Kleese looks already like a niche pick

If he is a supporter that mainly regenerates shields he would immediately loose value if anyone picks an Eldrid character. He may have a heal aura later in the game but I doubt that this will bring in in line with real healers or supporters who give overshields.

And before people start crying, I know its still beta and thinks change but I think you have to talk about such flaws to change them.

It’s hard to say without playing it, but at least now it looks to me that Kleese is more of an area control hero as opposed to heal support. As in, the support function is secondary. What I have in mind is that you place those shield stations (cannot remember the proper name) mainly for yourself - to create an area you can control/harass for longer periods by basically having way bigger shield capacity than your opposition and not actually to heal others.
But yeah, time will show how it is for real.

Support =/= heals and shields. As a loooooong-time support player, I know there are many ways to support besides just being a pocket medic.


Eldrids don’t have shields to start with but you can give them overshields. So its kinda the opposite, the ability to give a shield to those without it is amazing.

During the CTT playing as Miko I got a shield…it was freaking awesome.

To bad that there is nothing more, no exceptional cc or other buffs only much bonus damage against shields which would reduce his effectivity even further if Eldrid are also in the enemy team.

There is no overshield mentioned in his abilitys so his main use should have no effect on Eldrids.
(I don’t count that there is one small overshield if he skilled his ulti right)

If its from his rifts the skilltext should be changed but it would instantly erase my concerns.

You can say the same about any other character, albeit in different ways. Team composition is key in Battleborn, of course you shouldn’t pick Kleese if your entire team is made up of Eldrid characters. But you can say the same about other characters, for instance, why would I pick Miko if we already have a Reyna and Ambra on our team? Why would I pick Montana if we already have two or three other tanks on our team?

Though, Kleese’s value doesn’t seem completely tied to his ability to hand out shields. If you investigate his helix tree he has a ton of AoE potential. In fact, the first thing I’d do with Kleese is try a damage-dealing build with him, making sure to pick up all the damage augments when I level up. Unstable rifts, ground slam, energy mortars firing off at once, etc.

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From my understanding of it, and I could be wrong, if you use a shield buff on any character without one they get a shield. Now once that shield depletes its gone but he should still be able to shield eldrid.

What I’m thinking is this: while Reyna can certainly give an over shield to any character in the game (=Basically creating a temporarily shield on your current shield – the purple thingy), Kleese is just regenerating your own shield. So it’s like ‘‘Shielder’’ and ‘‘Over-Shielder’’ in terms of roles. Now, while the Eldrid have no shields from an artistic choice, you can ‘‘create’’ for them a shield or lay-out another shield based on their fettle.

TL;DR – I don’t really think that because the Eldrid have no shields, they can’t get the regenerating shield capacity from Kleese. It’s just… when the shield has been damaged and aborted, it won’t regenerate until Kleese will use his skills again.