Kleese Energy Rifts Should Not Work on Sentries

I think the title says it all and I’m amazed Gearbox allows this. It should be patched ASAP. It just completely ruins Incursion and makes it so that teams do not have to push minions, just keep backdooring with Kleese.

doesn’t the sentry target energy rifts? i’m sure I’ve seen minions and sentries target them

A single one doesn’t do much damage. There’s what…a 10 second cooldown? You let any character hang out all day it’s going to be a problem.

I don’t think anything but minions should be able to drop a shield, but no reason to single out Kleese, IMO.

Sure, let’s make sentries immune to player damage altogether.

A single rift does next to no damage, and with <1000 hp it will be nuked almost instantly.

No, it doesn’t. The Sentry doesn’t for sure. Not sure on minions.

a single rift did a pretty good job of taking down the shields and unless you’re right on top of the sentry, can be easy to miss.

Actually, sentries do target Energy Rifts. They attack anything in their LoS that is unfriendly or anything damaging them. Sunspots, Hoodini, Energy Rifts. It’s priority targeting that makes the difference, they first target Battleborn, then thralls, then minions, and finally “structures” like Energy Rifts. They didn’t used to, but the “sniper rift” tactic was common before the “Marcheese” became popular and it was fixed some time ago.

I tested this in a bot match, sentries didn’t target my rifts but turrets were

You should get a report that the sentry is under attack and be able to respond well before the shield drops.

i know its old, i thought you meant heal though. i remember i would pick kleese in beta-early release i would put my rifts around my sentry as the icky marquis cheesers helplessly tried to take out our sentry across the map. sometimes they would sit there the whole match just shooting at him. :stuck_out_tongue: