Kitten v.s. Hail

I’ve done a quick test to show the Rabid, Ferocious and Swift prefixes :

  • Rabid and Ferocious have the same damage boost.
  • Rabid sacrifices a small amount of accuracy for a decent rate of fire increase - enough to affect consistent crits for human targets though. It does not increase bullet speed.
  • Swift is bad : increases bullet speed which increases arc. We knew this already but you can see how dramatic it is. Velocity has this same effect ; and Accelerate to a lesser degree.

I stick to my original assessment :

  • if going for crits, the Ferocious’ better accuracy lands more consistent crits and is likely superior.
  • if not, Rabid is superior due to its increased fire rate.

please test also on how to get the best of melee zero damage per execute. please. :pray::pray:


So with that in mind, I know the Rabid version of the Hail is best for Gaige. If I’m not specced into the LBT tree, which flavor of Hail should I get?

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If you’re in Anarchy and CE (and who isn’t?), Rabid is best for Gaige. As I’m sure you know, Rabid gives higher rate of fire and increased damage with a slight decrease in accuracy. The accuracy nerf is made irrelevant by Gaige.

Otherwise Expansive for mag size could be nice ; or Ferocious for damage. Still, I’d go Rabid.

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Oh, that wasn’t the question. I was talking more about element. Basically, if you’re not in the LBT tree (or at least not heavily invested in it), what element should the Hail be in? Or does it not particularly matter?

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Ah. No. Just regular element matching.


In any but the most specific circumstances. (That I can’t even think of.) The Hail should have the upper hand.
The Kitten is a much easier/faster farm thou. Especially if you haven’t started the Bandit Slaughter.
I like the S. Raceway map.
… And I just found a nice Fremington! Underleveled but it’ll just had to the fun.


I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. (This is more of a consideration if you are on a platform without a field of view slider) The Hail is better for larger and/or slower moving targets. In my experience the Kitten is superior against groups of ground enemies because it’s an AR with a firing pattern that lends it to use in a similar manner as a Lascaux. I like and use both, but for me (on PS3) they remain relegated to their individual uses.


That.:point_up_2: Is a nice and welcome upgraded on the PS4.


Hail is very hard to use on the console that i use, (360) i’ve tried using it but my FOV is too small for me to be able to use this gun effectively on xbox 360 so for me the Kitten is better

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