bola’s Target Finder, Vow of Zealous Fury, Doomsday Key

The whole idea here is to maximize attack speed and skill damage. Vow of Zealous Fury gives you a huge amount of attack speed and a bit of critical damage. Bola’s Target Finder gives you skill damage, attack speed, and more damage when you chain hits on people with Dual Wield. Since Pellet Party doesn’t affect Dual Wield, you’re probably taking Barrier, which means you’d like Shield Recharge Delay and, when your shield breaks (which will probably happen if you’re constantly attacking like you should be), you’ll get even more attack speed.[/details]

[details=Kitru’s Abusive PvP]
Sketchy “Easy Money” (-heal power), Stable Executioner, Vigilant Power Scouter

Trade out the Symbiotic Gauntlet for a free shard extractor (since Ghalt doesn’t heal, the penalty does nothing) so that you can afford to buy the two important legendaries. Only do this if you’re confident in getting crits in PvP (which is annoyingly difficult).[/details]

[details=General PvP]
Sketchy “Easy Money” (-heal power), Symbiotic Gauntlet, Hidden Charger

Free shard extractor allows you to afford the other 2 legendaries, which give you survivability (+hp, -shield recharge) and damage output (+attack damage, -reload). Replace the Hidden Charger with Vyn’s Quiver if you don’t take Barrier.[/details]

[details=Fast Leveling PvP]
Sketchy “Easy Money” (-heal power), free wrench (-skill damage, -cooldown, -healing received), legendary glove (Pacifier, Symbiotic Gauntlet)

Build as much as possible to get easy xp and level up as quickly as possible. Make sure you stick around the fights as well so that you’re not sacrificing minion xp for build xp. The legendary is there for when you hit level 10 and don’t need to spend shards on leveling up. Pacifier and SG are the best choices for a specific legendary, but Hidden Charger is another good option. Honestly, it’s really “legendary of your choice”.[/details]


Simple, he’s a UPR engineer made battleborn leader, I think it goes just fine, he has his hook, his traps (which needs a root, or at least a cripple), which both give his team an easy time fighting the enemy and better control, and can protect his allies with his SHOTGUN, so in short I think he does fine as team leader, though considering he’s an engineer, it would be cool he could make turrets better

Honestly his trap seems fine. Considering his pull and his primary if his trap gets stronger with a type of root I think it would put him over the top. His trap is lackluster but it’s not as bad as phoebes blade rush skill

Blade Rush bad? Yeah right! Considering it made it easier to hit plus the silence on the first hit, it’s far from useless.

The silence on blade rush is the only part of blade rush that makes it ok. There is a small amount of synergy to be said with the shield stripping helix but it’s in general a very lackluster skill. I find more value from ghalts trap by far. Blade rush just feels ridiculously bland by comparison of damn near any other skill imo. Also blade rush doesn’t feel like it’s easier to hit. Proccing the silence is definetly easier

While I would agree right now the trap is a really bad slow, it needs to be useful to be honest

I think it is relatively useful though. Rather that it’s as useful as it should be. Giving it any sort of root is basically just gonna make it very close to to what it used to be and I don’t think we want that with how strong his shotty is atm and I prefer his shotgun to where it is. I am really liking playing with him in this incarnation than being pull stun win. The trap is great for slowing a minion wave and getting residual experience from them and there have been plenty of times where the slow and damage from the trap helped secure me the kill when I chose to use it

It is still pretty useful, but my lament is mainly that it tries to slow as well as deal damage and, in order for that to avoid being overpowered, there’s a delay after being tripped and the slow is pretty weak. I’d actually be happier with it if they just removed the slow completely (making it a pure damage trap) or removed the damage (making it a pure control trap), as long as they also eliminated the activation delay so that it occurred more readily.

I don’t like the pull stun insta win either, really if it was a heavy slow to where the trapsplosion actually hit and cripple I would be fine, you know what if that is too much with cripple then make cripple just drastically reduce dash and leaps, but NOT teleports

I can see and understand where your coming from on that. I did like the idea of say the trap grabbing onto its trip target then detonating after awhile. The slow doesn’t seem that weak but I can’t really gauge over all on how it stacks up verses the other slows tbh. What I will admit to is that most of my attempts to make the trap effective have been from pulling a target through the trap and setting the target about 1 traps length between me and the trap I dragged said target through(hope that makes sense. Gauging distance in games leaves me very confused sometimes :P)

@cadecampbell the reduce dash effect seems reasonable. My main concern is that I am loathe to making this skill better when it seems relatively ok to me. I understand that it feels very ineffectual I am just terrified of what there potential solution to it might be

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It ain’t terrible to me, just kinda like galileas ult but more lackluster

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His mines clear stuff so fast especially with the good mine helix choices.