Kleese Helix Tier 1 Suggested Changes

I really do love Kleese, even if he can be a bullet magnet in solo que. What I don’t like is his Helix choices…not saying they are bad, but that there is usually one great one and one turd. I’d like to see more great ones!

Another is Mortar…kind of a garbage attack skill.

With the current Helix choices you either have to sacrifice your shield for it to be able to do reasonable damage, versus removing the slow CC component. The shield sacrifice also comes with…sacrificing your shield, leaving one of the biggest moving targets in game even more appealing to kill~ But I will move onto how to address it later on, first, let us start with number 1

Helix 1, left choice, Shocking Twist, Giving Mortars the abilitiy to heal shield damage equal to their damage. Versus the just about 100% of the time chosen Shocking Pulse, giving your Energy Rifts a rather nice aoe deterrent.

For that helix, the choice is always clear. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get the shield heal…mostly because A:Mortar is pretty garbage and B: The damage potential from Shocking Pulse is too good to pass up.

We need to look at quite a few helix choices for quite a few battleborn, but for here lets just focus on the ole geezer~

How to make Shocking Twist more appealing: This one is a toughy. You have a choice between the gold Standard, Shocking Pulse, versus the gold standard of bad Helix choices. My suggestion? And people are going to freak out over this one.

Give Energy Rift Shocking Pulse as a baseline ability bonus. As in, wrap it up with the ability and make it standard on every Kleese. As in, its now automatic.

Why would I even suggest this? Well for starters, at level 1 every Kleese picks it. This doesn’t really give room for customization. Also, if you do NOT take it, Kleese’s damage plummets dramatically. Virtually no aoe, no dropping a Rift during a teamfight to get in a few shocks to. It also affects his ability to control, since now it would be far less dangerous idea to fight a well rifted Kleese and his team.

So that is my super dangerous new idea, that may or may not be good but I’m throwing it out there.

So now for helix one, we are left with Shocking Twist, a lackluster and pretty inaccurate shield heal, and a blank slate. Now we can rework both these to make it an actual choice!

Now, let us redo Shocking Twist with this idea~

Shocking Twist: Instead of mortar’s exploding on impact, they now stick to enemies and the environment and deal their damage over 2 seconds in a small radius.

With this change it makes mortars lackluster damage not QUITE so bad in that you can lay a small minefield in front of an opponent, throw it in front of a corner and let whoever is chasing you get a nice little zap, and adds well to Kleese’s control style play. Manage to land all your mortars on the enemy Montana? Well now for 2 seconds he becomes a walking electric field, zapping that pesky support hugging behind him. The possibilities are endless! Well not endless BUT THERE ARE A LOT!

Now we are left with Shocking Pulse.

I say we redo this entire Helix tier to make it a choice between control, or support. Since Shocking Twist is control, Shocking Pulse will be support.

Shocking Pulse: You can now mortar your Energy Rifts. Each mortar restores health, +22 health per mortar. In addition, each successful hit on a Energy Rift overcharges it, increasing the amount of shield it restores by 5% per mortar, capping at 30%.

Now you can not only fix your energy rifts, but can also make the shield restore even stronger. And because the shield restore boost lasts until the energy rifts destruction, this adds to the hunkering down and digging in play style.

I think that is more than enough to read for now, so feel free to leave your comments, ideas, and other changes to other helix choices for Kleese in the comments.

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I was about to post something about his lvl 1 helix choices so I’m glad there is already a thread on it.

I play Kleese pretty much all the time, super fun to play. But his Lvl 1 left helix is straight garbage. I have done a ton of games with it and it just doesn’t stack up with the right one.

Its supposed to be heal your friendly targets shield. But I’m lucky if I can get their shield to 10% when I use it. They simply don’t shield enough to be viable. The only time I have ever gotten 50+% is if its a large target and they aren’t moving, but in a battle? forget it.

It would be a simply change really, just buff the left helix. He should be able to heal a significant amount of shield with it as well since mortars are pretty much useless on enemies. Probably needs a buff in damage while they are at it.