Kleese Helix tier 2 suggested changes

So you may or may not have read my ideas for Kleese’s Tier 1 helix choices. I advise you do, it’s a good read and I worked hard on it! But now we are moving on to tier 2.

Tier 2 is a bit more balanced, giving a choice between crowd control or damage. However, I believe the damage aspect is a bit too damaging to Kleese himself, seeing as it removes his entire shield to give each mortar shot a proportional.

My Suggestions? Remake it to work like Phoebe’s Tier 8 left helix choice, the conduit. Which, for those who do not know, adds 12% of her current shield as bonus damage to her Blade Rush.

So for Kleese, I would slightly nerf the shield damage bonus since he is much more ranged and therefor in a lot lest danger when using mortar, compared to Phoebe who is usually either opening with this or chasing. Or just adding dps!

So now the “new” Overloaded Mortars!

Overloaded Mortars, Helix tier 2 right choice.

Adds 10% of Kleese’s current shield to as bonus damage to Energy Mortar.

Simple, effective, and adds some more choice to the tier. You want to poke more effectively, and possibly late game be a mortar tossing old man to be feared? Or do you want your mortars to be used as CC, which everyone loves period. Except the person getting hit.

Welp, that is my idea for Tier 2, stay tuned for tier 3! The Return of the King…

This might not be exactly relevant, but I think it would keep the forum less cluttered if you did all of these in one thread.