Kleese lore bug


I got a strange bug related to Kleese’s lore.

I go the whole picture complete :

Yet, the game hasn’t scored one of the challenges because I got 4/5 :

I tried to play and do some of those parts again but all counters are stopped. Nothing goes up as it seems I really reached the proper numbers to unlock all 5 parts.

Anything I could do to solve this and get the Legendary items, skins and titles ?

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I have the exact same problem with Ambra except mine is stuck at 3/5. Because I can’t get her legendary, theres no point in playing her because nova spam is the only viable build for her. Gearbox please fix all these gamebreaking bugs!

Well, I read the Battlplan #5 and the ysaid they are working on such issues and will try to give us retroactively the items and other unlocks.

Still we must be patient.