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Name: Kleese

Faction: Last Light Consortium

Chosing to play as a frail, old doctor in an action game bursting with overpowered heroes may seem like a dubious choice, but Kleese’s “tactical battle chair” helps even the odds. On the personality front, Kleese is kind of like a humorous mix of Professor X and a James Bond villain - he wants to help the Battleborn succeed in saving the final star in the universe, yet he can’t help enjoy watching his teammates stumble from time to time. Kleese is the Battleborn’s science officer, and barks a mix of instructions and insults at players during missions even when he’s not on the ground.

Primary Weapon: Wrist Cannon/Shock Taser
Kleese’s wrist cannon allows the mad scientist to shoot glowing orbs of energy at foes, while his secondary shock taser attack helps deal with melee-focused enemies that get to close to his floating battle chair. Kleese’s wrist cannon has a slow rate of fire, but one of the “mutation” upgrades to his skill tree can turn it into a continuous laser for additional damage.


Energy Rift – Kleese can deploy these stationary energy fields to the battlefield, which simultaneously replenish the shields of his fellow teammates while delivering a steady stream of damage to encroaching enemies, making them a helpful tool when engaged in standoffs against waves of enemies and tough bosses. The energy rifts can be upgrade in a variety of ways via Kleese’s skill tree; examples include adding the ability to explode when they take damage (think of it as a deployable red barrel) or deploy multiple energy rifts at the same time.

Energy Mortar – Kleese’s wrist cannon feels a little underpowered compared to the primary weapons of other characters, but his energy mortar packs a serious punch. The ability bombards a target with six mortars, which do bonus damage to shields. Energy mortars can be used effectively as an area-of-effect attack, or as a devastating barrage to a close-range foe.

Tactical Battle Chair – Kleese’s battle chair hovers just above the ground, and can rocket down on enemies similar to Mario’s butt-stomp attack. The battle chair also provides Kleese with a maximum shield bonus every level, and can buff the shields of his allies.

Ultimate Ability:

Black Hole – Kleese’s ultimate ability allows him to create a black hole that draws in enemies and deals massive damage. Like his energy rifts, the black hole is deployed in a target location and can be a major advantage during standoffs with waves of enemies.

Gameplay: http://www.gameinformer.com/games/battleborn/b/playstation4/archive/2016/03/03/meet-battleborn-s-kleese-and-el-dragon.aspx?utm_content=buffer90796&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Faster than mental huh?:Dwell its just a copy of the gameinformer


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kleese… such a badass support. i see him complementing tanks so well. while the eldrid must hate his profittting the war of their world, they’ve got to love the health energy stations he supplies their shieldless existence. for some reason i see kleese and orendi as a scary tag team, with kleese stripping shields, orendi ripping face, and their mortar/pillar of death. i wonder what happens to oscar mike getting double ulti’d by kleese and shayne&aurox? i assume that’s how whiskey foxtrot became to be? ultimately, i’m hoping kleese can bottleneck passageways with his lazyboy

GOD i love kleese i can see him as a really gud support

Hey, now that all 25 have been revealed, when are we going to see a 25-character wallpaper from you?

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Yes please I want a 25 Battleborn group wallpaper.

I just created a YouTube video summarizing the article as well :grin:

Now that you mention it, he does have the strongest team support ultimate in the game. I was starting to take Orendi down a peg in multiplayer PvP, but his ultimate can allow her to get a FULL ability combo off on anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in it. Orendi’s biggest weakness is hitting mobile targets, Kleese has the root to solve her problems.

i’ll see what i can do, but i’m not sure if it can compete with @Jythri’s current wallpaper :wink:

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He’d better have that quote. (That’s John Cleese, if you don’t get it)

Ok this character looks interesting. Buttslams are back! Weird i didn’t like ambra’s sunspots but i’m liking these pylons :confused: I want to give that black hole a try with some unstable pylons all over the place.

BTW. Added a profile page of Kleese to my site


Does his energy rift put shields on Eldrid?

I don’t care how awesome Kleese’s chair is, he was petting his holographic kitty in the wrong direction! It doesn’t matter that it was made from a polychromatic hologram, that’s a cardinal sin.

[quote=“murdoc55378008, post:14, topic:1275944, full:true”]
Does his energy rift put shields on Eldrid?
[/quote]That is…a good question. I thought it worked similar to Reyna’s overshield, but the description says it recharges shields, not that it grants overshields. So maybe they don’t work on Eldrid. If that’s the case, team comp is very important with Kleese.

[quote=“Great_Gumby, post:15, topic:1275944, full:true”]
I don’t care how awesome Kleese’s chair is, he was petting his holographic kitty in the wrong direction! It doesn’t matter that it was made from a polychromatic hologram, that’s a cardinal sin.
[/quote] Real or not, that cat is going to claw his face off if he keeps petting it like that…

Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho, Kleese can be a real troll if you use him right. Example: Coldsnap I went to a nice, secluded roost, dropped my shield regenerators safely behind me, and just kept shooting. The height of the roost prevented people from using AOE spells against me or my shield regenerators, while the shield regenerators kept my shield endlessly refilling, making me nigh unstoppable for the first half of the game. It wasn’t until a cheeky Marquis got to level 5 and unlocked a two shot bonus in leu of the 3 shots, that anybody actually scratched me. Also, if someone gets too close, wrist-laser has a high DPS AND auto-lock!