Kleenex helix 3 error?

Has anybody used Kleese lvl3 helix node “Chair Slam”?
The helix info says +0 damage for this! Why would they create an ability that does zero damage?! I’ve never tried it to avoid wasting a node, but is this an error or for real?

This seems to be a bug in the command menu. If you check the helix in game it says it does 160 dmg(not sure off the top of my head but it does say the damage). It does the same thing with alani’s extremophile, but it displays the numbers in game.

I believe ISIC and Boldur have a skilll which displays the same thing. But yes, just a command menu issue. Also, if you did not do it intentionally, your title says “Kleenex” and not Kleese. :smiley: Funny either way.

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I don’t think it’s a error, I believe it’s like a “X” where the value change depending on the helix choice you have. It’s only shows in game because you can activt certain helix where as in the command menu it only shows the choices for it ( I hope it’s not confusing)