Kleese and air jumps

Is it really needed that you stupidly and uncontrollably and SLOWLY bounce off things when you are coming down from your air jumps?

It has made me limit my usage of the airjumps for map traversal while not engaged… because one touch on something… anything… and you are effectively rendered immobile.
Its just kindof annoying to use him at all because no other character when they come down from a jump… does this… even benedict who can fly across nearly half a map… it just feels a bit much.


Oh Kleese’s air jumps are just… Awful :frowning: Several times I’ve tried to jump only to realise that I was already in the air for whatever reason and just float away to my doom… I love Kleese, I hate his air jumps.


Um… y’all… that’s what happens when ya try to fly with ANYONE… that’s not a winged beauty.
cough cough Benedict cough
Sorry y’all. Had somethin’ in my beak there.


It’s really bad. You need to have the ability to cancel it when you want to.

The ONLY way to cancel it right now is to take his gawd-awful “ground pound” helix… >_<


This could really use some attention from Gearbox. Mostly what I want is to have more control over him during his glide.

Sometimes you want to glide for just a short distance, or you want to hover in place as opposed to being forced into the direction you’re moving.

He moves around with those rocket thrusters on the ground anyway, there’s no reason he should lose the ability to change direction mid-air. It’s good that they gave him a mobility ability, but it’s the worst one in the game by far.

Bonus points if they allow us to keep him airborne until chair energy reaches zero. Let us manually drop him by pressing jump button again.


That’s exactly how I would have expected his high tech Battle Throne to operate.

Being unable to stop hovering without the ground pound doesn’t make any sense at all. Falling off the map because I can’t stop floating away is beyond irritating. What is the logic behind that? Is the off button broken? Did the digital cat chew through the wires? If so, why the Hell can’t he fix it?


Resurrected due to floating off a map in hardcore and all I could do was watch it happen because canceling the action is not an option.

Very annoying…


Kleese really doesn’t need to turn into a hot air balloon. I agree entirely.

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This is how i feel as well its not the jump thats the problem its the lack of control and without a simple way to cancel it, taking what is IMHO a very bad helix choice (when both other options are debatably quite good) just to make sure a “feature of your character” doesn’t suicide you off a cliff


I just think of it as floating…

You can still defend yourself while you’re in the air, so I guess a player just has to get used to it and it takes a little.

But it doesn’t make sense, as was stated previously, that is chair hovers and dashes all around but once it lifts off the ground a little you lose all lateral control and can’t control or cancel his vertical BUT he can increase it? i fine solution would be if they made it so alt fire/tasering drops him out of the air without the slam part unless you pick the helix option would be a simple fix.

You don’t lose lateral control exactly, the direction you’re controlling to move to is where you’ll go on your next thrust from the jump.

He can float, he can’t fly. Why does he need to fly?

I only hate it when I hit a little bump and I go to jump but I’m technically already in air so he just hovers forward 2 inches off of the ground.

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floating and flying are the same thing the only difference is the energy used to do so how can he have lateral control 1 foot off the ground but not once he goes higher? all the same forces are at play regardless of height right?

Hold a direction, then hit jump to thrust in that direction. The only thing outside of that is he is affected by inertia.