Kleese gear suggestions

What type of gear is everyone building on kleese? What type of gear does his kit benefit from the most?

Haven’t unlocked him but my guess would be heal power for rift shield heal boost, movement/sprint speed to keep at distance from people, max shield capacity or health regen for survivability.

I plan to run a +Heal Power primary with a +health re-gen secondary, a +run speed primary with a +heal power secondary and lastly a +max shield primary with a +heal power secondary. Would also like a -Cooldown Reduction primary with a +heal power secondary to switch out with the run speed mod from time to time as well.

But also planning on building a zero activation loadout with heal power, run speed and max shield, with hopefully all negative secondary’s with like -reload speed or just something that wont effect Kleese.

All zero activation would be a waste. Get 0 activation on the stats you identify as enhancing survivability and then get a more powerful one for enhancing his support or offense. Even without farming shards you’ll be able to afford it soon after the large shards spawn.

Kleese doesn’t have an active heal. Only on his helix his chair will heal if your in range. I build shield +, shield regen, health regen. His second helix he’ll deplete his shield to deal damage. So the more shield u have the higher the damage.

I’m using shard generation so I can get something early game to a quick buildable for EXP to rush his insane late game.

+Shield item because it’s kleece and he scales so well with shield

And the final one is a legendary CDR.

Though I’m debating about shard gen now.