Kleeeeeessssseeeeee....! (FaceOff)

So is every FaceOff match just going to become “someone pick KLEESE and we will defend you and your Rift network at the mask deposit point”?

Why even bother to hunt Barelsi if you can just hard defend the deposit point and rob enemies of their masks when they go to tun them in?

Just played 2 back to back matches of that…



I’ll admit first face-off match I did I picked Kleese and just destroyed everyone. Was pretty fun

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I can’t say if Kleese is too good for Face-Off as I haven’t played any matches against him in that mode, but a Kleese that sits at the depository all the time becomes highly predictable and is just asking for a nice AoE to be plopped on his head. Characters that can counter Kleese include but are not limited to: OM, Ghalt (even with the trap nerf), WF, Thorn, Montana, and Ernest.



I’ve been playing Thorn.

Her AOE does wonders but if Kleese has 1 or 2 team mates focused on defending him, well…

Kleese is the defender of all. I haven’t had a chance to play the game you are talking about since I’m at work. I suspect now that the cat is out of the bag, we’ll see a larger volume of AOE guys like Orendi or OM, WF. Those guys will clear him out of where ever he’s at.

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That’s what allies are for. :wink:


Kelvin is also really good at stunning people while they try and deposit

First time I played the new mode I picked kleese. I camped at the deposit point and I haven’t lost yet.

Pendles is really great to have for some nice stealth deposits. Galilea is also decent, and a well played Thorn can be an extremely effective counter to Kleese. Whiskey Foxtrot ain’t bad either.

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I had success dealing with Kleese using Benedict. Turns out Benny is also just good at face-off period. Able to fly to all of the points and amass all of ze skulls

I also want to add that there was a Kleese in our last game who camped at the deposit point all game which, lucky for us, didn’t get him any levels. We also just ignored him once we realized what he was doing and proceeded to accumulate around 300 skulls collectively and turned them all in at once since we had the level advantage. He was level one when we were all 6. He effectively did nothing for his team


Camping at deposit is a ■■■■ strategy. Every time I’ve played against someone doing that I’ve respawned the same Varelsi point four or five times in a row, poweleveled on them, and then eaten the enemy team.


Lol right? It’s about as effective as the Pendles sit-in-your-base-and-kill-structures-that-aren’t-being-used strategy


Shayne and Aurox are really good. I’ve been quite successful with them. Spam Fetch, get overshield and drag every enemy towards you (or stun them) then slow them for three seconds to finish them off.

Kleese can’t survive for long, though. Not with them attacking you.

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I think this is the start to beat him. Let him camp the deposit while your team mops up the varelsi and the other players. he is only really dangerous with his rifts up and at close range. AoE him first the pepper him before moving him. WF, OM, and thorn are all good characters for that approach.

What’s even better is after the nerf most the AoE abilities don’t 1 shot his rifts anymore.

Orendi is a good counter

I suppose what it comes down to is this.

Are you playing with 5 players that are looking out for themselves, so collecting/depositing/killing, no comms then this could be a viable strategy

However if your team are co-ordinating to a degree, and even more so communicating, I doubt it would be that viable


That’s partially why I really like Face Off - team communication is the key to victory. If all 5 of you rush a camping Kleese, then he stands absolutely no chance, especially if you have levels on him. Orendi, Thorn, Whiskey Foxtrot are all great picks for this strat.


So I played kleese already and discovered how overpowered he can be on Faceoff and I’ll usually have my rifts set up there and I’ll come and go from the depository, but stay nearby to it. Is this morally wrong? Got reported for camping by some sore loser and I was wondering if this is something everyone believes you shouldn’t do or if it’s a smart defending strategy…?

Just nerf his shock taser and he is fine. but that taser does waaay too much damage.