Kleese is the new tank

(Tolkenwhiteboy78) #1

Just sat through Rath’s Dreadwind without noticing and got away with like 500 health left. I’ve been able to solo Galilea’s with Kleese now, and since they ninja nerfed his heals he’s barely a support healer now. Kleese is the new tank/attacker now. Using a tank gear loadout with him makes him practically unstoppable if you don’t jump too far into the fray, but now you can easily chase down anyone with low HP and get some extra kills with him. My first game I ended with the most kills with him easily. As much as I love Kleese I don’t think this is what they meant him to be able to do.

(apebble01) #2

Completely agree. They radically changed how he plays. On Meltdown, Kleese can single handedly hold down entire lanes up to 3 on 1 if you know what you’e doing and 2 on 1 if you don’t. While I won’t complain for the time being, I sincerely hope that when (not if) he is nerfed they ONLY NERF HIS HEALTH a bit and then re-increase his heals.

Until such a time, though, I’m having a blast.

(Tolkenwhiteboy78) #3

His shock taser needs fixed in my opinion. It goes through shields, something they fixed with Ambra’s attack, but not his, and the range is a tad too long. His taser literally has the same problem that everyone complained about Ambra’s drain, but instead of fixing it they made him an unkillable tank. Whatever, I’ll just play the hell out of him so they can see the data.

(apebble01) #4

Agreed with the range, but it’s actually good to go through the two shield enemies imo. It gives a counter to them (and isn’t strong enough to outright kill them unless near death already).

(Tolkenwhiteboy78) #5

Going through NPC shields is fine Ambra’s staff does that too, but player shields is just too much. Galilea, Boldur and ISIC can gaurd Ambra’s staff, but Kleese’s taser just completely ignores their shields, which in turns allows me as Kleese to decimate them without much thought. It’s just a little too much when added to an attack speed build, because as I noticed before, attack speed increases his ticks on the taser, but doesnt use the energy any faster. With the right gear build Kleese is just a floating chair of ■■■■.


Given the way they’ve been handling character adjustments, that won’t be the guess. They’ll most likely lower his health back down to original or even slightly low, won’t increase his healing and may even do a slight damage reduction. If history has shown anything it’s that GBX isn’t one for small or subtle character changes O_O

(apebble01) #7

Yeah, but since he was decently balanced beforehand (still needed a bit of a health buff, but definitely not 88%) I’m hoping they take my suggestion. But you’re likely correct.

Right now, I’m getting 5.0 KD and most damage dealt without hardly trying, with enough minion kills to make Minrec weep. If they want him to be a tank, Nerf the damage dealt slightly. If a dps, leave as is. If support, restore old health (with slight buff) and health.

Kleese has always been an oddball support. So perhaps what they could do is restore his health to a 35% buff instead and give his rifts minor health regen. At least then he’d not be near useless to eldrid except Boulder.

(Easplund) #8

I didn’t think that the health boost made that much of a difference. Now I die in 1.5 seconds instead of 1. Hurray, now I last 50% longer!

(apebble01) #9

How? You’d have to be bum rushing in 2 or 3 to 1 odds with 0 rifts.

(Easplund) #10

No, I just peek my nose around a corner and Marquis or Toby or Oscar Mike blows it off.

(apebble01) #11

I mean, Toby can be an annoyance, but Oscar and marquis aren’t anything to me. Only one that ever threatens me now is Montana (thanks, super great hitbox…). Maybe it’s just a few who can handle Kleese still (which is great news for us lol).

(Tolkenwhiteboy78) #12

Marquis has to get off an entire clip to even take MAYBE half my health as Kleese. I feel like you’re exaggerating a bit, but who knows. Now Benedict using the clipping feature blows pretty much everyone out of the water, but all the snipers can’t even touch my Kleese. I’ve held down points in capture as Kleese 3-1 easily and came out on top, and if I have somone to back me up we’ve easily gone 4-2, 5-2 and won with almost ease. Kleese is just pretty much everything now.

(AttnDefDis) #13

Oh my God, he’s insane. Played all three game modes yesterday and Kleese was present everytime. What did they do to him?

(Tolkenwhiteboy78) #14

The practically doubled his health, so anyone who knows how to run an attack Kleese can pretty much turn him into a floating chair of ■■■■.

(apebble01) #15

Basically what tolken said. Kleese’s main limit was his fragility. Now that it’s gone…hehehe

(Easplund) #16

That hasn’t been my experience so far. He is still a big, easy target, and anyone and everyone with a gun seems to delight in shooting him. If you have your rifts set up and don’t stray from them for even a peek at what is going on, then you will probably be ok, but if Oscar Mike decides to hit them with his grenades, you’re in serious trouble.

(Master of pendles.) #17

That used to be the case but my tank build puts him at 2.1 k health so he can practically frontline with that damn taser

(Easplund) #18

What is the key to that?

(crummysaint) #19

I like watching Kleese players still old schooling his new Faceroll Mc Rollingington form.

Not on my team, tho. Then I ragequit.