Kleese is a Golem Killing Machine!

Where has this guy been during all of my Sentinel runs?

Grab the 25% damage increase to Shock Taser and he just melts the things.

Love it.

Please no nerfy. Thanks!

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His mortors can also destroy them in huge ways

I’ve been running Kleese through the stories solo just to get a better feel for him (plus, I seem to get more character XP that way!) That taser is perfect on golems. The mortars are great, and chaining rifts together is perfect for Renegade and Saboteur - love the way a wave will teleport down and instantly explode in a purple haze.

Really? I find the mortars to be woefully underpowered. I only ever use them as a finishing move to get a quick shield recharge if needed.

Yeah, I’ve found them to be about as effective as if he were just shooting tennis balls.

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In my experience, the bigger the target, the better they perform. Range may also be a factor? My initial impression was the same as yours, but that was mostly shooting at enemies close-up; on the last few missions, they seemed to perform better but I was mostly using them at greater range (and while I was further through the helix too).

On advanced 5 player I one shot badass with thralls them… You have to spec for them but when you do they put out crazy damage.

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I’ve seen him do it. He’s not kidding.

I’ll give that a shot. The infinite range on his main has kept me using that from a distance. I’ll have to give the mortars more of a testing from far away.

Sounds like I should give that helix a go on non golem-centric maps.

Don’t forget to check the helix and mutation options carefully! It can be a bit of a juggling act, especially if you’re playing team versus solo.

No no, you use them close. I spec into the helix that has them use shield capacity for damage and the bounce. You go up to those big bad thralls and shoot at their feet so each mortor hits on the way down and up. He shoots 10 of them with the helix upgrade and with shields stacking gear I have each of them hitting for around 250 each with 20 hits. So around 5000 damage from one attack… Then they can also keep going and hit something else.

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Right, and with the ridiculous health buff incoming, that will be a whole lot less dangerous.


Ah… I had seen on youtube somewhere that it only caused damage on the final landing, that definitely changes the possibility of the bounce.

I can attest to this. And it’s on a short enough cooldown that I can kill multiple Alphas with it. And he can protect points so well. Sadly his sniper won’t be as strong, but he didn’t really need it past level 6 or so. Tip: use Voxis Core, skill damage with shield, and attack speed with shield for an amazing Orendi skirmisher, Kleese burst, or Deande assassin. Or use regen just in case.

Nah, they can bounce like 4 times and seem to home in slightly so you can hit around corners or bounce it back and forth off an ally and enemy repeatedly, dealing and healing insane damage.

Oooh, nice. That’s his only downfall. Large hitbox and pretty squishy without gear.

Ahhh! Must try that out!

Right now I use a free shard gen, a green shield cap with secondary shard gen while shields are down, and I forgot the name of the legendary buys it’s health with secondary shield cap and then I get more health up to 10 stacks when I take health damage.

I think I get my shield cap up past 700 almost 800 by the time I activate everything and hit 10…

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IMO he’s even more of a ROFL stomp than Kleese.