Kitru's Totally Objective Guide to Reyna

Reyna is the Team Mom of the Rogues, which makes her awesome, at least in my mind. She’s defined as a “Rescuer” and “Shielder”, which is so much less than what she’s actually capable of.

First off, those two descriptors ignore her remarkable damage capability: her basic and alt-fire attacks are both capable of good damage and are extremely accurate (her basic attack benefits from a bit of recoil reduction to maintain the incredible accuracy at long ranges since, if you chain fire, it can go to crap pretty quickly otherwise). It also completely ignores her Priority Target skill, which is designed to single out a specific target for your group to kill, which doesn’t fit in with either of her descriptors.

As to her actual support functionality, Shield Booster is capable of providing so much more than shields and, with the right helices, is more about maintaining a constant effect than simply rescuing people. When you’re playing Reyna, don’t wait until someone needs help to provide them with an overshield: keep it up on someone at all times (especially since, with all damage, hp not lost in the first place is better than hp recovered).

Of course, the problem with Reyna is that she’s only really capable of providing defensive support to a single ally at a time. Even with her ult, it’s small enough that you’re not liable to see your entire team crowd inside. Because of this, I actually recommend picking a single player and shadowing them for as much time as possible (much like when playing a healer Miko), continually shielding them and providing supportive fire from behind, rather than keeping your shield in reserve and trying to only give it to someone that needs it right at that moment.

Another interesting thing to note is that, because Reyna’s non-overshield mechanisms are optional (e.g. you get them through helices), Reyna works extremely well as a second support on a team because she can choose helices to prevent overlapping functionality with another support character.

If you are playing Reyna as the only support on a large team, you’re going to need to master target swapping between your allies because that’s the only way you’re going to manage it.

For her abilities, things people probably don’t realize or should know from the start.

[details=Laser Pistol]
Reyna’s basic attack. Extremely accurate with some pretty gnarly recoil, good but not amazing damage, and a mid-size (12 round) clip with good rate of fire, Reyna’s laser pistol isn’t bad but it also isn’t absolutely amazing. If you really want to deal a lot of damage with Reyna, you need to be aiming for crits, since it’s a small, extremely fast projectile that is also extremely accurate: unload a full clip in a target’s crit spot and that target will either already be dead or else well on their way.
Interesting lore note, as soon as you play Reyna, you’ll note that she shoots her laser pistol “gangsta-style” (i.e. sideways, which anyone with any kinds of firearms expertise will tell you is the wrong way). While I don’t doubt that this was an aesthetic choice by the developers, they at least provide a lore driven explanation for why Reyna does this: her “The Best Defense” lore explains that her weapon has been heavily modded with redundant internal mechanisms removed, increasing rate of fire but making reloads problematic if not fired on its side (Reyna doesn’t manage to “greatly reduce accuracy” when she fires like this because she’s awesome). I mention this only because I really appreciate a good lampshade hanging.[/details]

[details=Plasma Pulse]
Reyna’s alt-fire. It’s lower DPS than Laser Pistol (it deals 25% higher damage per shot but it can fire 7 shots in the time it takes for Laser Pistol to fire 12 and reload; since you can fire the Laser Pistol while Plasma Pulse dissipates heat, the “reload” time of Plasma Pulse doesn’t hurt your DPS; this gives Plasma Pulse an effective DPS of 73% when you’re firing it) though it gains a 50% bonus damage v. shields, which gives it slighty better DPS against shields (9.375% better). It has fewer “shots” per reload, but, because it uses a heat mechanism like Montana, simply not using the alt-fire for a second or two (even if you fire the Laser Pistol) will recharge it fully. It doesn’t have recoil, unlike the Laser Pistol, but has a much slower projectile. Rather than attempting to supplant or provide an alternate tactic to her basic attack, Reyna’s Plasma Pulse and Laser Pistol are intended to be used in sync: alternate between using them (e.g. fire a full spread of Plasma Pulse then Laser Pistol when your Plasma Pulse overheats then swap back and do a full spread of Plasma Pulse before you need to both reloading your Laser Pistol; reload the Laser Pistol and repeat from the beginning especially if you need a long period of sustained fire to take targets out) or, at the very least, use your Plasma Pulse to eliminate a target’s shields and then follow up with Laser Pistol, trying to get crits (Plasma Pulse can crit, but the projectile is big and slow so it won’t crit nearly as often), to finish them off.[/details]

[details=Shield Booster]
Skill 1. Reyna shoots an ally and provides them with an overshield that scales with her level. While they’ve got this overshield, Reyna can shoot them with her Plasma Pulse in order to recharge their normal shield (there is a slight animation delay as Reyna charges up her command gauntlet, so keep that in mind). I tend to avoid doing this, mainly because character shields will recharge on their own, but also because it doesn’t provide that much additional shield per shot fired (and shields are pretty limited anyways) and I would rather kill whoever is trying to kill my ally (since a dead enemy can’t attack your ally any more) rather than trying to refill my ally’s shield while someone is trying to kill them.

