Kleese can backdoor the Sentry on Overgrowth

So the Thrall camp that spawns two Thralls, Kleese can float up onto the other teams side leaving him wide open to blast the other teams Sentry. And if he hugs the wall enough, the Sentry will not even fire back at him.

I’ve never used Kleese, but I guess his main attack is very weak? I was in a game today with a Kleese and it took me awhile to figure out what he was doing (my teammates were oblivious to our Sentry) but he only managed to knock it down to a 96 before I saw him.

So I guess it would take him awhile to do real damage, but it made the game a bore because I then had to babysit the tunnel. I could run off and farm some minions for a minute but sure enough when I would go check the tunnel there Kleese would be trying to sneak some shots on our Sentry. I’d chase him off, he’d retreat back down to the Thrall base, then float up onto his own side of the map.

How does this get past testing? lol. Again, never used him, is it legit or was the guy glitching? Xbone.

Not sure about the sentry not being able to shoot him but I know Benedict can make that jump as well and I’m assuming some other characters would be able to as well.

I think it should be a legitimate strategy as long as the sentry is able to shoot them I don’t think there’s a problem.


I sat and watched, the Sentry did not fire back.

You can also sit on the opposing teams ramp where Marquis head glitches and if you hug the far right wall, not only will the Sentry not fire back on you but the turret up by the supply station, its missiles will harmless explode right in front of you.

This should not be a viable strategy. Not all characters can make the jump. If they want multiple attack angles on the Sentry, make another lane imho. There are no minions to farm through there while you babysit the tunnel.

Not sure what platform you’re on but I main Kleese and that’s the strategy I pull on the overgrowth map. For Echelon I just stay back and set up a line of energy rifts and watch the side lanes for anyone trying to sneak behind us. That tactic for overgrowth seems cheap ,I know, but it works and I’ve been killed plenty of times attempting it but also lead our team to victory by at least causing a distraction. Remembering Marquis can be near untouchable while cheesing the sentry from the ledge. To counter Kleese at this point, assign someone to keep an eye on that lane and destroy any energy rifts that pop up around the sentry, they deal damage over time. Kleese is a big target and doesn’t move too fast so if you are thorn or marquis you should have no bother chasing him down and finishing him off. This strategy is best against teams who aren’t well co-ordinated or are too focused on the front lines.

Oh right, XBONE, I’m on PS4. Seems universal then, it’s an annoying strategy but it can be countered.

Mellka and Caldarius can also make the jump on overgrowth. Caldarius has to use his ult though.

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Phoebe too, although she is mainly Melee only.

i feel like isic might be able to with his dash but haven’t tried it.

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Yes ISIC can indeed do it with his dash. Other characters such as Attikus, Thorn, and Whiskey can also make the jump with the correct helix choices.

Well, you’ll just have to keep track of your enemies, the thrall path is rather ignored for the most part. The real problem is there’s no way to ward in this game, so unless you physically go check things, then there’s no way to know where someone is.

I have less of a problem with them going there than I do the fact that I can’t just buy a ward, I actually have to physically go there to look.

Seriously, can we get a ward station somewhere???

ISIC does work, I tried it last night in a game after wed already taken the first Sentry.

I would never use it in a game while the first Sentry is still there, seems like such a bitch move.

I had a Marquis + Toby combo cheesing the sentry on Overgrowth,so I got up that ledge with ISIC,ulted and destroyed theirs to teach them a lesson.

Besides that,I don’t think backdooring should be considered a bad tactic as plenty of character can get up there and chasing them away isn’t a problem. It’s clearly intended and I hope GBX won’t cave in to pressure from people who have tunnel vision.


Kind of how Marquis sniping the Sentry or head glitching must have been intended I guess. Speaking of tunnel vision, how about releasing a MOBA mode for your hero shooter but not putting in wards? So much tunnel.

I’ll keep using it only if the other team pulls a bitch move first and wait for them to inevitably fix it.

Setting your sarcasm aside,I mean tunnel vision as in not paying attention to the map,visual and sound cues and so on. Many players set their mind on doing something and ignore anything else no matter the situation.

Marquis sniping the sentry was simply not expected, but getting up hard to reach terrain(the “backdoor” ledge) is explained in the PROLOGUE/TURORIAL so it’s clearly intended and I doubt will be “fixed”.

