Kleese is pure support?

I’m gunna start by saying I stunk with Kleese in beta so I’m not surprised I’m doing poorly, but it seems like a guy who has a literal mortar strike ability should probably do a bit more than 22 damage with each hit. I totally get that he’s got a helix skill to make it so those heal a person’s shields, but I’d also like to be able to solo a mission with him like you can with Reyna and the fact that his damage output seems pretty low is a tad distressing. I’m probably just playing him incorrectly though. Thoughts?

I played one match with him…I thought he was terrible, and I tried to play 100% supporting. The one match was so miserable it discouraged me from even trying a second time. I am sure I will build up to attempting him again, but as far as I could tell, there was no way to survive ANY fight 1v1. And with his inability to assist in pushing minions it was pretty miserable. In meltdown wves of minions were killing Kleese…

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I want to play him a lot because I kinda like him a a character, but I find he’s kinda lackluster as well. I’ve been decent just useing energy rifts, but I’ve never scored very well that way. I want to suggest a buff, but I’m hesitant because I’ve seem people rock him so IDK.

I have tons of success with kleese and all I can say is I pretty much don’t use mortars at all. Only for the slow it provides. I focus on using his rift wards and that AMAZING taser he has. You should be doing tons of damage, as well using the rift wards to soak xp in lanes while you move around. Take the helixs that allows rift wards to be boosted by each other, as well as the bonus rift ward, and the speed up on the rift pulses. Also, make sure you take the taser jumping to an additional target helix. If you play him right you should dominate lanes and the game as a whole, supporting the team comes naturally through the “not a heal chair” helix and the fact that rift wards do their work. But put those rift wards in offensive positions where they can do damage yet are hard to hit. They will do their job

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He’s not the stand back and support hero really, played much worse. I tried playing him more like a support brawler since his taser hits for a lot along with his slow+shield damage using mortar and It’s much better.

The energy rift just shreds minion waves easily as well, the moment you put down the rift it ticks damage and shield. You can easily lockdown your lane with three energy rifts spread out if your enemy doesnt have any aoe, and if any dumbass melee like rath tries to bumrush you in rifts they get destroyed.

I recommend getting some movement and sprint gear in pvp. I don’t think there other stuff that’s better, maybe higher energy shield recharge/s since he has scaling shields.

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You can also do some really nice damage with mortar if you build around it. Use gear that increases max shields and get the helix that burns your shields to add damage to mortar and then the helix that makes them bounce.

It’s risky but a lot of fun (both pve and pvp).

You can also somewhat snipe with him if you get the helix that changes his basic into a charge based laser.

I think that might be my issue. In beta the tazer didn’t appear to do much so I just used his standard attack and tried to stay back.

I tried using wrist laser but it’s really inconsistent for criticals like his normal gun projectiles, apparently the size makes it hit the body instead of the head most of the time. I can get lucky crits once in a while which hits like a truck though.

It’'s also much more harder to hit characters with skinny hitboxes in pvp along with no scope compared to sniping with toby and marquis.

Small ticks of assured damage go a long way. It hits and locks on invisible units too, even it the beta it was effective. Btw, when miko is hiding behind a Montana, use the taser on Montana with it set up to jump targets, miko will die or Montana will die or both will unless they just run or you chose a bad engagement. If your chair is out of power or people are out of range THEN use the wrist laser but yeah, never underestimate the power of the battle throne. And, my favorite thing to see with kleese is a sheild and no health on an enemy, he is the ultimate sheild destroyer and Reynas hard counter. DESTROY THOSE SHEILDS AND hope they don’t play all eldrid

My playstyle is a little different, I actually bound left click to mortar and almost never use wrist laser. I found going heavy cd reduction and shield max items can make it work well.

Basically I drop a rift every time it’s up, trying to keep 2 for defense while linking a third to drop on enemies is a little tricky but rewarding. I toss out mortars mostly for support, but always take the shield drain since it makes each hit over 100 damage and the range is rediculous so you can stop a push from very far away once you get used to aiming it. Lastly I use the shock taser for killing heroes that get too close, it’s probably one of the easiest weapons to use in the game. If the enemy team has a lot of melee taking the +10 to chair energy will help you burn them down with taser exclusively.

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Played him twice and both matches were equally pointless, all kleese does is die, none of his moves help him so hes just a sitting duck whenever anyone sees him, free kill.

Learn to play him. If you stand there with a rath doing nothing he will die too.
He is a good late game support and his taser kills people very efficently.

If you try to go 1v1 against a player with full health than you are playing him wrong.Look at some guides if you want to know how he plays

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Honestly, I hated using him in PvP. Only did for the lores. The main characters that get played as (Thorn Oscar Mike to name two) just dominate him. Tried to hold a lane, did well until a single Thorn wiped me down and dominated me. Same with Oscar Mike. Granted I played solo to get the lore and didn’t care about the win or lose, but I felt him underwhelming.

He’s much stronger in Incursion than Meltdown btw, and in Overgrowth over Echelon. A good Kleese backing up a Montana creates a massive anchor to your team that can hold the lane under heavy fire and do some ridiculous amounts of damage. Plus enemy Gal/Ambra (when people actually used her) / Reyna (or those shielded by her) in particular will die to you en mass because they don’t realise how well your taser counters them. It’s not unusual for a good Kleese to have high kills and very high minion/total damage along with that heal chair / shield refill. Plus there’s a surprising amount of burst damage in his shield drained mortars, or putting a rift behind the enemy that connects to your rift network.

That said my first game with him was on capture and he can be suprisingly ridiculous there too if you can master not floating around as a giant target (this can take some time).

I almost always run pure support, and I tend to top the charts in most PvE matches I play.

His mortars suck? Take the lvl 1 augment to add mortar damage as shield heals to allies. Take the lvl 2 augment to add 100% of your shields to Mortar attacks. Pimp your shields out, shoot mortars at allies and watch their shields gain 2-300 points per mortar.

Sit in your rift nest to keep yourself alive, or put your rifts down for damage and ally support, and take his lvl 7 augment to restore ALL shields when you kill something with the mortar. Get max shields, do max damage, recharges to max shields. Rinse/Repeat.

He’s territorial so it’s hard to play him well unless you have something to defend or escort, or somewhere you need to hole up to survive. He’s legendary on Saboteur and Experiment, and he’s great for Heliophage, Void’s Edge, Renegade and Archive. He’s ok on the Algorithm (since it’s pretty simple and easy) but he’s not as useful on the Sentinel.

In PvP he’s great for Meltdown to bottleneck the enemy minions, and he’s good in Incursion for an advancing supply station that can recover shields from afar and drop slows with his ulti. The trick is to not overextend him, in anything you play, or you’ll get body blocked or focus targeted and you’ll be melted into goop.