In addition, Reyna gets a copy of this shield whenever she gives it to an ally. Because of this, you always want to have at least 1 character near you because, even if they don’t need the overshield, you could very well need/want/use it.

If you are running a solo game, this skill automatically provides Reyna with the overshield when used. If you are running with other players, the skill is only placed on CD when it hits an ally. Of course, if you’re trying to give yourself the shield, this can be exasperating if you’ve got friends running and jumping around, being hard to hit when you’re trying to stay alive with a quick self-shield.[/details]

[details=Priority Target]
Skill 2. This is basically a special Plasma Pulse attack (similar damage as Plasma Pulse and has the bonus damage against shields, though it can’t crit) that applies a debuff to a target hit that increases their damage taken for a few seconds. It’s great against bosses and, if you have a party that can actually coordinate in PvP, it’s a great way to set up a kill (especially if an ally gets the target with a stun or bind at the same time or soon after). Since it reveals, it is the bane of all of the stealth characters, since you can deny them a safe escape very easily. The damage on this is low, but it doesn’t really need to be high because it increases their damage taken.[/details]

[details=Photonic Ward]
Ultimate. An extremely fun and powerful skill that provides cover where you need it. It prevents any projectile from entering but does nothing to encroaching melee combatants, who will pass through with no problem so, if there are melee enemies nearby, try to catch them with the bubble when you create it so that you can send them flying away. The bubble doesn’t affect friendly projectiles at all but prevents passage of enemy projectiles both from inside and from outside. Because of this, if an enemy gets inside the bubble (or is forced inside, such as would happen if you place the bubble on top of them with no where to be knocked back into), they won’t be able to fire outside of it until they move outside of it. The bubble isn’t big so it won’t really prevent much enemy fire, unless they’re heavily slowed.[/details]


[details=Level 1: Electrostatic Induction v. Waste Reduction]

Recommendation: Any

As I see it, neither of these is particularly powerful or useful and the choice between them really comes down to personal playstyle. EI gives your Shield Booster some additional combat/emergency functionality (if a target isn’t in a fight, their shield should be fully charged, assuming they have one) though, if you’re using your Plasma Pulse to charge their shield or if they don’t have a shield in the first place (none of the Eldrid, except for Kelvin, do; even Kelvin is a special case, though, because of how he treats shield) this is largely wasted. By that same token, if you’re not privy to missing with Priority Target, Waste Reduction won’t do you much good, althrough an increase to speed and range can be quite the boon. EI is more defensive while WR is more offensive; that’s what it comes down to.[/details]

[details=Level 2: Priority Plasma v. Lockdown]

Recommendation: (PvP) Any; (PvE) Priority Plasma

In PvE, slows aren’t particularly useful since NPCs don’t really move fast or erratically enough to really require it. Since Lockdown requires you follow up on Priority Target with other attacks, there’s less value than in most slows because you’re even more likely to kill a target than normal in the process of slowing them down (and you don’t need to slow down a dead target). In PvP, on the other hand, if you can follow up Priority Target with your own attacks, you can keep a target slowed for an extended period of time, making it even easier to kill your selected target.

Of course, Lockdown is only useful if you’re able to actually follow up on the initial Priority Target with other attacks; Priority Plasma makes it virtually impossible for Reyna to miss with Plasma Pulse as long as she’s firing in anything resembling the general direction of the target. It also allows Reyna to do some pretty interesting trick shots around corners or other obstacles, like carried shields: if you aim above a Brute, Boldur, or other shield carrying target, Priority Plasma will bend the shot down and attack them from above and, if properly executed, around their shield entirely.

