Kleese charged shot OP?

I played around 15 games so far and noticed that the charged shot is absolutely devastating, 500 damage or 700+ if a headshot/crit. I think the tradeoff is that it’s not so easy to lead targets like with ISICs charged shot,but still,taking down a tier 3 shielded turret with 2 shots is super strong. I hope they won’t nerf him but I think they will,thoughts?

They must have forgotten this helix while accounting for the balance change, I agree it’s super OP. Thorn takes like a full 3 seconds to charge a shot for half the damage and nowhere near the velocity. Enjoy it while it lasts I say.

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well,it’s fun killing frustrated Marquis players. 4 chained rifts behind a wall and Marquis is just QQ all day.