Kleese can heal Sentry's shields

I finally unlocked Kleese last night and queued up for an Incursion match with him. Like always, the map was Overgrowth and the enemy team had a Marquis that was content to just snipe our objective using the stairs glitch.

Anyway, our Sentry’s shields are practically gone when I, in a desperate move, threw down an energy rift next to it. To my surprise a small chunk of the blue bar came back. Capitalizing on this discovery, I placed the remaining two rifts down and had the objective back up to full.

A little while later, our sentry was low on shields again, thanks to the constant sniping of the enemy Marquis and a push by the opposing team. The energy rifts I had placed were gone, and the ability was still on cooldown, but I had my energy mortars; with the shield heal helix upgrade. Long story short, that ability will heal the Sentry’s shields as well.

I don’t know if anyone else was aware of this or not, but it is a great counter/delaying action for Marquis players that just only sit in their base sniping the objective all game. Personally, I don’t see this as OP since the restore rate isn’t that much, plus a decent push can easily break the protections and deal health damage to the objective


I certainly did not know about this, and hope to have the chance to try it for myself later.

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Hahaha, I’ve been using kleese a lot, and I certainly tested every shield thing I could with his healing, he heals ANY shields, turrets and sentries, and it’s awesome! It’s the funniest anti-sniper play ever, if they want to dedicate a player or two to sniping, I just start throwing them down and chuckling while I can still run around and fight, and forget about it once the network comes online lol.

You can use them on the middle sentry too, throw a few around the corner and they’ll stop that pesky marquis from sniping it down while you’re trying to hold mid.


Yep, I love how Kleese can metaphorically flip the ever popular Marquis “strategy” the bird and still see him contributing to his team all around the map.

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Honestly, I wish they would make it so only minions could affect the sentry shields.

Kleese is rad as hell.

He’s quickly becoming my favorite, but I don’t think he should be able to heal the sentry shield and don’t want that to be seen as a reason to nerf what is otherwise a balanced character.

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I never knew he could heal the sentry…guess what I’m trying out.

I would have to disagree.

While he is the only ‘support’ hero that can do something like that, his bonuses are easily countered with any form of shield penetration. Plus, the amount of shields that he can restore to the sentry is rather minuscule compared to the damage that many other heroes can put out when they push into the base. Really all the recovery rate does is neutralize someone one like Marquis from whittling the protections down to zero before a push, which is a good thing (IMO).

Even with his energy rift network upgrade, all of the shields restored by three rifts can be nullified by one Oscar Mike Ult, and there is also the consideration that three energy rifts covering the objective mean three less out in the lanes.

What I do as Kleese whenever Marquis shows up is plant one rift right up in Marquis’ face. I take the charge-up sniping laser mutation at level 3 and harass him while helping maintain support in the center with my other rifts. Usually this distracts Marquis enough to prevent any sentry sniping.

Preeeecisely, if the enemy team actually pushes in, your piddly shield regen won’t save your titan, especially since you’ll have to fight in mid without them (ouch) and once they get there, they’ll just launch an AOE and clear them all… I mean if they’re all connected usually one OM ult/napalm/whatever will clear them. Plus, if Marquis just walks up with them, he can snipe them down rather quickly.

The only thing it counters is poke damage, at the cost of you using them yourself, which is soooo awesome against toby/marquis cheapness

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i was with a group of random people and this klesse put 3 rifts near a turret in meltdown and he just stood there byhimself controlled the whole side cause the team wasnt working together.

was probably me actually… you on Xbox???

ps4 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Seriously, if one of your ranged teammates can’t be bothered to spend the 3 seconds it takes to kill a rift you deserve to lose.

Kleese is entirely dependent on people ignoring him and letting him set up shop over the course of like 25 seconds.

Not entirely… his focused laser mutation lets him counter snipe, if you can hit crits with it, you can eeeeaaaassily poke out most snipers while using your shields to keep you full, once you get setup… and if you certainly shouldn’t be setting your network up where they can all be sniped. It’s much more effective to drop an AOE ability on them, Oscar mike can easily push him out for instance.

There are very few spots you can place a Rift where it will actually deal damage to minions without it being hit by enemy fire. Obviously this depends on map and mode as well.

That being said I generally have 2 of mine set up as shield recharge stations behind a wall and use the 3rd to help clear the minion wave. And yes I take the laser all the time, it is pretty good. However I have had Shaynes/Galileas walk into 2-3 networked Rifts and not give a single ■■■■ about them and proceed to lock me down and send my old ass packing haha.

But the point I was getting at is most people complain about something without actually doing the correct counterplay, in this case make sure you kill his rifts if you can see them and not get shot up doing it.

Exactly! Yeah, that’s the way to set up, throw one out to extend your range and deal a little damage, hide the other two to keep you healthy, I was just pointing out that a lot of times a sniper isn’t a great response to him, unless you have shield pen… if you have shield pen, OMG you’ll shred him! lol

And yeah, you definitely need to trounce his rifts, or push him out of them, or pull him out of them, or destroy them.

Shane and Aurox have an advantage dropping in, high defense, high DPS, and that AOE drop from camo, them and Galilea can pretty much walk into a network and just blow you out.

Lots of excellent points being made here. I’m still learning to play him effectively but love the playstyle.

Also Ghalt can place a trap and long range gank kleese out of his shield network to take him out with help from any other character basically

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