In PvE, the choice is obvious; in PvP, it’s nuanced and is based upon how good you are with following up on Priority Target with other attacks as well as how important your own damage is compared to make it easier for your allies to get the kill.[/details]

[details=Level 3: Plasma Burst v. Slazer Thermokinetics v. Optical Amplifier]

Recommendation: Optical Amplifier

This is a very weird level. Plasma Burst, on the surface, seems like it is a powerful AoE tool, but the explosion is extremely small, such that it will only really hit multiple targets if they’re already touching. Since it turns Plasma Pulse into an explosive attack, it also removes Plasma Pulse’s ability to crit (though it also allows you to deal damage through a target’s shield). It’s doubtful that you’ll see a lot of AoE damage with it, but it allows you to use Plasma Pulse in a very different and sometimes useful way.
Slazer Thermokinetics seems like it would provide a significant boost to Laser Pistol, though it suffers mainly because it requires active and continual use of the lower damage Plasma Pulse.

At default attack speed, Reyna can get off 4 shots with Laser Pistol before the heat starts dissipating and will finish off the rest of her clip just as the rest of the heat dissipates. Since the damage is proportionate to the amount of heat you’ve got, you get 4 shots at +50% and 8 shots at an average of +25%. You then spend a single clip’s time building heat back up with Plasma Pulse (at 75% standard DPS), before repeating it all over again, so your average damage is merely ~4.2% better than pre-helix choice (.75 DPS * 7/7 time + 1.5 DPS * 4/12 time + 1.25 DPS * 8/12 time = 2.083 damage / (7/7 + 12/12) time = 1.042 damage per time).

You can maintain the max bonus on each Laser Pistol shot by firing a pair of Plasma Pulses after the 4 rounds (7 PP + 4 LP + 2 PP + 4 LP + 2 PP + 4 LP + reload; 11 PPs and 12 LPs; since PP shots are worth 12/7ths of the time as LP shots, it ends up taking the equivalent of ~31 LP shots, reload evenly spread across), but you’re increasing the amount of time you’ll spend throwing out Plasma Pulses which keeps your DPS at a paltry ~4.2% improvement over pre-helix (.75 DPS * 11/7 time + 1.5 DPS * 12/12 time = 2.678 damage / (11/7 + 12/12) time = 1.042 damager per time).

Optical Amplifier with Laser Pistol spam is a flat 18%, so it wins out over both, but only if you restrict yourself to Laser Pistol exclusively for damage purposes.

The math gets tweaked by a helix option at level 7 that allows you to increase the damage of Plasma Pulse by 18%, which tweaks the math in favor of Slazer Thermokinetics slightly. If you take the 18% buff to Plasma Pulse, it tweaks the “max heat” strat to a 12.4% increase in total DPS and the “full unload” strat to a ~10.9% increase in total DPS.

There are other variables that can tweak the math even more, but, because Plasma Pulse deals so much less damage than Laser Pistol, it’s extremely difficulty to have it overcome a static improvement to Laser Pistol.[/details]

[details=Level 4: Vital Protocol v. The Best Defense v. Vengeance Protocol]

Recommendation: Vital Protocol or The Best Defense

This is very important and valuable level, and the choice of best is primarily contingent upon the rest of your group. If there isn’t a healer in the group, Vital Protocol is your best bet because heals are just that useful. If there is another healer around, it comes down to playstyle: TBD is better if you and your ally (since this also benefits Reyna) can deal at least 1250 damage (200 / .16) to each important target before both of your shields fade. If not, Vengeance Protocol is better. Shield Booster lasts 8 seconds, so, at a minimum, it means that the combined DPS of Reyna and her target needs to exceed 156.25 against a single target (which is pretty easy). It’s more likely that the overshield will be broken by enemies before it runs out, but there are too many variables involved to use that for a reliable prediction (and increased duration that you can get later tweaks it even more, if you can already get the overshield to survive).[/details]

[details=Level 5: Improvised Tactics v. Thermal Equilibrium]

Recommendation: Improvised Tactics

Failsafe refers to the overshield Reyna provides herself when she uses Shield Booster on an ally (or herself, if you’re doing a solo run). The superiority of IT over TE is primarily due to Plasma Pulse being so bad on the DPS front compared to Laser Pistol, especailly since you already ignore how Plasma Pulse can overload by firing Laser Pistol while the heat dissipates. The reasons I can see for taking TE is if you are especially reliant upon it, such as if you are trying for the Plasma Pulse lore or to continuously fire homing projectiles at targets hit by your Priority Target.

IT is extremely useful since it speeds up reapplication/use of Shield Booster, in addition to your other skills, and 15% reduction in CD incredibly good (more than you’ll get out of gear).[/details]

[details=Level 6: Vigilance v. Therapeutic Booster v. First Strike]

Recommendation: (PvP) Vigilance or Therapeutic Booster; (PvE) Vigilance

First Strike is basically worthless because the initial impact damage of Priority Target is already extremely low. A 15% increase to what amounts to a single shot of Plasma Pulse that doesn’t benefit from any attack damage gear that you might happen to have. Reyna isn’t a skill damage character so I see it as basically worthless.

