Kleese Lore, Help!

I’m having a very hard time trying to complete one of his lores… And no, it’s not the black hole, it’s easy but very time consuming. But I have a rough time with the map lore for Kleese. I played the pvp maps (and finished them) but I still get no credit for that map I played on while playing as Kleese. I did do private match though in pvp. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not but I don’t trust myself playing as Kleese in most Pvp modes… Like capture. But is this a bug or glitch that hasn’t been fixed? Or is it normal but I have to play with real people online…?
Thanks for reading and taking your time to help!!

You can’t complete lore challenges in pvp private, since you could just hop in with friends and grind out challenges that are supposed to be hard in 10 minutes. If you want the lore, I’m afraid you’ll have to play online.

Yeah, I figured lol. I did what you said and got the challenge done. Thank you!!


Private story works, however. I was just looking for black hole lore tips - in the algorithm, there’s that frozen area with a ton of swarmers. The ones who spawn infinite babies, not the suicide bombers. Run in circles, black hole the babies, repeat. That’s what I read, anyway. The rest of his lore stuff is easy.
As for the pvp, yeah you have to be online. But it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Tip - get a party, spam votes, go through the game modes. Took me maybe an hour, because one of my team mates stole him on echelon, which is always voted against :stuck_out_tongue: