Kleese heal chair helix choice

I think it needs a range buff. You have to basically be within an arms length to get healed by it. I thought “Nearby” would be at least the length of mikos heal beam.

It would only happen if Ambra’s Range was restored if she took the Healing skill.
If Kleese becomes a more effective Healer than Ambra - then they’ll need to start recategorizing classes.

Right now Kleese and Ambra have the same range of Healing. (Sunspots not included)

It grants a flat 120 health per second to all nearby allies, the one thing that skill does not need is any kind of buff. The point of Kleese is that he’s a late-game character, when he’s done charging shields to keep the team alive and tagging minions for XP he hits level 5 then boom flat healing and everyone pushes while he groups up enemies with Black Hole.
Could you imagine if it was the length of Miko’s heal beam? You may as well have four extra Mikos on the field. You’re supposed to stay close to Kleese and protect him while he uses his abilities to protect you. He’s essentially a mobile healing station that heals 2.4x more health than a level 3 healing station, any real range would make the whole team virtually immortal as they could fan out while Kleese stood behind the firing line out of sight and out of shot.


Ambra has the potential to become a dedicated healer, Kleese doesn’t. He’s more focused on restoring shields so the healing helix choice is just an additional form of support to make him more versatile. He’s more behind the front lines, supporting from a distance so when allies run behind the front lines, Kleese is there to help patch them up.

I agree with anyone else 120 passively doesnt need to have a healbeam lock on and heals everyone near by is amazing it doesnt need a buff.
Kleese is a shielder not a healer he should have a passive heal better than miko beam.

Lol he’s already the best support in the game when he hits level 5,and you think he needs his level 5 buffed? Lol, no. He already heals a ton while being able to focus on fighting and throwing down rifts for extra healing /support. He’s more than capable right now and is more likely to get a nerf than a buff

Wouldn’t it be more reliable healing with better range? What specifically makes him so good at level 5? his ult is just OK I find, heal chair has no range, and the other option of blowing up when you die just doesn’t seem to useful. The additional energy mutation is cool, but it’s not really a big game changer.

I’m fully aware I’m probably looking at this wrong, but what specifically makes kleese the best support late game? He offers good shield support, area denial, and pretty good damage, but I don’t see what makes him much better that the other supports.

Absolutely not. It’s very strong as is. If it were the length of Miko’s beam it would be stupidly OP. Keep in mind that unlike Miko’s beam, this ability requires zero attention other than being close to a teammate. You can still attack while using it.


Well its 120 per second which is a big heal and is passive so unlike miko heal beam he can attack and use attacks while doing it. Its is also a area of effect so if all your team are around you you heal them all unlike miko heal beam single target.
Its more like mikos left level 2 apart from it works all the time.
Also he is a shielder so he can keep your shields up and heal you.

I explained this in my post, because he doesn’t have to do anything to heal you, he can just keep fighting… Throwing down rifts, which at that point have networking… With his snipe, taser and rifts he can completely control a Lane, and now he can automatically heal you while still doing that, you just have to fight near him.

Seriously, if he’s not outperforming the other teams support at level 5,then whoever is playing him doesn’t know what they’re doing

OK, so I played kleese more because I have the lore challenges done for every other support, and have decided that the heal chair range isn’t as bad as I once thought. It seems to be about the radius of the miko mushroom, which is fair. Teammates just have to not be stupid and come to you for heals instead of vice versa. I’ve had a change of heart in a few hours. Thanks for contributing everyone, we can basically close this thread now. Kleese is quite good, more like an engineer than a medic. For getting teammates out of “oh ■■■■” situations reyna is still the best I find.


Try getting teammates to fight near a rift. If you drop a new one, it will pulse immediately, and if it is connected to others, you can provide a decent save (and damage) this way.

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Assuming they’re not playing an Eldrid, anyway. That’s the one real bummer with Kleese, his support is completely worthless to 1/5 of the characters in the game.

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True with the rifts, but he has heal chair at level 5.

I like using him as an advancing supply station with turrets =)

People need to come to me for heals, since I’m big and get in the way, but I’m fairly safe to sit near with my rifts protecting everyone.

It’s why I love him in PvE, sit on a defense point and support from there, people fighting in the fray can duck back for quick heals and use some ranged abilities to continue contributing until they’re back to full

if something need a range buff it is “Get Ready For A Surprise”, because the way it is now the choice is a no brain.

I’d argue Kleese is a far better healer. His Heal chair is infinite, as long as he lives, whereas her solar spots die rather quickly. Plus his energy rifts restore shields as well, and you can chain 3 of them together. They are infinite as long as they don’t get hit.
Again, her sunspots are weak and their energy gets used up by team players in addition to being vulnerable to enemy attacks.