In PvE, TB isn’t useful because debuffs and the like are simply not common enough to justify sacrificing an increase to the overshield (it’s a 50% increase, btw; it scales with level as well). In PvP, however, depending upon who you’re fighting, the ability to get rid of wounding, slows, stuns, damage amplification, and the like can be a godsend, especially when combined with a timely overshield (and potentially a heal as well).[/details]

[details=Level 7: Shield Sapper v. Pulse Pounder]

Recommendation: Pulse Pounder

Shield Sapper just isn’t worth it. The shield steal is minute and the value of it is contingent upon Reyna’s shield being damaged but not gone. If you stack a lot of shield, this can be useful, but outside of a specialized build like that, I wouldn’t bother with it. Pulse Pounder, on the other hand, reduces the gap between Plasma Pulse and Laser Pistol that was created at level 3.[/details]

[details=Level 8: Most Wanted v. Calling the Shots v. Dogpiler]

Recommendation: Dogpiler

Dogpiler doubles the damage amplification of Priority Target, while Most Wanted increases the duration by 66%, and Calling the Shots is only useful if the target dies within 6 seconds. About the only time that Calling the Shots is useful is if you keep hitting weak targets, since the continual need to fire Priority Target again reduces its value.

Unless you prefer to use Priority Target for functions other than augmenting damage for yourself and your party, such as for slowing targets with Lockdown or guaranteeing hits with Priority Plasma, Dogpiler is going to add more damage than Most Wanted.[/details]

[details=Level 9: Long Watch v. Kinetic Deflection]

Recommendation: (PvP) Any; (PvE) Long Watch

KD only deflects 15% of damage absorbed by your overshields, which, even when optimized for max value (you can get just shy of 600 overshield), is going to be less than 100 damage reflected. In PvE, that’s just not enough to bother with, especially when you can stay at range and benefit from the tangential benefits of your overshield without worry about it breaking; with LW, you’ll be able to have and provide an overshield at all times (with Improvised Tactics, you’ll even have a bit of overlap). In PvP, if you regularly shield targets under threat of death as you are like to, LW will be basically worthless and the otherwise marginal additional damage dealt by KD will be more useful.[/details]

[details=Level 10: Blunderdome v. Huddle Up v. Mobility Module]

Recommendation: (PvP) Any; (PvE) Huddle Up or Mobility Module

Blunderdome is only useful in PvP because not enough NPCs have shields to justify it. Of course, even in PvP, disabling the shields of nearby enemies when you create a shield isn’t going to do a lot, but it’s the most aggressive of your options.

Huddle Up is amazing because it turns Photonic Ward into an AoE Shield Booster that also provides cover. All of the awesome tangential benefits that your Shield Booster provides (both to yourself and others) are triggered by this, which, if you build to augment your Shield Booster, can turn the tables extremely effectively.

Mobility Module is useful for pushing since it allows you to move Reyna’s bubble of protection where it’s needed and extends the duration.[/details]

Gear Stats:

Most of Reyna’s support abilities either don’t need or don’t care about certain stats. Depending upon your chosen helices and preference for Laser Pistol or Plasma Pulse, useful stats will vary. I’ll go over all of those stats here, based on how I personally categorize them, and provide a priority list for each category.

(Attack Damage>Critical Damage>Recoil>Attack Speed>Reload>Cooldown>Skill Damage>Shield Pen)

A vast majority of Reyna’s damage is going to come from her basic attack and the best way to beef that up is attack damage: it’s best to make shots stronger rather than to throw out more of them when you’ve got to reload (or stop attacking) after a certain number of shots (even if you’ve got a fast reload speed).
Critical Damage is awesome because Reyna’s Laser Pistol is incredibly accurate. You can easily unload an entire clip in a target’s crit spot when you know where to fire. If you use Plasma Pulse heavily and elect to take Plasma Burst at level 3, Critical Damage is going to be next to useless since that helix prevents Plasma Pulse from scoring crits.

Reyna may have awesome accuracy but her high attack speed means that she will quickly lose that so valuable accuracy if you don’t take some recoil. If you use Plasma Pulse heavily (or opt into Slazer Thermodynamics and rapid alternation between Plasma Pulse and Laser Pistol), recoil suddenly becomes largely worthless since Plasma Pulse doesn’t suffer from recoil and you’re not liable to attack enough times in a row with Laser Pistol to lose enough accuracy to need it.