I also don’t know how wards relate to tunnel vision,maybe you’re just not familiar with the term, let me google it for you:

tunnel vision: (informal)the tendency to focus exclusively on a single or limited objective or view

besides,in Overgrowth it takes roughly 10 seconds or less to get to the 1st sentry. In games like LoL or DOTA it takes around 30 or more dependent on movement speed. The maps in general are a lot smaller compared to MOBAs,so I don’t see “backdooring” as an issue, since you can get anywhere on the map extremely quickly and there’s no “jungle” you can disappear into after your backdoor attempt.

In addition,hurting a sentry when it has full shields takes time(even with ISICs ult),so if your team ignores the sentries icon constantly blinking then it’s their own fault if they let it get damaged. As I said before- it’s extremely easy to push someone back from that ledge and then keep them off it once you know they’ll try it again.

One thing that should be done is give the sentry a better angle and aggression as it often ignores being shot from that place if the player hugs the wall.

Something like Marquis not being expected shows a level of incompetence by the developers that i am not willing to believe, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they meant for him to be able to do that. Even their fix for Marquis doesn’t address Sentry sniping, only head glitching.

The problem with saying people should just pay more attention to Sentry alerts is that the game constantly feeds you false alerts about the Sentry. It can tick like its being engaged and you’re standing next to it and no one is there. The game can even tell you “Sentry engaging enemies” and its not, its doing nothing. Plus as I posted earlier and you just reaffirmed, unless you give the Sentry a large portion of you to aim at, it wont even fire at you. That’s just broken design.

The same way that some pansy Marquis head glitching and sniping your Sentry makes the game and bore, backdooring the Sentry from the Thrall spawn does. Can it be countered? Yes. Is it good for the game? No, especially when not all characters can di it and the Sentry ignores you while you destroy it.

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It does adress sentry sniping,the ledges will be mirrored so that the entire sentry is obscured.

not all characters can snipe,not all characters can deal a massive daamge combo and not all characters can heal. It’s just something you should be aware of- “oh,they have x character in the team,he can try to backdoor,gotta watch for that”- as long as the sentry actually attacks them of course,becauseit idly taking damage is indeed bad fro the game.

Maybe they should make it that the sentries shields return 50% of the damage to the attacking player if no minions are nearby?

So it sucks when that person single handedly takes down the sentry. Even when its Oscar mike being sneaky in the bunker. But if you are only focused on this “bitch, pansy” ‘tactic’ then you are overlooking, ignoring the lane and your teammates, and the other team should capitalize on your tunnel vision, being a man up in the team fight. Honestly, its a great place to escape a thrall gank, steal shards, and it even offers another avenue to attack the sentry. But yeah the minimap is there for a reason…

The entire solution to this is to fix the “your sentry is under fire” random mis-cues (like maybe make it take a certain amount of hits before announcing) and then, you could actually expect them to mean something.

There should be an audio cue when your sentry is under attack, you should be able to believe it’s the truth when it does.

You can still snipe the Sentry even easier via the entrance to that little room beside each first Sentry, the ones with the turret spawns inside. The entrance slopes up, you can climb it with any character, Marquis can snipe even better with more elevation.

I guess Marquis sniping the Sentry isn’t broken, just something you should expect and be prepared for. “Oh they have a Marquis”.

The focus of Incursion is the lane. Having to babysit your teams entrance to the Thrall jungle is cancerous to the objective, and boring. Plus again, the Sentry doesn’t even attack people who do it most of the time.

Sure, in a perfect MOBA mode where you ca place a ward, the Sentry fights back, and you aren’t alerted 90 times a game with bogus alerts about your Sentry, this would be a much more enjoyable tactic to counter. But that isn’t reality.

Actually having to focus on one lane and not realising that you need to watch out for certain characters like you do in other moba’s getting around defenses is boring. It becomes let’s see who wins the fight in the middle and can snowball the match first. Having extra angles of attack adds actual depth and strategic planning based on team comp.

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And again in other MOBA modes you have wards you can put down, you have towers that wont fail to attack the enemy shooting it, you have reliable alerts that someone is attacking the objective. You have none of it in this game.

Two teams going toe to toe in the lane trying to out maneuver and outmatch the other team and push their minions towards the objective is infinitely more fun than most of the team doing that and one person having to hang back and periodically babysit one cave because someone wants to abuse flaws in the game.