Kleese is one-shotting

Not saying that Kleese is OP or anything, but he does have several good sources of damage. The new thing it seems, is to stack everything on his mortars. I see shield strength and skill damage builds now, and the damage is insane.

I was level 10 sitting at full health and shields as Dragon and 43.4 DR. I was running away and boom. Instant death. Should a support be able to delete characters with one skill? I mean no rifts or taser was involved. Just one button press and dead. What’s the counter play to that?


You using max health gear?


Well, he does have to strip his entire shield in order to do it, which leaves him pretty vulnerable. And he is already an easy to hit, big, slow target that relies on staying in one area and keeping rifts up. It may be a tad strong if aimmed properly, but I feel like he has plenty of weaknesses balancing it out.


I wasn’t that match because we didn’t have a healer…

Poor choice I know… :expressionless:

He gets his shield back almost instantly standing in his rifts though, right?

To do that though, the other team would have to let him get all of his rifts up without destroying them, and even then if he wants his shield back immediately he is still restricted to staying within their radius. Plenty of people already seem to consider him to not be a very powerful support in general, so if they felt the need to nerf mortars he would most likely need a buff to some of his other aspects.


Bouncing mortars aimed towards the feet can do this. I believe it was @ashbweh who had a video of this even finishing a sentry from around 25% health left.

It’s kind of like Bendict and his hawkeyes. When Kleese gets his game and his map it’s ridiculous but most of the time he’s ineffectual. All the shooters who can crit are capable of keeping him countered.


This has been around for a very long time, surprised you haven’t encountered it before. In my opinion it’s fine for Kleese to do that damage because with Kleese you can only be as good as the enemy team allows you to be.

Any team, literally any team can shut down a Kleese. He has little to no defence outside of the rifts which take time to build up. The enemy team will basically decide how well a Kleese can play.


I just want to point out that he does not need his rifts to do that damage. I mean yeah, they restore his shield but he can just set them down lane and run back to them while mortars are on cooldown.

Essentially what I was seeing was insane damage and assassin like play from a support character. He would pop out, do massive damage, run back, repeat.

I’ve always imagined his play style as mobile assault platform more than straight up support. Big, slow, hits hard. Whereever he settles down is an anchor his team can fall back to.

And, the easiest thing on the map to shoot at.


“Forward operating base” with artillery and yup pretty much this!


With 4 KU damage amp drones, giving him 81% bonus damage.

Besides the general downsides to Kleese and the helix in general, I’d say the slow ass travel speed mortars have. When I played in a scrub 10-man, most of the enemies learned their lesson after 1 or 2 times of being brought to 50% health. After that they’d keep me in the corner of their eye and just side-strafe as soon as they saw the first mortars, causing me to miss 3-4 out of the six. I then had to wait for my Deande to ult for me to reliably secure high health kills at range.

So then the reaction time it grants would probably be the counter play you’re looking for. The same way you get 1.5 seconds of visual cue from Orendi’s SPF, before you get hit with 1 or 2 instances of a 1,000 damage.

Now if you’re point blank with Kleese you’re dead anyway. All I need are my Rifts and my taser for squishy assassins like El Dragon.


I like yours better. Forward operating base it is.

I didn’t know he had those on him. That makes literally all the difference in the world. Never mind. It still hits hard just not crazymagicdemonnumbers level hard.


One other thing to consider is that for his level 1 helix that allows him to heal an allies shield

The healing is directly tied to his damage


That video was of Kleese having 4 damage amp drones from KU, giving just over 80% increased damage.

Kleese’s perspective;

Kid Ultra’s Perspective;


No. Kleese is not okay in any way

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No, I misread support as “skill” and thought about burst dash. I tagged you hoping for some witty comment but I read it wrong.


Kleese main here: almost everyone underestimates Kleese’s mortar power. Once you hit level 7 you can take a helix that makes mortars BOUNCE around and anything they hit takes massive damage if spec’d properly (all dat shield strength). I can 1 shot a bone crusher if I aim at the knees and make the mortars bounce back into him.


Kleese has to much counter play. Any aoe can destroy his rift, any constant dps shreds his shield unless he is on top of 4 stacked rifts.

His heals are crap like seriously bad
If you dont pick extra dmg on mortars at lvl 2 he has nothig to offer if his enemy is constantly destroying his rift. Like oky he has 6 balls of slow and…?

Any pull makes him a free kill, any aoe makes him weaker and his team cant allow him to be single healer.

If he has 600 shields it takes him 5 sec no dmg and 10 sec to fully charge his shield.

He is a support as he is rly good weakening the wave, shielding his team (some sick saves lvl1 left). And get a full team pulled then ulted by deande and followed by mortars made me feel sick of myself…


Whilst I did have damage amp drones, the sentry died way before some of the mortars even hit the sentry. As you said, Without the amp it will still do a HUGE amount of damage to sentries and Battleborn when aimed at the feet!