Attack Speed is of middling import because Reyna already has good attack speed but still has to reload, though it’s strengthened somewhat by Reyna’s fast reload speed (and Plasma Pulse’s wait time).
Which brings me to reload, and the lower value it has. Reyna reloads quickly already, so there’s not much need to reduce it hugely. Reyna spends more than 5 times as much time unloading her pistol as she does reloading it (though not by much). If you use Plasma Pulse heavily, you care even less about reload because you’ll be reloading less and it has no impact upon Plasma Pulse’s reload.

Cooldown is bad but still manages to trump Skill Damage by virtue of Priority Target doing little damage on its own but providing a signficant quantity via damage amplification. Skill Damage just doesn’t pull its own weight since it only augments a tiny portion of what Reyna does.

Shield pen is utterly rubbish. It’s only useful in PvP because most enemies in PvE don’t have shields (and no bosses have them; Rendain’s shield doesn’t care about shield pen).[/details]

(Max Health<Max Shield<Damage Reduction<Health Regen<Healing Received=Shield Regen=Shield Recharge<CC duration)

Max health is Reyna’s best survivability stat: even with Shield Boosters, she doesn’t have enough hp + shield to push into the realm where Damage Reduction is best. Max shield is less important as well, especially if you take Electrostatic Induction at level 1, since she can heal her own shields when using Shield Booster.

Damage reduction is still, however, more valuable than any of the other healing or recovery stats because it makes Shield Booster more potent.

If you don’t take Vital Protocol, Health Regen is extremely useful since Reyna is extremely good with shield and overshield.

Healing Received is of low priority because it only affects Reyna’s shielding if she’s got Vital Protocol (and only to her). The shield support stats aren’t that useful because Reyna can handle her shields well on her own.

CC duration is functionally worthless. CCs don’t last that long so the minute values of CC duration on gear basically mean nothing.[/details]

(Cooldown>Heal Power)

Cooldown is best because it allows you to use all 3 of your very powerful and very useful skills more often. Heal Power is only useful if you take Vital Protocol since it only affects the heal which is, at best, half of Shield Booster’s usefulness and, at worst, less than a third. Cooldown isn’t going to do much because of the low values, but it will do more than Heal Power.[/details]

(Move speed>Sprint speed>CC duration)

Move speed is useful in combat and out of combat and is increased by sprint speed. Sprint speed is only really useful outside of combat. CC duration reduces the duration of slows and stuns but is still absolutely terrible.[/details]


Getting shards helps you buy gear as well as construct buildables. Buildable reduction makes them way cheaper, however. Something to consider is that I only find these stats remotely useful in PvP. PvE gives you shards like candy; unless you’ve got someone who bogarts all of the shards, every mission should provide a surplus of shards even if you have a triple legendary loadout (like I do for pretty much everyone). In PvP, however, these are absolutely amazing and can actually be the foundation of an effective strategy.[/details]

Legendaries of Note:

[details=Gloves (attack damage)]
Pacifier (algorithm), Symbiotic Gauntlet (sentinel)

Attack damage beefs up both Laser Pistol and Plasma Pulse in the most effective way possible, which is good. Both of them also contribute to your survivability with her best defensive stats. SG is better offensively since Reyna can provide a powerful buffer with Shield Booster and, with Vital Protocol, keep herself topped off, too; Pacifier gives a nice little attack damage debuff whenever she damages an enemy.

Vow of Vengeance should probably be mentioned because it’s one of the most popular legendaries out there. Do not use it on Reyna. The stacks only apply with her quick melee and the stacks fall off very quickly (a matter of seconds). VoV is for melee, which Reyna is not.[/details]

[details=Swords (attack speed)]
Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr (sentinel), Vow of Zealous Fury (heliophage), Orbital Tracking Spike (llc)

VoZF is the gold standard of attack speed legendaries: the stacks last an extremely long time and are easy to acquire, and it provides an excellent stat in addition to the attack speed. It’s kind of a :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: to get, though, because Rendain drops it. And Rendain sucks (longest mission in the game and he’s the very last boss). SEoA is much easier to get and is almost as good: the stacks can be stacked faster if you’re in combat and quick about it; move speed is, in my book, worse than crit damage though, but that’s personal preference.

Orbital Tracking Spike is only mentioned because it’s got useful stats (attack speed and shield) though the additional attack speed is conditional upon you standing still… which can easily get you killed and you’re not liable to do often. This is more of a sniper legendary though I can see some people liking it (or using it until they get one of the other 2).[/details]

[details=Watches (cooldown)]
Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece (lore), Borrowed Timer (upr)

Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece gives you excellent support stats and, most important, gives Reyna access to healing (and lot of it) outside of Vital Protocol, if you want it. Borrowed Timer is primarily useful because (1) Reyna likes recoil reduction and (2) the legendary effect will allow Reyna is able to throw up a Photonic Ward followed quickly by a Shield Booster after being reduced to near death. At the low internal CD of 30 seconds, this will make Reyna incredibly hard to kill, outside of extreme burst damage.

I caution against the other legendary cooldown items. Chrono Key has good primary and secondary stats (greater than CST, in fact because CST has lore legendary stats) but I would never recommend it because the legendary effect requires an obscene amount of damage dealt to see any returns. Even if you’re chewing through enemies, you’re not going to see enough to really make it worthwhile. Firmware Update has similar problems: low value secondary stat and Reyna’s abilities have CDs that are too high to really make much use out of the legendary effect (for Firmware Update, you want at least 1 skill with a low CD that you will spam as much as you can). Aria’s Encore is primarily concerned with Skill Damage, which is terrible for Reyna. Time Killer has a decent secondary stat and, while you should be using Shield Booster and Priority Target, Photonic Ward is best kept in reserve so you’re not liable to benefit from the legendary effect as much as you might think (Shield Recharge is also not a huge priority).[/details]

[details=Goggles (crit damage)]
Vigilant Power Scouter (sentinel), Poor “M-Pulse” Controller (algorithm)

VPS gives you a lot of hp in addition to that crit damage and gives you a big bonus to your next attack’s damage when you do crit. If you chain crits, it’s a truly impressive increase to damage. PMC gives you move speed (nice but not stellar) and turns crit kills into explosions. It’s amusing but not that effective since the critsplosion is pretty mediocre. Does make her a bit more AoE viable with her basic attack (which is the only attack she has that can crit).[/details]

[details=Pauldrons (damage reduction)]
“Alamo-7” Armor (algorithm)

Alamo-7 Armor provides 2 nice stats and, although the cooldown time on the legendary effect is extremely long, it is extremely powerful (2 seconds of total immunity) especially when combined with the Borrowed Timer.[/details]

[details=Med Kits (heal power)]
Solar Sustainer (jennerit), Dr. Fist’s Medic Bag (upr)

Keep in mind, these are only useful if and after you take Vital Protocol (or Reyna’s lore leg) since she has no heals otherwise. Solar Sustainer will provide both Reyna and the target with an attack damage buff; the buff only lasts 5 seconds, so you can’t keep it up permanently, but it’s valuable. You should regularly reapply Shield Booster even to targets at max hp, so Dr. Fist’s will provide copious amounts of additional hp, not to mention that it will continually apply the same boost to Reyna.

Void Resonator is a bit of a trap because Reyna already heals herself with Vital Protocol and 7% self healing pales in comparison to what she already brings to herself. Also, shield recharge doesn’t really do much.[/details]

[details=Armor (max hp)]
Vigilance Link (sentinel), Vampiric Vestment (jennerit), Pain-2-Gain Re-Knitter (upr)

Vigilance Link gives you 2 excellent survivability stats and makes your team more durable as well. Excellent for team players and more support minded people. Vampiric vestments will give you hp, more hp when you kill things, and more attack damage so that it’s easier to kill things. However, because you lose them when you die, I wouldn’t recommend VV for PvP since dying is relatively common. P2G is powerful for self-survival but is contingent upon taking health damage, which is not really Reyna’s forte, since she provides copious overshield and can recharge shield effectively.[/details]

[details=Batteries (max shield)]
One-4-All Shield Array (experiment), Modernista (saboteur)

Modernista is a good anti-ranged shield with a decent secondary stat. A good way to discourage snipers in PvP since you can avoid the first crit and hurt them in the process. One-4-All Shield Array gives you more shield, your allies more shield, and can stack up some shield penetration if you want to push a shield pen build. This will make Electrostatic Induction viable even for Eldrid allies.[/details]

[details=Boots (move speed)]
RDC Ground Pounders (upr)

The only boots I would recommend for Reyna, not because she likes movement speed a lot but because of the other 2 effects: recoil is awesome for Reyna’s continued accuracy and there’s a nice bit of conditional DR if she takes damage from the side or rear.[/details]

[details=Stocks (recoil)]
Mini-Singularity Launcher (saboteur), Stable Executioner (renegade)

MSL reduces your accuracy loss, gives you regen, and one target every 10 seconds hit by your attacks will be slowed for 3 seconds. It’s a useful bit of additional control if you want to go for that. SE is a nice bit of additional damage because, on top of a pair of useful stats, a 7% chance to get 50% additional damage (which is mechanically treated as a crit, for other purposes) on hits or crits can provide a nice little bonus over the long term. It’s only 3.5% increase in damage, but it’s the best damage you’ll get out of a recoil legendary.

Special mention to Starkweather’s Oscillator: doubling the recoil reduction while your shield is charging might seem good, but that only applies while your shield value is actually in the process of increasing, which doesn’t last long. You might consider this, but I consider it a trap.[/details]

[details=Magazines (reload)]
Hidden Charger (llc), Vyn’s Quiver (sentinel)

Reload is valuable and, considering how often and quickly Reyna reload, Hidden Charger can help out your Shield Recharge. I wouldn’t bother if you’re going to take Electrostatic Induction (since that’ll charge your shield on its own), but if you’re not, this can see some use. Similarly, Vyn’s Quiver is good if you’re not taking Vital Protocol for much the same reason.[/details]

[details=Pins (skill damage)]
Bola’s Target Finder (experiment), Shield Web Interdictor (algorithm)

These choices are less about pins themselves being useful because skill damage is of little worth to Reyna. Bola’s makes Priority Target even better at taking out its chosen target and Shield Web Interdictor will deny an opponent a recharged shield.[/details]


[details=General PvE]
Vigilant Power Scouter, Symbiotic Gauntlet, Dr. Fist’s Medic Bag

The secondary stats on all 3 of these serve to make you harder to kill, the first two legs give you excellent damage, and the final one gives you excellent support. If you want a bit more attack, Solar Sustainer is a good option to replace Dr. Fist’s.[/details]

[details=Pure Damage PvE]
Vigilant Power Scouter, Symbiotic Gauntlet, Stable Executioner

While you’ll still have good survivability due to the significant amount of additional max hp but replacing Dr. Fist’s with SE helps out with accuracy due to recoil redux and additional damage due to the legendary effect.[/details]

[details=Pure Support PvE]
Dr. Fist’s Medic Bag, One-4-All Shield Array, Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece

Dr. Fist’s + CST gives you the ability to give a lot of hp to your allies and One-4-All provides them with shields to be charged up by Electrostatic Induction. Dr. Fist’s could be replaced by Solar Sustainer for a more aggressive loadout while One-4-All can be replaced by Vigilance Link if you so choose. The point is to ensure that your allies are extremely unlikely to die.[/details]

[details=Pure Damage PvP]
Sketchy “Easy Money” (-heal power), Symbiotic Gauntlet, Vigilant Power Scouter

The free shard gen is there to allow you to afford the other 2 legendaries, which are the best sources of improved damage (and additional hp, which will make you hard to kill). The -heal power penalty is take because it has the least effect, since it only injures you if you take Vital Protocol (and only by a bit).[/details]

[details=Pure Support PvP]Erratic Shard Generator (-reload) or Crude Quikcash Miner (-skill damage), Dr. Fist’s Medic Bag, Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece

The free shard gen is there to allow you to afford the other 2 legendaries, which give you access to healing and buffs to that selfsame healing. The -reload and -skill damage are the least bad of the possible penalties.[/details]

[details=Fast Leveling PvP]
Sketchy “Easy Money” (-heal power), Crude Handyman Multi-Tool (-skill damage), any 1 legendary

Build as much as possible to get easy xp and level up as quickly as possible. Make sure you stick around the fights as well so that you’re not sacrificing minion xp for build xp. If you want to build around healing, either through Vital Protocol or Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece, go for the -reload shard generator. The legendary is there for when you hit level 10 and no longer need to spend shards on build xp. I don’t mention any specific legendaries because there are a crapton that can fit in depending upon what you want and how you want to do it.[/details]

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Completely ignores how much fun Calling the Shots is
But IMO, Reyna is the games best designed support. By far. Ambra doesn’t count as she’s actually the best in every role but that’s unimportant


Maybe… But is the worst in every role exept negating crits, she is the Queen.

Debuffs Ambra
Saving alani

She can do everything pretty well, but has a few special things up her sleeves. Like damage buffs, cleansing, and the only physical shield without a health bar. Also, early game homing that is fair.

Kid ultra buffs x4

Her only special thing is remove debuffs

Yeah but taking the dam amp drones seems kinda… Mediocre. I feel like the aoe heal is just better.

I think Reyna is good but she needs to fit the comp of her team more so than other healers is all

I love Reyna, i seriously do but she is hard to lvl to lvl 4, lack any kind of aoe and her gun reload is buged at times.

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That is most definetly spot on. Leveling her is one of the most annoying chores in a match. The best I can think of is giving her a bob the builder loadout but then you only get one decent gear slot and there is a few different ways to play her…


Oh yeah. The DLC kills that. But she still has an infinitely blocking shield of most projectiles

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If only worked vs orendi

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I’ve been thinking. Does it even count as a projectile? It’s incredibly large, exists for only a frame (confirmation needed that’s how it seems and should function), ends quickly, has no travel time since it goes nowhere, not hitscan, etc. Thoughts?

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I know she dosent use Magic but it feels like it, she summons the pillars basically anywhere… I guess thats why Reyna cant protect from such attack.

If only… Pillar storm would not be as scary if Reyna could counter it


Reyna is really good, and underrated, she does not even need the healing helix, the other helixes are just as good, and she DOES rescue the best and has WAY better debuffs than ambra (it’s stupid she has a spam AOE debuff sunspot) is not slow like alani, and has a good utility ult

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Yeah, Ambra has a much better debuff when it comes to that. Reyna is outclassed easily. Best designed support doesn’t mean best support or best designed character unfortunately

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Well really that means that ambra helix was badly designed

And we’ll you kinda said it already but the thing about ambra is she’s not just average in everything but better in healing, she’s above average in everything with some of the best survivability in game, I mean seriously spam heals, good health, shield, good lifesteal, overshield, and fastest character, it’s just too much @epicender584

Thats the problem… They are rly good but you are forced to heal, buff or punish. If you are the only healer you cant rly heal without left lvl4 but prevent x amount of dmg.

I have tried to go with dmg buff and shield explosion in echelon (best map without a healer), but isnnot the same to heal HP, shield and overshield.

Alani lvl 5 gets a damage reduction and heal of 800 she has the movement speed thx to riptide and Helix options.

Reyna ult, the only healer who can remove debuffs are the only real power she has.

Kleese better shielder - lacks HP heals- has aoe
Ambra better debuffer- lacks range untill lvl7-aoe
Kidultra better buffer- lacks heal power-aoe
Alani better rescuer- long cooldown-aoe
Miko better heals- cant attack while healing-aoe

Reyna is fun i love her, but she is lacking aoe and heals. I strugle a lot lvling fast enough to support efficiently.
When both teams are skilled usually the team with the best healer wins.


I think she’s balanced. But also the best

That’s the problem though, reyna is NOT a healer, shes a very offensive rescuer, alani yes you can burst heal but it’s not really rescue material when it’s can get bursted down, not to mention wound affects alani really badly (like seriously full stacks even feels like nothing with wound) her reduction helix, while yes useful, your still taking health damage

The thing about reyna is not only does she rescue, she turns the tides of battle probably the best out of any supports, with the best utility ult in game, a good overshield, good deshielding, great debuffing and buffing as leveling goes on, and an optional cleanse, she really is not that bad

On AOE I don’t really see a must, that is unless you mean make it easier to get EXP through tagging enemies which I can understand, though to be honest her and miko due level up slowly, hopefully the plasma burst gets buffed for your liking, would be good for over shielded enemy minions

On ambra that range is at risk because at least I think at full heat she can’t reduce sunspot cooldown, which is more important IMO

Kleese AOE can be destroyed and only works if you stand in it

Kid ultra only has healing adding health, once those drones are deployed, any aoe destroys them EASILY, including spread shot like ghalt and montanas guns, also his passive is risky in that you have to be close, making AOE even more deadly for kid ultra

You really seem to be overestimating the other supports, ambra is NOT a better debuffer at all, at least not after early game, kleese has the same “problem” as reyna, yet kleese has to set up his rifts, reyna doesent, have a harasser on kleese and he will have a hard time with his rifts being up

Real quick on kid ultra, his crit is huge, so he is easy to take down, and hes getting nerfed in the update

I just think she has too much to be honest, like seriously why is she so fast, you don’t see alani levitating that fast

My two mains happen to be Ambra and Orendi. You should see what happens when a competent Ambra drops a spot right before Orendi ults a choke